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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 8, 2010

Twitter FollowersTwitter followers can help you build your brand, maximize sales, and much more. There are several strategies that you can use to build your followers. However, you must have followers that actually pay attention to what you Tweet. If not you’ll just have a bunch of followers that could care less about what you have to offer or sale. Thus, your engagement and credibility is essential.

Strategies to Build Your Twitter Followers

    Participate in Forums: Join forums and participate in them. Be sure to include your Twitter URL in the signature. I wouldn’t directly advertise your Twitter URL of course. You may be aware forums are very strict on direct promotion. Instead focus on contributing content to the forum.  You can connect with other users and build a relationship with them. With you connecting with other users, your engaging with them; this will help your feed grow.

    Build a Blog: I can’t put into words how effective a blog can be. Having a great blog with many subscribers can be very lucrative. With you having a decent subscriber base this in return can help build your Twitter followers. Several bloggers create signatures on their blog post. They will list their Twitter URL directly in their signature. This way, if people want to they able to follow them on Twitter or Subscribe to their feed.

    Facebook Advertising: I have not seen anyone advertising their Twitter account through Facebook ads (yet). You can test multiple creatives through Facebook ads. Target users that are interested in what you generally Tweet about. You might find a creative that will blow your Twitter base up.

    Facebook Networking: Be sure to list your Twitter URL on your Facebook profile. There is also an option for Facebook that will share your Tweets directly through Facebook. If you have a lot of friends, friends that stay up on what your writing on Facebook. Then be sure to activate this option. Therefore every time you Tweet, they will also see you have a Twitter account.

    Comment On Blogs: Join in on the comments, start interacting with other bloggers. I don’t generally click on blogger name to visit their site. However, you’d be quite surprised when your communicating with someone. Maybe they found something you said interesting or controversial. In return they could possibly click on your name or URL. By interacting with the other users, you are also building a relationship with them. A relationship that will be more effective with them viewing your tweets.

    Add Twitter to E-mail Signature: I actually have my Twitter account added to my signature. I pick up followers quite often through it. Generally it’s my clients I know somewhat well.

    Offer Guest Post: You could find industry related blogs to contribute to. In return, make sure your able to get a signature link at the bottom.  If you are able to get a signature link, contribute as much as possible. If you are contributing to a high traffic powered blog chances are you will pick up tons of followers.

    Create a Twitter Landing Page: A Twitter landing page can help you as well. You could start a landing page with your Twitter URL on it.  Focus on a more indirect approach in your marketing, use a strategy where they will become interested in you. Therefore they will see your Twitter URL and subscribe to it. You really didn’t ask them to, they just did.

    Follow More Twitter Users: I’m not really a big fan of this strategy. However, you can try it if you want. I know some people do it, they will follow as many people as possible. In return, they are hoping the Twitter user will follow them back. It does happen, but their not really following you for a specific reason. Therefore their not really connected with you that well.

    Engage With People: You can always engage with people (everywhere you go). Engage with them through industry related events, business meetings, and etc. Wherever you can engage with people, do it.

    Create Videos With Your Twitter URL In Them: You could promote educational, funny, or controversial videos. Whatever your market is interested in create a video around it. At the same time include your Twitter URL.

    Put Your Twitter URL Your Business Card: You should always include your Twitter URL on your business card. If your an avid Twitter user and love Twitter then be sure to do it.  The people you are giving your business cards to could be avid users of Twitter as well. Therefore they might decide to follow you, to watch your tweets.

    Send Out Gifts: When you send out gifts, include your Twitter URL. You could send out gifts to your consumers, relatives, clients, or whatever. Just do something creative and send gifts that people will love, gifts that people will enjoy. Your building a connection with them by using gifts.

    Paid Search Advertising: You can use Google AdWords for your Twitter promotion. You would need to create a landing page though for this. I am sure you can think of something creative.

    Media Buying: You could even buy media through high powered news sites. I think anyone could benefit from media buying. People that are usually at media sites are looking for news. If you are always Tweeting about similar news or something relevant the visitor might find your Twitter account interesting. I’m sure you’d have to do some testing though to see what works best.

You could use multiple strategies to promote your Twitter account. However, make sure when your building your list these people are connected to you. You want to make sure the followers actually pay attention to what your Tweeting. You don’t just want a bunch of followers that could care less about what your Tweeting. You want them loyal followers, people that are interested and will talk about you in a positive way.

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