Building a Blog is like Creating An Image Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

Building a blog is like creating an image out of all honesty. Most generally in the beginning stages of your blog you will find your self blogging about numerous things and sometimes you’ll probably ask your self should of I even blogged about that or would people find this interesting. The idea though honestly in building a blog is to just be your self which granted put full effort into what you think is going to work, but at the same time be your self. Blogs are about passion, honesty, and sharing ideas and things to that nature.

Once you find your image you should persuade your self into that direction because if your blogging about certain things or topics and it working for you then keep on doing it. Reiterating the process over, over, and over again is what will lead you into success which there again you’ll find your self changing over time, but just keep that image going (the image that is working).

What are some ways to create a great blog and what can help you build a good image?

Participate in the Blog-o-sphere: Participating in the blog-o-sphere will allow you to gain more knowledge and expertise […] Continue Reading…

9 Ways To Capture Links Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 12, 2008

Getting, Grabbing, Obtaining, Finding, Building, Or Fetching links is quite easy. When I first got involved with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I use to think getting links was a challenge, but not no more. Today its like 2nd nature, but let me give you some ideas on how to get links, so make sure you focus in.

Web Directories
You can still obtain links from web directories I don’t care what any one has to say about web directories don’t pass value any more. The truth is almost every Search Engine Optimization company out there including my company uses web directories today still as part of our strategy to building search rankings. Which don’t take me wrong there is a lot of directories out there that got penalized by Google for who knows what, but also keep in mind there is still a lot of good web directories out there you just have to use SEO judgment.
Contextual Links
Blogs links are very effective, I have seen some of our clients go from having zero visibility in the search engines to ranking for some of the most competitive keywords in there particular vertical.
Content Creation with Blogs
Creating viral content with blogs will […] Continue Reading…

Tips on Sky Rocketing Your Traffic Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Taking traffic to the next level is something that we do and have been successful at doing. We have driven direct leads (a lot) to our clients sites that have resulted in large deals with major brands. Building traffic to a website is quite simple which don’t take me wrong it does take some practice of course, but when you find that channel and you leverage your brand through there just right you’ll get astonishing results specially on the web.

Let me discuss a few ways that you can build your traffic.

Building Links: Building links can play a major factor in search engines of course. There are many ways to build rankings through strategic link building. A good place to start would be Contextual Style you can get highly relevant links that will dramatically increase your rankings.

Pay Per Click: PPC is one of the fastest ways to get traffic, but keep in mind if you go the PPC route you will have to keep investing money into it to sustain, or at least to keep getting traffic. Pay Per Click can send some of the most highest quality traffic to your website which of course is very relevant […] Continue Reading…

The Open Mind Person Will Build a Successful Blog Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 10, 2008

I was just setting here a few minutes ago thinking about what to write and actually earlier I was doing the same thing. Then I got to thinking to my self am I being stubborn because I think sometimes my stubbornness rubs off into the wrong areas, but then I was like no that’s not the problem the problem was I wasn’t being open with my blog.

Writing requires you to be open and share your true thoughts. Which of course we all have different views on what being open minded actually means, but when your building a blog its something that requires a lot of attention, maintenance, self-dedication, motivation, and you name it, but most important of all it requires you to be open with what your doing.

So in other words blog about things that people will want to hear about. For example don’t you like talking with someone when there more honest with you I mean why wouldn’t you or. Another example would be – have ever known someone that you wanted to know more on a personal bases or wanted to learn more about there professional life?

You must be able to open and communicate with your […] Continue Reading…

What should you blog about? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Building a website that is full of compelling content can lead you into success (such as link bait, brand awareness, and etc). When a user visits your site and they see you have a ton of content or at least viral (valuable) content they will link to it or possibly spread it through social networks. And of course the more you have generally the better.

You know sometimes writing about new stuff (or at least finding new stuff to write about) can be a challenge at times unless it’s news related because most generally there’s always something new out there happening in the search world, but when it comes to educational type stuff that side can be a challenging. Some days I don’t even know what to write about out of all honesty – most generally when I feel like that its because I’m burned out, but lets get into the tips.

How can you build up new ideas for content creation?

Subscribe to other community related blogs: Sometimes this can help, the more blogs you subscribe to the better. The reason I say recommend doing this for is because sometimes it can create new ideas for you to write about or […] Continue Reading…

Think Outside the Box with Search Engines Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 9, 2008

Building channels to market through can be a task. Which of course we all know that using organic search and pay per click can be highly targeted traffic, but then again is there things you are missing? Yes I think there is I mean we all are missing certain little segments that can be exploded rather its through pay per click, organic search, or just the outside box thinking.

Marketing through search engines is a very powerful way to market, but sometimes it goes deeper then that. For example have you ever thought about building a parallel market? You can do this through all major search engines when I refer to a parallel market — what I’m trying to tell you is that you should build something that will come back to you 10 times more then what it would if you just had an average ranking with a keyword vertical.

For example why not build some link bait content and then market the content through pay per click and / or organic search, I mean it only makes sense right? If you ask me it does sometimes your content might not get seen, so therefore you should build links into […] Continue Reading…

5 Tips to building a brand online Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 8, 2008

Building a brand online can be done through multiple channels rather it being through search engines or online advertise, but let me give you some tips on where to market and why you should market there.

Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search): Optimizing a websites visibility through organic search is a *must* if you ask me. If you have a great visibility level through organic search then the chances are your going to drive some direct high quality leads, so therefore this gives you more room to build your brand (more clients the better).
Pay Per Click (Sponsored Listings):Pay Per Click can be quite costly, but honestly from our testing and from every one else I have talked to most generally you can drive better leads through pay per click then what you can through organic search which granted there is a lot of variables to this. The thing is with PPC is that you can manually edit all your descriptions, titles, and deep links accord lying to the way you want them. PPC also allows A / B testing on your landing pages and ads, so it can be a pretty powerful tool if you learn to use it to the […] Continue Reading…

Tips on Building Sales through Blogs Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 6, 2008

Building a business online is quite simple which of course there is several channels to market through such as pay per click, SEO, contextual advertising, and you name it. There is also ways of generating sales by just having content around a certain service or your company all together, so let discuss that.

When you create content on a website it can be very valuable which granted not every piece of content you put on your website might not turn out to be a link bait, but with enough content sooner or later your going to start capturing links . The results of capturing links will be higher search engines rankings. When people find compelling content they will most generally link to it, bookmark it, show a friend, or spread it through social networks which then can turn into more links.

How should you build your content?

Tips: Offering tips is a great way to build your subscriber list or even at the same time capturing more links. People love to check out websites that offer valuable tips for example if someone sees a title that says 101 ways to build a successful blog there going to check it out and […] Continue Reading…

Where can you learn more about SEO at? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

I’m pretty burned out on writing and don’t really have much to write about today which I’ll continue to write of course, but I had a few ideas that crossed my head, so I figured I’d write about them.

One thing I wanted to write about is where you can find educational information on the web that can help you with your SEO / SEM campaigns. The reason I decided to pick this topic for is because I have had a quite of few clients ask me on where they can learn more about SEM / SEO.
What Blogs should you read?

DeWitt’s Media – Yes of course you should read our blog on daily bases we cover numerous topics such as affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, and you name it.
SEOMOZ – Rand’s Blog he has done a very good job at building his blog it has a unique character just like every other blog and there blog has grown a *lot* since I first started reading it which was awhile back, but they cover numerous topics. Most of the topics they cover are SEO related they don’t really get into PPC well a little bit, but not like they […] Continue Reading…

Pay Per Click Tips Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 4, 2008

Ignoring certain things in PPC can take a total haul on your account and believe me there is certain things I have ignored at times well I wouldn’t considering it as I was “ignoring” them, but more then anything I wasn’t focused in completely as much as I should of been into that specific area.

What are important things you should really zoom in on?

Keyword Matching Type: Pay attention to your keyword matching options and if you find any negative keywords  make sure you add them to your negative side and try to use exact match when you first launch your campaign then you can possibly (slowly) start going down to broad or phrase match, but make sure you pay attention to what your negative keywords are because if not your account balance could sky rocket over night with no conversions.
Ad Groups: Try to split your keywords up into more relevant Ad Groups even if you have to create 1 keyword per adgroup. I mean it only makes sense if you have a keyword performing at a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) then why not. Also make sure your descriptions and titles are relevant as can be because this will […] Continue Reading…

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