Should you use Organic Search or Pay Per Click? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 3, 2008

I get a lot of clients that ask me on what they should use PPC or SEO and I’m thinking to my self why not both? I mean it only makes sense you get a huge ROI from organic search and you can get a huge ROI from PPC which of course your going to have to put time into both of them speaking your wanting measurable results.

What Does SEO have over PPC?

The thing is with SEO is that once you get your rankings established there stuck there and you don’t have to keep investing money into links maybe a few links here and there to stabilize your position, but after time your current rankings will start to stick, speaking your building good links into your site.

Which granted SEO does take time it can take a good year before you start getting measurable results or I should say results that are very profitable sometimes longer, but keep in mind if you are a talented SEO you can produce measurable results very fast. When I refer to fast I’m referring to ranking very competitive keywords with then 3 months because it can be done we have done it many times […] Continue Reading…

Web 2.0 Networking Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 1, 2008

Networking is very important in the web 2.0 sphere. The good thing about networking on the internet is that you have a broad reach to many people. When your stuck in one city with one business your pretty much capped on what you can do and who you know to a degree, but the internet is not like that you can meet any one and every one, so in other words the web is like a mad leverage tool (talk about major momentum).

I get clients all the time asking me how do you get the clients you do or just general SEO’s and I’m thinking to my self are you kidding me. Most generally I tell them just be good at what you do and network, network, network and build your brand like no other brand and you’ll be fine.

I mean really building a company is all about having patience and staying persistent no matter how tough it gets it will just continue to grow, now if you was working for someone else would you continue to grow through the company maybe a little bit, but not like you would if you was conducting business with your own brand.

So […] Continue Reading…

* Be a Brand Leader *, Not a Follower… Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 26, 2008

Being a brand leader is someone that is set in there direction with there believes. For example are you going to follow someone else’s ideas and do the exact same thing there doing if so then you would be better of working for them if you really think about it which don’t take me wrong replicating other ideas to your benefit can be beneficial by all means I mean you can learn a lot from what other people are doing, but at the same time you need to think of ways you can differentiate your self from the crowed market place.

What I am saying is to be your own brand and your own leader guide the consumers into your direction and how can you do this?

Trust: You must build trust with your brand rather it being through social networks, client lists, and anything similar to that. You have to have a way of making people feel confident into buying off you and that’s by treating the people right therefore ti will build an everlasting long brand.
Your Image: Promote a good image when I’m referring to a good image I’m referring to something that will make you stand out from […] Continue Reading…

Exposing Brands in the Web 2.0 Space Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Exposing a brand can be challenging specially if your not famaliar with the things such as SEO / SEM or just general online marketing, so let me discuss that and offer you some educational information that can help you expose your brand and I will even link out to a few sites that will give you a kick start into the right direction.
What Should You Learn?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Knowing how to use SEO to your advantage is a plus plus by all means and you can learn a ton about SEO through forums and blogs.
PPC (Pay Per Click) – Pay Per Click can be better then SEO or just about the same just depends on what your better with working with, but keep in mind when using PPC have a little money to play with because you’ll have to invest some money to find out what works, but then again if you think about it thats about like anything your either investing your time or money to learn something well speaking its something thats going to make you a *good living (or investment)*.
Social Networking and Blogs – Learn more about social networking and blogs. Blogs are highly […] Continue Reading…

What Does Social Networking do for a business model? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

The Web 2.0 has sprouted with blogs and blogs are great for numerous things such as sharing education information, communicating, and they can even be used to market your brand. Social networking is something that can really drive consumers to your brand because the best form of marketing sometimes or I should say is usually word of mouth which there again that depends.

If someone hits your website and you have a pretty good client list or at least one to provide. What this will do is build the consumers confidence in buying off you.  I mean it only makes sense right? Well I’d hope so, but lets get back to the social networking.

The thing is with social networking its a bit different the reason being is because when someone has referred you or talked about your brand highly through out groups of people then that builds major credibility towards your brand and gives it more trust because most generally when someone is talking about someones services there usually telling friends and even if there not at least you know you did your job and people is referring you.

The the thing in business if your good at what you do […] Continue Reading…

Content Rich Websites Build Brands Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 25, 2008

Producing content is important specially when optimizing for organic search the reason being for is because the more pages you have the more of a chance your website will get links and get brand exposure. Which granted if your using pay per click I guess it wouldn’t really matter, but then again it would because I mean think about it if your running a website that is very rich in content the chance of people spreading your articles through social networks is a lot higher.

What are the key elements of promoting content?

Detailed Content – is always better or at least something with a viral hook to hit. For example if your good at something why not give out some tips on that topic to share with your readers or maybe you have found something educational and its releavnt to what you do why not share this education information with your readers, but the same time giving your advise out on it.
Images Produce Better Perception – This is very true using images through out your articles, blog, or general content can make the reader feel more “attached” in certain ways its a better way to market your content which granted […] Continue Reading…

Is 1,000 Unique visitors better then 150? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 18, 2008

Some people get confused about traffic from search engines, forums, blogs, and traffic from other sources and a *lot* of people have the tendency to think 1,000’s of visitors are better then 500 visitors which I’m just using that as an example, but the facts are thats not always the case (true) which don’t take me wrong they both can be beneficial for different things.

Most generally websites that carry more traffic are sites such as blogs, forums, and things to that nature which there again traffic from blogs and forums can be great traffic if you leverage it right, but at the same time you need to keep in mind traffic from these sources do not convert as well as what search engines will.

The reason behind this is because search engines send targeted traffic speaking you have the right keywords optimized. Some people think they need 1000’s of visitors to get good leads which yea if you want a website thats rolling in with cash most certainly, but at the same time its going to take time to optimize for that traffic rather your using adwords or organic search which granted don’t take me the wrong way if your […] Continue Reading…

Promoting Affiliates – PPC Vs SEO? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 17, 2008

A lot of people ask where or how should I promote my affiliates the question is simple you can promote your affiliates through organic search or pay per click. Which don’t take me wrong there is several other ways to promote affiliates such as through a blog and etc, but quite honestly building a blog is going to take some work I mean if your someone that likes to write and build viral content then your made out for it, but if your looking for a more faster approach to start generating revenue right off the bat then I would suggest PPC and SEO – the results are more effective, but then again depends on the person.

Anyways let me discuss on what I would recommend everyone and any one to do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You can use search engine optimization to promote your affiliates and you can actually build traffic into a website that will start generate profits with then ~6 months, but I will tell you this you have to be extremely good at what you do to start generating large revenues or at least some what ok revenues. The thing is with SEO it takes a […] Continue Reading…

Tips on Scaling an Adwords Campaign and Affiliates Sites Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 9, 2008

Scaling is the biggest factor in affiliate marketing well speaking your wanting to increase your ROI. Just encase you don’t know scaling is the process of where you fine tune your adwords campaign to get the most out of it, or you could scale through out other search engines such as using Yahoo Publisher Networks, and MSN Ad Center.

The best way to scale campaign after you get them running at there best through Google, Yahoo, and MSN is to start promoting through organic search. The reason being is because basically you already know what keywords convert you can literally triple your profits dramatically.

When scaling through organic search it can take some time such as getting your website optimized specially if you using a new domain, but if your good enough you can out rank the big boys in ~6 months by building links into your site be careful though you wouldn’t want to get penalized.

So do you think SEO is important to know along with SEM?

Yes I most certainly do I don’t know about your thoughts, but you can dramatically scale campaigns for example lets say you got ad words running at its fullest and you can “squeeze” no […] Continue Reading…

Tracking Data is Your Key To Success Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 6, 2008

Tracking a websites data is highly important in the search marketing (Pay Per Click) or optimization (Organic Traffic) world. When you track data you have a more realistic view of whats going on which granted we all have our own ways of tracking data rather it being through analytics or just something we have figured up on our own, but most generally we would use some type of analytics to track traffic count.

What are the best ways to track traffic?

Personally if you ask me the best ways to track your traffic is with Google Analytics. Out of all honesty from my experience analytics returns the most accurate measurements. Google breaks things down way better then programs such as AwStat, which don’t take me wrong at “one time” aw stat was considered a good program to use, but now days its useless if you ask me.

The reason I say its useless for is because it does not return accurate measurements by any means compared to analytics. when I first start using analytics software I used awstat and the measurement it was giving me was totally out of this world it was saying I was getting around 130 uniques a […] Continue Reading…

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