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Facebook Connectivity, Boost Sales through Facebook Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 14, 2010

facebook social networkingYou can use Facebook for marketing whether you have a small business or large business. I still run across businesses that do not engage in Facebook. In the Facebook world you are able to engage in a more personal way. This allows you to build a different type of relationship with your client or consumer. In addition to that, your able to understand your clients / consumers a bit more in depth. You are able to discover your clients / consumers in a whole new way.

Facebook Connectivity Features

1) Fan Pages

Fan pages allow you to market your services. Fan pages allow you to connect with your market in a unique way. You are able to share product updates, blog updates, twitter updates, and more. You can communicate with your consumers through your fan page. You can ask them questions pertaining to your product such as product recommendations.

Once you’ve built your fan page through the digital world. You are able to communicate with them. For example, say you made a posting on a new product your releasing. In return, you might get some interested consumers responding. Therefore you are able to answer their questions. Everyone else as well will be able to view the comments.

What I like doing with the fan pages is posting our twitter or blog updates directly to it. This allows your fans to see what you are tweeting or blogging about. Therefore they can comment on these postings as well. Some users might prefer to find out about your blog postings through your fan page vs an e-mail subscription or RSS feed.

2) Personal Connectivity through Profiles

By having a Facebook profile, you are able to connect in a more personal way. Your friends, consumers, associates, or whomever can learn more about your personal side (interest, thoughts, and etc). This allows people to feel more connected with you. This will allow you to grow a relationship with them in a whole new way.

As humans we like doing business with people we like. We like associating with people we like. You are putting a stronger impression in your audience heads. With them being connected with you through your profile. You are creating creating awareness.

Your Connectivity Can be Built Through:

  • Sharing Photos
  • Sharing Your Thoughts (status)
  • Sharing Interesting Links
  • Sharing Videos

When you receive comments be sure you are interacting with them. The idea is to build a stronger more connected relationship.

3) Creating Groups

When you create a group, you share your information only with specific friends. For example, say you create a group for Porsche Part Consumers. You could then share information to consumers that are only interested in Porsches the consumers can even interact with each others as well.

What I like about creating groups is that you can target advertising towards them. You do this through the Facebook advertising platform which we are going to cover next. 

4) Facebook Advertising

The Facebook advertising system is a valuable tool to use. What’s neat about is it’s targeting options. For example, let’s say you have a huge fan page subscriber list built. You can advertise directly to these subscribers only. In addition to that, you can target other pages (even if their not yours). The main targeting features consist of demographics, pages, likes (such as interest), education, and connections on Facebook (which I just covered).

You can build a user base out of interested people. Therefore your advertising would be targeted towards the right audience. You can use the advertising for branding as well from a logo perspective. You are able to include your logos through the Facebook advertising platform.

Learning The Psychology of Your Friends, Consumers, Clients, and Etc

When you’re using Facebook, you are able to identify certain trends. You are able to zoom into peoples’ conversation through your news section. This allows you to learn the psychology of their social groups and the individual. This might sound kind of weird to some people, but study these areas. Take advantage of it and make it become beneficial for your client and you. You might identify a specific need in your market with certain people.

You will also be able to communicate a lot more effectively with clients. For example, let’s say you added a client to your friends list or they added you. One day, they just happen to be talking about golf. Come to find out, you are an avid golf player, you love it as well. This is a quick way to fire up a conversation and build a relationship. People will remember you for that; therefore doing business with you.

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Economical Strategy Tips, Avoid Entering the Danger Zone Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 8, 2010

Danger Zone in MarketingMaking a website profitable takes time and dedication. I have personally had many failures and have learned from them. You can’t always assume a website will be profitable from what you gather (from today). The problem is the market evolves so fast, especially on the internet. You have to think ahead of time, think what’s going to happen a year or years from now. You have to think in terms of, your strategies today; are these strategies going to work in the future.

Most generally you are working to build your brand. You have to really focus in on your market. Just because your aware of somebody using a certain strategy a year ago that worked. Now that strategy is paying off big for them today. Don’t automatically assume that strategy will be profitable for you a year down the road. Your market is changing so rapidly, that’s the problem. You have to think ahead of time.

Let’s Look a Little Bit More Into This

Paid Search: Google AdWords and Microsoft Ad Center, thy are profitable of course. You have to keep in mind, the paid search cost are increasing every year. Google is constantly bringing new advertisers aboard. Then on top of that they are able to price accordlying to what they think is economical. In addition to that, Google is becoming very strict on how they allow their advertisers to promote products. There are even some advertisers that are not able to even promote through Google no more.  Their ways of advertising have become too regulated.

Social Media Optimization: Social media optimization might take time to build.  This is an area though that can become very profitable if your persistent with it. The great thing is about social media optimization is that, it’s a long term strategy. You don’t have to worry about the click cost increasing and etc. You build your loyal base of subscribers. You are then able to market to them freely. You just have to take the time out to build the content or hire someone.

Content Creation: Content creation is more of the process of building out content. You don’t really use a blog for this. However, this could become somewhat “social” as we call it. Content creation can be a very profitable area to. As the search engines love content rich websites. If you have extremely attractive content, not found on any other website. There is a great chance you will capture many links from it. Thus, your search engine traffic and rankings will increase.

Media Buying: You can make enormous profits from media buying as well as paid search. However, it’s somewhat a similar concept, media buys are increasing in price as well. There are networks like, their system is somewhat like Google AdWords. They charge based on advertisers and bid prices. Thus, who ever is willing to pay the highest, gets the most traffic.

Affiliate Recruiting: Affiliate recruiting can be a very lucrative and profitable strategy. The problem with this though is that a lot of affiliates are using certain ad networks. In the affiliate area, you want to find partners that have content driven sites. As long as you are able to pay them well and treat them well. The affiliate business model can be strong as well.

Lead Buying: This all depends on what type of leads you are buying. Agencies will increase the lead price if you want to increase the lead volume. The reason being for is because some agencies are using advertising networks. Thus, the more volume you want, the more they have to spend on advertising. However, there are some agencies that have managed to capitalize on tons of rich content sites. Therefore they are able to price their leads lot more competitively. However, if they start getting a high demand for their leads, they will start increasing their rates.

Your Best Investment

Content Creation and Social Optimization: Content creation and social media optimization are your best investments. If I was to raise capital for anything in the millions. I would take all that money, put it into content rich sites. I would invest into social sites. The reason being for is because you can let the business passively generate income. Your content rich websites will increase in value for years to come. They will continuously drive more and more traffic. Thus, providing you with more and more income in a more passive way.


Now I’m not saying pay per click, media buying, and etc are not profitable. What I am saying there is a lot of factors you have to anticipate. You have to be aware of how these channels change.I personally prefer content creation as it is hands down best investment. I truly believe the content market will be strong for years to come.

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15 Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Followers Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Twitter FollowersTwitter followers can help you build your brand, maximize sales, and much more. There are several strategies that you can use to build your followers. However, you must have followers that actually pay attention to what you Tweet. If not you’ll just have a bunch of followers that could care less about what you have to offer or sale. Thus, your engagement and credibility is essential.

Strategies to Build Your Twitter Followers

    Participate in Forums: Join forums and participate in them. Be sure to include your Twitter URL in the signature. I wouldn’t directly advertise your Twitter URL of course. You may be aware forums are very strict on direct promotion. Instead focus on contributing content to the forum.  You can connect with other users and build a relationship with them. With you connecting with other users, your engaging with them; this will help your feed grow.

    Build a Blog: I can’t put into words how effective a blog can be. Having a great blog with many subscribers can be very lucrative. With you having a decent subscriber base this in return can help build your Twitter followers. Several bloggers create signatures on their blog post. They will list their Twitter URL directly in their signature. This way, if people want to they able to follow them on Twitter or Subscribe to their feed.

    Facebook Advertising: I have not seen anyone advertising their Twitter account through Facebook ads (yet). You can test multiple creatives through Facebook ads. Target users that are interested in what you generally Tweet about. You might find a creative that will blow your Twitter base up.

    Facebook Networking: Be sure to list your Twitter URL on your Facebook profile. There is also an option for Facebook that will share your Tweets directly through Facebook. If you have a lot of friends, friends that stay up on what your writing on Facebook. Then be sure to activate this option. Therefore every time you Tweet, they will also see you have a Twitter account.

    Comment On Blogs: Join in on the comments, start interacting with other bloggers. I don’t generally click on blogger name to visit their site. However, you’d be quite surprised when your communicating with someone. Maybe they found something you said interesting or controversial. In return they could possibly click on your name or URL. By interacting with the other users, you are also building a relationship with them. A relationship that will be more effective with them viewing your tweets.

    Add Twitter to E-mail Signature: I actually have my Twitter account added to my signature. I pick up followers quite often through it. Generally it’s my clients I know somewhat well.

    Offer Guest Post: You could find industry related blogs to contribute to. In return, make sure your able to get a signature link at the bottom.  If you are able to get a signature link, contribute as much as possible. If you are contributing to a high traffic powered blog chances are you will pick up tons of followers.

    Create a Twitter Landing Page: A Twitter landing page can help you as well. You could start a landing page with your Twitter URL on it.  Focus on a more indirect approach in your marketing, use a strategy where they will become interested in you. Therefore they will see your Twitter URL and subscribe to it. You really didn’t ask them to, they just did.

    Follow More Twitter Users: I’m not really a big fan of this strategy. However, you can try it if you want. I know some people do it, they will follow as many people as possible. In return, they are hoping the Twitter user will follow them back. It does happen, but their not really following you for a specific reason. Therefore their not really connected with you that well.

    Engage With People: You can always engage with people (everywhere you go). Engage with them through industry related events, business meetings, and etc. Wherever you can engage with people, do it.

    Create Videos With Your Twitter URL In Them: You could promote educational, funny, or controversial videos. Whatever your market is interested in create a video around it. At the same time include your Twitter URL.

    Put Your Twitter URL Your Business Card: You should always include your Twitter URL on your business card. If your an avid Twitter user and love Twitter then be sure to do it.  The people you are giving your business cards to could be avid users of Twitter as well. Therefore they might decide to follow you, to watch your tweets.

    Send Out Gifts: When you send out gifts, include your Twitter URL. You could send out gifts to your consumers, relatives, clients, or whatever. Just do something creative and send gifts that people will love, gifts that people will enjoy. Your building a connection with them by using gifts.

    Paid Search Advertising: You can use Google AdWords for your Twitter promotion. You would need to create a landing page though for this. I am sure you can think of something creative.

    Media Buying: You could even buy media through high powered news sites. I think anyone could benefit from media buying. People that are usually at media sites are looking for news. If you are always Tweeting about similar news or something relevant the visitor might find your Twitter account interesting. I’m sure you’d have to do some testing though to see what works best.

You could use multiple strategies to promote your Twitter account. However, make sure when your building your list these people are connected to you. You want to make sure the followers actually pay attention to what your Tweeting. You don’t just want a bunch of followers that could care less about what your Tweeting. You want them loyal followers, people that are interested and will talk about you in a positive way.

Socially Influenced – Should You Follow the Creative Channel? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc January 25, 2009

So many people get influenced by other peoples actions. It’s just part of human nature to follow through on what other people are doing. Well to a point – some of us get influenced much more easier in other areas then what some one else does in the same area there again this is just part of human nature. As we live, grow, and learn we develop better sense for certain areas in life the same goes for marketing.

A big majority of marketers will look into a marketing channel and automatically think it’s profitable becuase another company is promoting through that online channel. Which granted the channel might be profitable, but who’s to say your going to get your ROI through that channel. They could have their services tailored just right to connect with the consumer through that online medium/ channel.

As marketers we miss out on so many opportunities becuase we get so socially influenced by other peoples marketing channels. There is so many creatives to test on the web from social media, content network, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, pay per click, and etc. We need to test every single one of these channels for our products and services, but believe it or not a lot of marketers don’t. They become influenced by what other people are doing, so they automatically think that’s where it’s happening at which granted it might be, but we need to test new areas. We can build out in these new areas – creating capital that other marketers are missing out on.

A current company we are working with currently is using SEO and PPC to promote their brand online. Well we wanted to use some new mediums. We had one in mind which we didn’t think would convert very well because of the rumors and from what we have heard from other peoples past experiences. We decided to give it a try – about 2-3 months into using this new marketing channel we was getting killer returns at 3-5 times less investment then what we was putting into PPC ads (search).

I was quite astonished and to be quite honest with you I wasn’t too sure if this channel was going to convert or not. This was because I got socially influenced by what others had to say about this channel plus I didn’t see any one else really using this marketing channel. This marketing channel might not convert for some products / services, but for others it convets amazingly well.

What does this come to tell us? As marketers we need to constantly test new channels to capitalize on. If the channel breaks even ROI wise then you probably have a profitable medium to use. You just need to change some things around to get a higher return through that online medium.

Being Visible, but No Credibility? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc August 24, 2008

With me being CEO of a search engine optimization / marketing company I get clients all the time that want increased visibility vertically through all search engines of course. Well then I will take a look at their site and out of all honesty sometimes I have to politely tell them that their site or the way it’s set up has no credibility what so ever (Now I’m not saying every one). I will try to give them recommedations and sometimes they just don’t understand.

I am going to discuss a few of them key points through this blog entry on what you can do to build your credibility with consumers / business. See the thing is you can have all the search traffic in the world, but do you have credibility? I mean ask your self that what separates your brand from any one else’s brand? Are you credible?

For example ask these questions below to your self.

  • How is my brand different?
  • What do I have to show for creditability?
  • Is my site built right such as showing certificates, clients, testimonials, and or anything else that will emphasize credibility into the visitor’s mind?
  • What can I use for sales point to turn my prospect into a life time client / buyer?

These are things you should be asking your self which of course we all have room to improve our brands, so don’t feel discourage. If you don’t have any credibility built up around your brand, it will pretty much be useless. I mean think about it does your site look generic, very unorganized, or just elements on your site are just cluttered everywhere?

If so then you should really start focusing in all these areas; I”ll admit I have made some silly mistakes myself. For example a few weeks ago I rewrote our whole entire website content like at 2 AM in the morning. I then uploaded the content and I was thinking I checked the content and guess what I didn’t check it.

What happen when I didn’t proof read everything in depth? I had grammar errors everywhere I had to literally kick my self in the a** for it. I mean maybe a few typos on our blog here and there would not be so bad, but on our landing page that we’re sending PPC traffic to and our index.html page now that’s bad (specially our landing page).

You should always check things like this because it can take your credibility away from you (big time). If your someone that is not a writer or maybe you can write good, but it’s just not your thing and you get burned out fast by writing then just hire a content writer. Hire someone that can do it for you therefore you know it will be A-1.

See what I’m getting to now? Everything you build around your brand will have a major effect on it; believe it or not. Some of the smallest things will have the hugest effect on your brand image.

Also another important thing is to never compete on price (focus on credibility, not price) I know people that get so wrapped up into competing on price or trying to sell things for dirt cheap just because they want business, but guess what they don’t have a business. Why do I say that for? I mean think about it if your competing on price and not brand differentiation or customer satisfaction then your missing the key points.

You should never compete on price this will hurt you big time when trying to build a business. You can not build a business by competing on price. Which granted you can show a little bit of slack here and there, but some people just go way too far out of their way by competing on price and not trying to focus on credibility such as brand differentiation, quality of service, customer satisfaction, results, and etc (credibility).

For example say your charging 50 dollars an hour for some type of consulting service, but you know people that are charging 500-1000 dollars an hour for consulting and their doing 10 times much volume as you. Guess why they are doing 10 times much more volume at 10 times higher price?

They’re can be various things that come into play on why they are able to get more, but probably one of the main reason that they are able to get more is because of credibility. A brand that shines, sparks, and is attractive will always out beat any body in the space. You ever notice how certain companies continue to grow and their pricing their products 10 times higher then any one else, but they just keep dominating the market? Well there you go, the reason behind this is because they have created a brand that people love.

Generic Vs Brand? Don’t ever focus on building a generic brand, don’t ever think generic. Always think on what you can do to build a brand that is profitable for a life time, good brands have loyalty, bad brands have people that are worried about price. If you build a good brand, something of value, then people are going to buy of you because of the name (they trust the name), not the price.

Another thing is when generally someone is pricing something too cheap or trying to compete on price it’s probably because it has nothing of value even though it might seem convincing at times you’ll always find out in the long run it was a waste of time. Such as you didn’t get what you wanted and it created more stress for you.

Conclusion:I kind of jumped into two different things while writing this post; such as, what can credibility do for you and how to build credibility (similar topics). The main idea in building credibility is to produce an image around your brand that will show that you are credible; therefore your products / services will sell like hot cakes.

Before we close this post up let me spot a credibility element out to you that will help increase your sales online through landing pages. For example have you ever seen a landing page that has testimonial(s), certificates, recommedations, and etc? Well if so there you go this right their will produce an image that your brand is credible and trust worthy–Focus on credibility such as service, client retention, quality, and not price.

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