What is a website competitor analysis Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt October 7, 2018

Our Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current competitors (and possibly future). During our analysis process we do extensive amount on all your competitors. We perform the following (but not limited to) linking analysis, display ad analysis, branding analysis, content analysis, backlink analysis, social media analysis, landing page analysis and more. We will find their weakness, strengths, and so on then report all this too you. Our goal is to ultimately outgrow and tackle every problem we can by utilizing best practices.

This is just a simple “general” overview of what is done when conducting a website audit.

What is a website audit? Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt

A website audit is an examination of your site from ground up prior to a search engine optimization (SEO) or a website redesign. Auditing your website can determine whether or not it’s optimized to achieve your traffic goals, and if not, how you can improve it to increase performance. We inspect aspects such as content, OG tags, site software (for security flaws, up to date and so on), robots file, meta tags, mobile friendliness, screen resolution friendliness, onpage SEO, image alt attributes, structured data, local search, page speed, and more. Our website audit process is extremely intensive process we do before even considering launching an SEO campaign. Website audits are an essential part of a successful SEO campaign. This is just a simple “general” overview of what is done when conducting a website audit.

The Concept of Diving into Data, Distribution and Digital Using the ClickZ Intelligence Roundtable Read On »
By Brenda Coxe

ClickZ Intelligence Roundtable made its debut in June 2017 when it brought together six senior marketers to discuss some key issues regarding the handling of marketing and advertising. This initial ClickZ Intelligence was produced along with Marin Software at the head offices in London.

After The State of Digital Advertising was published the preceding March, a total of eight senior brand-side marketers from a variety of backgrounds and industries met to converse about key issues within the marketing and advertising industries so they could share their insights and experiences within the realm of an open format.

All ClickZ roundtables operate under the Chatham House Rule, which means no quotes that are submitted are ever attributed to any one individual and all participants remain anonymous. Some of the people who attended this initial roundtable included:

• A search marketing expert who currently promotes himself as a major telecommunications brand
• Founder of an app within the area of international service
• Marketing manager for a luxury brand
• Head of Digital services for a large charity operation
• Marketing director within the greeting card and gift brand industries
• Digital director within the scope of a global media brand

The marketing consultant and host of the ClickZ Digital Marketing Podcase took control of the discussion that included key topics such as collection of data, ROI, spending money on advertising, and implementing new technologies.


The session began with some introductions and continued with a discussion and questions regarding data such as the following:

• Collecting the data
• Drawing insight from the data collections
• Finding the best way to monetize the data collections

Several participants were concerned about GDPR, but the consensus of the group was that only time would show what the impact might be.

The marketers were split on their opinions: some believed it would have very little effect on the industry while others believed it would transform the entire industry. However, everyone agreed on one thing: the effect would lead to a cost increase because of encrypting data and the avoidance of fraud.

An interesting thought that focused on data collection was that while the majority of participants could efficiently collect data but had little understanding of how to correctly apply it.
Large-scale personalization is an area some do not consider feasible. The focus was directed more on smaller projects such as the creation and implementation of chatbots or the development of site searches.

There was no disagreement among the participants about the importance of the correct use of data. Even though the host pointed out the importance of a quantity-over-quality approach to data collection, everyone was in agreement that the key lay in a data-driven approach; anything else was simply marketing based on nothing more than assumptions.


The next topic of discussion focused on the importance of having a number of effective channels. The discussion focused primarily on how appropriate digital is in meeting certain marketing goals. Some participants believed too much marketing was being performed on digital channels thus leading to the possibility of losing users entirely.
It was only believed success began with traditional advertising forms such as TV, OOH, and direct mail when attempting to drive brand awareness while reserving digital later on for engaging consumers.

Digital Advertising

The next topic of discussion was the importance of digital advertising. The host began by quoting a statistic: 65 percent of ad impressions never even appear on the landing page. Stress is an issue for some of the marketing community due to the potential for ad fraud and increasing bot traffic. Fortunately, most of the participants were unaffected by the thought.
Everyone agreed even though gaining a grip on the data universe of the brand was of great importance, they disagreed about whether it is an effective use of time to understand why each channel is effective.

Tools and Technology

The final discussion focused on technology with questions to participants about the tools with which they achieved the most success. Customer service is a key area in which technology can make huge improvements. Chatbots is an area several participants mentioned as an effective and low-cost strategy that is beneficial for improving customer satisfaction.

Another concept that was discussed as an effective tool for the improvement of customer service efficiency was live chat. This allows customer service representatives to handle five times more customers than they are able to do with traditional means. The method allows for a huge return on investment (ROI); additionally, customers have a preference for the use of live chats.

Looking to setup a supplement, skin cream, diet product, and so on website? Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt October 5, 2018

DeWitt’s Media products have been ranked #1 by numerous fortune 500 advertising companies that promote our products! In our peak months our business model has generated us up to $300,000 USD in sales a month. We are now looking expand our business model that already works so we can even grow more. You will be provided with the quality training and support that will give you the confidence you need to operate an online supplement business. Our business model is simple and straightforward being 1 product per website. Ideally you should produce about $75,000-$125,000 a month per website based. All products are manufactured in the US in a GMP certified laboratory. You can formulate your own product or use da pre-existing one.

The setup process:

  1. 1. Setup of the website (your brand name, ingredients, and so on)
  2. 2. Artwork and Labeling (your brand name, ingredients, and so on)
  3. 3. Product Manufacturing (your brand name, ingredients, and so on)
  4. 4. CRM Implementation (customized customer relationship management for the billing)
  5. 5. Product Fulfillment (we have a fulfillment location in Indiana that is family owned)
  6. 6. Customer Support
  7. 7. Merchant Processing

Product we specialize in:

  1. -Male Enhancement
  2. -Diet Products
  3. -Skin Creams
  4. -Energy Supplements
  5. -Bodybuilding Supplements

Resources that we provide you with:

  • -Customer Support (for the customers buying the products)
  • -Risk Management (staying compliant with all regulations)
  • -Product Manufacturing (using your brand name)
  • -Merchant Processing (for the continuity monthly billing to customers)
  • -Training & Consulting (for advertising, where to advertise, and so on)

You will be utilizing a business model that has been working for years and still is working. In fact, our high performing months have hit nearly $300,000 USD in sales a month. We need to expand though as mentioned, so we are turning others on to this opportunity by using our resources that are already established. You will benefit by using our resources that are ready to go!

We have a customer support center in the Philippines. We have direct connection on the product manufacturing (at distributor cost direct to the source in the US). We have direct connections with numerous advertising networks. We have direct connection with affiliate marketers (that promote products based on CPA). We have direct connection with the hard-to-get merchant processing for the products. We have numerous well built partnerships in the industry as well. These resources will be allocating to you to use, the resources are ready to go!

Please email us or contact us at 1-800-DEWITTS to see an example of the product websites.

The Key to a Successful Programmic Campaign: Human Relationships Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt September 25, 2018

There is no doubt about it: machines and algorithms that exist within the programmatic ecosystem are responsible for allowing us to make faster decisions concerning media purchases, smarter optimizations that are driven by data, and real time results. However, it is important for us to remember the importance humans hold within the programmic ecosystem. There are some key benefits to programmatic strategy that may only be provided by humans. As an example, machines do not have the capability of cultivating relationships with publishers in order to access quality content, provide a strategic analysis for bidding purposes, and test and learn about different opportunities. In order to have a successful programmatic strategy it is essential to build relationships with publishers within the programmatic ecosystem.

Working as a Team to Submit RFI

It is of great importance for publishers to understand the entire strategy in order to be able to provide not only the best value but also inventory opportunities. Their understanding of the overall strategy can go a long way toward helping them create stronger plans and campaigns that are more consistent when they are planning direct opportunities that could include custom content in collaboration with specific programmatic PMP deals. They would then be able to apply what they learned into one specific area of an individual campaign. When clients submit joint RFIs they could also receive additional opportunities for combining funding between direct and programmatic. It also opens the door for the publisher to provide customized plans across all channels it has available.

Gaining Access to Premium Inventory in Order to Produce Improvements in Bid Strategies

Whenever buyers become aware of specific sources of inventory or when the performance of publishers is positive, yet they are not able to reach an optimal scale, it is essential for them to have direct contact with publishers in order to gain access to inventory that boasts higher performance. By working as a team, it becomes possible to work with the publishers in order to create customized pricing and effective bid strategies. Direct relationships with publishers during active campaigns allows buyers to gain valuable insight.

The Importance of Open and Continuous Discussions Concerning the Performance of the Campaign

The process of programmatic buying allows media experts such as Empower to achieve campaign success quickly because of its real-time nature. However, if an individual campaign is failing to successfully perform, they will talk to publishers to find out the cause rather than just pushing it aside. Remember, the failure to share your KPIs and goals for each partner means they will have no idea what your target level of performance actually is. You can be assured publishers will make every effort to optimize on their side to ensure optimal performance.
According to the vice president of Meredith Corp., the key to deal optimization entails the creation of deal success for the buyer. He goes on to say smart agencies and clients will make sure they engage with all important publisher partners with the intention of making improvements in campaign efficiency through improvements in the win rate, cost management, selection of inventory, and the performance of both contextual and audience performance. When clients win it is a beneficial for publishers.

The Key to Building an Open and Transparent Relationship

Once publishers get to know the agency and their clients’ businesses, they will think of the media agency and its client first for any beta opportunities. Some of the beta opportunities that may develop include:

• Access to exclusive inventory
• New inventory sizes
• New products for ads
• Discounted pricing

Beta opportunities include exclusive inventory access to new media properties, new inventory sizes, new ad products and discounted pricing.

Even though machines still carry more and more weight, there is never a time when the human element will disappear. As a matter of fact, the more you lean on technology, the more important human insight is. Achieving the best of both worlds requires the right balance between the two elements.

A new Amazon trick for investigating deliveries…. Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt September 22, 2018

A recent report from Business Insider states:

The Amazon e-retail giant is now planting “fake” packages. A new way of testing their employees driver integrity. The company reportedly sends out empty deliveries that give drivers an error message before being delivered. The driver has the option to report the item, return it, or, in theory, steal the package, believing it to be untraceable. Amazon does not report how many packages it loses to theft each year. Read more about this at Business Insider .

Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon Might be the next one to fly to space.. Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt September 21, 2018

Alright not seriously, but a recent report has stated that Jeff Bezos said his Blue Origin rocket company will put people into space next year, and that he’s investing more than $1 billion in its satellite-launch program. Speaking at an Air Force Association conference Wednesday, the Amazon CEO, who is also the world’s richest person, said Blue Origin’s New Shepard unit will carry tourists into space “this coming year.” I will have to say, it must be nice just to invest a few billion here and there with no concern.

It seems your Gmail emails, data, personal information and so on is being shared… by Gmail Read On »
By Tyler DeWitt

The Wall Street Journal Reports:

Google allows other companies to scan and share data from Gmail accounts. The tech giant made the disclosure in a letter to U.S. lawmakers who raised questions about the privacy and misuse of email data. While Google does not scan emails for ad purposes, the company said app developers can scan accounts and share that data with third parties as long as they disclose how it’s being used. In some cases, app companies have read people’s emails to improve their algorithms, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Senate’s Commerce Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on internet data privacy practices. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure do know I don’t like my data being shared… At one time I really did not care, but here lately I have become concerned.

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