7 Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc July 4, 2008

Landing page optimization is vital for any PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign speaking your someone that wants to get the fullest out of your investment. I hear people all the time saying their landing pages are converting great, but guess what have have they actually tested their landing pages to see if they actually we’re converting well. I think a lot of people fail at this and I’ll admit there is some things that we have over looked that has dramatically increased our conversion levels on our sites, but most generally if you test, test, and test things will start to convert better.

I’m going to discuss some strategies that we use on our own sites and client sites.

Multi-Variate Testing: Multi-variate testing involves the process of adjusting elements, colors, text, pictures, and etc. You can use PHP variables to apply multi-variate testing strategies maybe you want to insert your exact keyword that was searched for through Google on your landing page, or move a product buy button and image to the left side of the screen. Things like this can improve your conversions big time.
A / B Testing: When you A / B test your landing pages […] Continue Reading…

7 Strategies that will dramatically change your PPC Campaign Performance Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc July 1, 2008

Google AdWords is a vicious system, and if your someone wanting traffic with fast conversions then AdWords is the way to go (or PPC in general), but there again keep in mind most generally you will not profit right off the bat. Which granted there is some markets out there where you will break even as soon as you launch your campaign. Then you got markets that are totally saturated therefore you have to optimize like a freak to get it profiting some of these markets are insurance, dating, and other similar super competitive markets.

Let me discuss some strategies that will help you get your PPC campaign into profit mode. Keep in mind though PPC is about testing, the more you test the better of you will be.

Keyword Matching Options: Always pay close attention to your keyword matching options I can’t explain to you how important this is. When you first launch your campaign make sure your using exact match, then maybe slowly take it down to phrase match and then start eliminating negative keywords that would usually show up in your phrase match. Just make sure your Ads are highly targeted.
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Building a Profitable PPC Campaign Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc June 29, 2008

Building a profitable PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign can take time which granted you can profit off PPC right off the bat, but generally that’s not the case. From what I have noticed through out the social networks on the web is that a big majority of people do think their going to profit as soon as they activate their campaign, then when they turn it on their losing money thinking their doing something wrong.

Guess what their doing nothing wrong nor are you doing anything wrong. See the idea behind PPCis to test, test, and test. You have to make sense of it which I’ll get into deeper discussion about that through out this blog post, testing is the key factor. When you test your on-your-way to build a profitable campaign it can take time – sometimes it can take at least 3 months to get a campaign running really good, but then again you still have to keep testing and seeing what you can improve.

Let me get into some of the key factors that will help your campaigns tremendously.

A / B Testing: I can’t even say how important this is you should always A / B test your […] Continue Reading…

Gaining High Quality Editorial Links Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc May 16, 2008

Google loves editorial links, this is something we focus on most (which granted we have several strategies we use just depends on the client). Generally when were building a clients sites up through the SERP’s we focus on a lot of editorial links and we get them through viral content. If were not pursuing these type of links then we will pursue other type of links such as web directories and similar things to that nature, so in other words using ethical practices to keep Google happy.

Your probably asking your self how can I get some high quality editorial links, and not considerably from spammy sites. Well the trick is easy, but time consuming.

Remember directories? Well if so then always keep in mind you can use them for numerous things for example check out DMOZ, and find relevant sites that are related to what you do and create a list of all these sites preferably ones that you want to link to you. Then take your time out and send a polite e-mail to every webmaster asking them if they will link to you a good way of getting them to link to you is through educational content.

For example […] Continue Reading…

Building A Blog Through Creative Writing Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc May 8, 2008

Building a blog is something that takes time, skill, and patience like I’ve probably mentioned many times on here. The the key factors in building a blog is keeping your readers interested, so in other words keep them coming back. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do, but then again its not that hard.

Read a few of the tips I have brought up below. Keep in mind though the idea to building a blog is patience, and practice. You have to cycle through the process over, over, and over again until you hit that point then from there on out your blog will act more virally on you because you have a good subscription list built up.

Capturing the Mind: Try to capture the readers mind, think creatively. Always try to think of stuff that will spread virally rather its news, contrary, and etc. Honestly I think the best way to capture peoples minds is to write something that is unique, different, and one of a kind. Which granted News is great and everything, but sometimes the user can get wore out from news unless its something that blows there mind away like something out of the ordinary.
Writers […] Continue Reading…

Are EDU and .GOV Links a waste of money? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

For some odd reason here lately I have been getting a lot of clients asking us if .edu and .gov links are as powerful as what people say they are and to be honest no there not. Which granted don’t take me wrong there not bad links to have at all. The main reason .GOV and .EDU links are so highly looked upon for is because they generally come from old sites that are very established and of course higher page rank.

A lot of people try to sell people on them saying hey its a .gov link yea which is cool its probably not a bad link, but is it worth the price (most of the time you’ll be renting them)? No not really why would you want to rent links out when you can focus on a more organic approach that will make your links last for a lifetime.

Basically when you purchase a .gov or .edu link your renting it its not permanent unless you earned it naturally through content because most of the time thats how links like this are priced.

Your probably asking your self now how could I earn these type of links through content well […] Continue Reading…

Building Link Equity (Quality) Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 24, 2008

Building link equity takes time, skill, patience, and practice. There is a lot of things you should look for when trying to capture / build links such as quality, editorial status, and many other similar aspects. I’m going to get into details today about the things you should really pay attention to when building links.

Relevancy: You want to try to keep your links coming from relevant sites as possible. Specially from content areas, for example have you ever obtained blog links, article links or directory links?

If so then make sure there in relevant categories or the content written around them is relevant. I mean think about it would want your link embedded into a paragraph that is about real estate services when your in the car insurance business now would you? Nope I don’t think so. Instead you want your link placed inside of a relevant car insurance article therefore it keeps the equity up.

Page Rank: Don’t base links on page rank if your basing them on page rank then I would say your heading the wrong direction with your link building techniques. Which granted don’t take me the wrong way generally links from higher PR sites can be […] Continue Reading…

Tips for a Successful Adwords Campaign Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 16, 2008

I wanted to write this post up because a lot of people seem to think there just going to jump into Adwords and start profiting right off the bat. Which granted it does happen, but if you have a new account or starting a new campaign it won’t always turn out like that.

See the thing is when you create a new account your going to have to spend a lot to get it going then eventually you will break even sooner or later, but like I said you’ll have to spend maybe a good 2k if not more to break even most generally on new accounts (if not more).

Here is a list of things below you should pay attention to:

Keyword Matching Options: I can’t tell you how important this is knowing how to match your keywords is a must. Another mistake that a lot of AdWords users make is going broad at the beginning on all keywords and that is not what you want to do. What you want to do is define a well set keyword list of maybe 100-400 keywords depending on your niche and use exact match. Therefore you’ll find out what keywords are converting and […] Continue Reading…

Basing Links On Page Rank Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 14, 2008

Basing links on page rank is a big problem now days out of all honesty you should never base links on page rank. Which granted don’t take me me the wrong way links that do come from higher page rank websites are better to a degree. The only thing that is better about links coming from higher page ranked websites is that it will give you some juice of course, but once you hit a certain point with your page rank will be a bit harder to get up, so in other words new links from pr0 websites can work just as well (you can get more of them more easier).

Which I’m not saying don’t try to get links from high pr sites, but what I am saying is don’t put your mind totally in that direction because if your wanting to rank then you should try to obtain links from pr0,1,2,3 pages because you can get them a lot easier therefore getting handfuls of them with various anchor text.

Let me discuss a few type of links that you should try to get.

Old Websites: Generally you should try to get links from old websites which new websites will work, […] Continue Reading…

The Traits of a Real (Guru) SEO Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

Every one out there has there own opinion(s) about what a real SEO is such as a “guru SEO”. Well I’m going to discuss what my believes are which some of you might disagree with me, but honestly if you ask me to be successful in search engine optimization you must know the real trades. I see a lot of people that “claim” to know SEO, but they have no idea of what direction to go in.

Matter fact we have a lot of companies that we deal with and they’ve have hired in house SEO’s (before contacting us), but out of all honesty when I talk to them they don’t seem to be too well coordinated with the proper sense (eg someone that has great deal of concepts and understanding of SEO / SEM). Have you ever talked with someone and you can just tell by talking with them that there not fully knowledgeable in that area?

I’m sure we all have one way or another, but then again there is people that are more knowledgeable in some areas that others aren’t. Well let share a few of my thoughts on what a real SEO is.

Major Link Resources: If […] Continue Reading…

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