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By Brenda Coxe October 7, 2018

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ClickZ Intelligence Roundtable made its debut in June 2017 when it brought together six senior marketers to discuss some key issues regarding the handling of marketing and advertising. This initial ClickZ Intelligence was produced along with Marin Software at the head offices in London.

After The State of Digital Advertising was published the preceding March, a total of eight senior brand-side marketers from a variety of backgrounds and industries met to converse about key issues within the marketing and advertising industries so they could share their insights and experiences within the realm of an open format.

All ClickZ roundtables operate under the Chatham House Rule, which means no quotes that are submitted are ever attributed to any one individual and all participants remain anonymous. Some of the people who attended this initial roundtable included:

• A search marketing expert who currently promotes himself as a major telecommunications brand
• Founder of an app within the area of international service
• Marketing manager for a luxury brand
• Head of Digital services for a large charity operation
• Marketing director within the greeting card and gift brand industries
• Digital director within the scope of a global media brand

The marketing consultant and host of the ClickZ Digital Marketing Podcase took control of the discussion that included key topics such as collection of data, ROI, spending money on advertising, and implementing new technologies.


The session began with some introductions and continued with a discussion and questions regarding data such as the following:

• Collecting the data
• Drawing insight from the data collections
• Finding the best way to monetize the data collections

Several participants were concerned about GDPR, but the consensus of the group was that only time would show what the impact might be.

The marketers were split on their opinions: some believed it would have very little effect on the industry while others believed it would transform the entire industry. However, everyone agreed on one thing: the effect would lead to a cost increase because of encrypting data and the avoidance of fraud.

An interesting thought that focused on data collection was that while the majority of participants could efficiently collect data but had little understanding of how to correctly apply it.
Large-scale personalization is an area some do not consider feasible. The focus was directed more on smaller projects such as the creation and implementation of chatbots or the development of site searches.

There was no disagreement among the participants about the importance of the correct use of data. Even though the host pointed out the importance of a quantity-over-quality approach to data collection, everyone was in agreement that the key lay in a data-driven approach; anything else was simply marketing based on nothing more than assumptions.


The next topic of discussion focused on the importance of having a number of effective channels. The discussion focused primarily on how appropriate digital is in meeting certain marketing goals. Some participants believed too much marketing was being performed on digital channels thus leading to the possibility of losing users entirely.
It was only believed success began with traditional advertising forms such as TV, OOH, and direct mail when attempting to drive brand awareness while reserving digital later on for engaging consumers.

Digital Advertising

The next topic of discussion was the importance of digital advertising. The host began by quoting a statistic: 65 percent of ad impressions never even appear on the landing page. Stress is an issue for some of the marketing community due to the potential for ad fraud and increasing bot traffic. Fortunately, most of the participants were unaffected by the thought.
Everyone agreed even though gaining a grip on the data universe of the brand was of great importance, they disagreed about whether it is an effective use of time to understand why each channel is effective.

Tools and Technology

The final discussion focused on technology with questions to participants about the tools with which they achieved the most success. Customer service is a key area in which technology can make huge improvements. Chatbots is an area several participants mentioned as an effective and low-cost strategy that is beneficial for improving customer satisfaction.

Another concept that was discussed as an effective tool for the improvement of customer service efficiency was live chat. This allows customer service representatives to handle five times more customers than they are able to do with traditional means. The method allows for a huge return on investment (ROI); additionally, customers have a preference for the use of live chats.

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