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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 9, 2010

Building a Better BlogThere is a different in a great blog and decent blog, great blogs are the ones that drive traffic. Blogs that connect with people and get linked to. There are so many blogs out there, but how can we make our blog unique. Then on top of that, blogs are becoming a dime and dozen, writers have to become more creative. Your desired market will probably choose from the blog they can connect with. That’s why us as marketers, we have to find a way to connect with a large audience. We don’t want our blog connecting with a few readers; the idea is to connect with as many readers as possible.

What are Some of the Strategies we can use

  1. Images: Images build a more creative blog. Your reader’s mind will connect a bit more with the blog. When people see pictures they become more attractive to it. Speaking it’s on a topic they want to read about.
  2. Interaction: You should interact with your comments as much as possible. You don’t want people commenting and you not responding. As the writer you should be participating in the community chat as well.
  3. Desired Topics: Keep your focus on writing for your readers; write on desired topics. You could even take feedback from your readers from time to time. Ask your readers what they would like you to write about.
  4. Think Large Audience: You should always think in terms of how can I drive a large audience. If you can connect in a lot broader market, then you’ll have more readers. I will have to admit it can be difficult to get everyone to relate to you well. However, you will get better at it as times passes by.
  5. Catchy Titles: Your titles are essential to how many people actually read your blog post. Your blog post could be very high in quality, desirable, and educational. However, if your blog post does not have an attractive title then your chances of it being read goes down. I have changed titles in the past. The result of my title change was great, I re-tested these titles through forums (the traffic went up). It’s amazing what an attractive title can do for you.
  6. Link Out: Linking out is essential, link out to other industry related blogs. The people you link to will know when you link to them. That is, if they are checking their incoming links section in WordPress. In addition, when you link out your track backs will show up on other blogs. Track backs can even help increase your overall traffic to your blog.
  7. Keep Your Reader Interested: Keep your readers wanting more by scheduling release dates for certain offers. You could schedule a release date for an e-book, free giveaway, and etc. They would have to be subscribed to your blog to know when the offer is released.
  8. Use a Branded Theme: This is very important to me, I think all bloggers should use a branded theme. Your blog should be well designed around your name or brand. I do not recommend using a generic theme.
  9. E-Mail and RSS Option: Make sure your readers have the option to subscribe through RSS or E-Mail. In addition, make sure your readers can easily find your RSS and E-Mail feed. I have come across blogs in the past where I could not find their feeds. Personally it makes me just want to leave a site like that.
  10. Become Social In Forums: You should be very social in forums. If you are not participating in forums, you should start. You will be able to interact with other liked minds. You can also market your self, be careful on how you do this. The forums owners don’t like any type of direct marketing.
  11. Let Guest Post: You could select certain people to post on your blog. In return offer them a signature link; therefore they can advertise their services. They might be trying to get their blog subscriber feed built as well.
  12. Think Outside the Box: Your blog should be built with you thinking outside the box. Think of how you can produce content that no one else provides. One way you could do this, that would be searching through forums. Look through your industry related forums. Find out what people are asking about the most. You could then in return write on that certain topic.
  13. Make it Easy for People to Contact Your Team: You should always have someone available to answer e-mails. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you answering the e-mails.
  14. Use Videos: Blogs sometimes can be more attractive when they are using videos. Videos will give your blog a more creative and active feel.
  15. Share your Post Through Twitter: Share your post through your Twitter account.
  16. Share Your Post Through Facebook: Do you have a Facebook account, I’d hope so. The same goes for it, share your post through Facebook.
  17. Advertise Social Proof: Do you have testimonials from clients or consumers that you’ve helped. If so be sure they are viewable everywhere on your blog. Social proof can be a strong influence towards people in general. It will also help you look more credible when blogging, as you know what you are talking about.
  18. Incentives: Your blog could offer incentives from time to time. You could use incentives to get people to subscribe.
  19. Contest: You could hold contest through your blog. You could hold a contest for whomever drives the most traffic to your blog wins. In return, you will pay the winner $500 dollars.
  20. Q & A Post: Your blog should offer question and answer post from time to time. Allow your readers to be more involved.
  21. Success You Have Had: Your success could inspire your readers. Don’t make yourself sound self-centered. Instead, come across as you understand what your readers are going through. You can share your success based on this. Your readers might get very motivated and enjoy reading what you have to write about.
  22. Before and After Experience: You could share certain experiences you’ve had with products or services. Is there certain products or services that you’ve used in the past that have benefited you. If so share your experiences with your readers. They could be interested in the same products, wanting to buy them.
  23. Advertise Your Blog: You could advertise your blog through pay per click, media buys, and etc.
  24. Use a Landing Page: Create a landing page for your blog. Your landing page could include testimonials, popular blog post, and etc. Just create a landing page that is credible and enticing. You want your visitors to subscribe to your blog.
  25. Your English Writing: I will admit, I have some work to do on my writing as well. I have been told I write very well and actively. I feel though as my writing can improve. You don’t have to be a professional writer to be a successful blogger at all. However, always focus on becoming a better writer for your audience. Your readers should understand what your writing about and be able to relate to you.

I have listed 25 random tips that could help improve your blog. Time and persistent will build an outstanding blog.

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