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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 17, 2010

Strategies for Marketing OnlineLearning to market your business online is essential. Online websites need traffic and that’s what we are going to discuss. You can use Twitter, Facebook, social networks, and / or search engines. There is an array of traffic sources you can tap into.

I have decided to offer a little comprehensive guide. I have even included a marketing index guide that links to 40 valuable resources.

Using Twitter for Marketing

I remember when Twitter first came out I wasn’t too sure about it. However, Twitter got more popular then what I ever imagined it would. Honestly it took me awhile to get use to the Twitter platform. I just thought it was the oddest social gig ever released. I just didn’t find it very interesting as what everyone else did at first.

Today, I have a totally different perspective on it.  Twitter is a powerful marketing tool especially if you have a ton of interested followers. The idea is to make sure you’re attracting followers that are going to pay attention to what you tweet. You don’t want a bunch of followers that could care less about what you’re tweeting.

You can tweet anything you’d like from personal thoughts to what you’re currently doing. You can use it as leverage tool to promote your blog post, product, services, and etc. You can even have your blog automatically send your Twitter account a tweet linking to your blog post.

Twitter should be used more in a social way. You should share your thoughts, what you’re doing, and provide your followers with value. Don’t use it for just marketing your products and services directly. You will be certain to lose your followers interest.

Using Facebook for Marketing

I’d have to admit I’ve always had a Facebook account. However I have not been an avid user of it until here recently. I just started using Facebook like you wouldn’t believe. You can use this to connect in a more personal way with your clients. Your clients and you can develop a more personal relationship which is good. There is nothing wrong with developing a stronger relationship with your client as friends.

You never know you might even share a link one day that their interested in. For example, you might share some links from a bodybuilding or nutrition site because its a hobby of yours. Your client has the same interest and passion. Your client happens to see these links and then all suddenly it brings you two closer together. Your client will most certainly remember you now.

I remember this guy I use to work with years ago that could not find a job. He had dozens of interviews and just couldn’t seem to find a job. He ended up going to one interview that he said at first just didn’t seem to be going well. All sudden He said the hiring manager asked him what he did on his free time. He responded, “I love to play golf.”

To come and find out his hiring manager shared the same passion. Therefore this fired a conversation up between them. Then all suddenly his hiring manager encouraged his boss to approve his employment. He ended up getting hired that same day.

Using Social Networks for Marketing

Social networks can be a powerful tool for marketing. One example would be Digg, Digg can send you explosive traffic. If you are able to hit the home page of Digg you are going to get hammered with traffic. In addition to that, it’s a good possibility you will drive 100’s if not 1000’s of high quality links.

Digg has an RSS feed where other users subscribe to it. Therefore the users are updated with live content. In addition to that, you can follow other users to see what their digging. Some of these users have 1,000’s of followers. Some of these followers or subscribers are bloggers. They are just waiting to blog on something of interest at the same time linking to that site.

Using Search Engines for Marketing

Search engines are most certainly your highest converting areas. You can engage in pay per click and / or search engine optimization. I would highly advise you stay away from link buying. There are more creative and compliant strategies to use to get links. Such as engaging in social media optimization for link bait. Thus, improving your rankings in a more Google complaint way.

Marketing Index Guide – 40 Resources

10 Twitter Marketing Strategies 10 Facebook Marketing Strategies
1.How to Market Your Business On Twitter 1. Marketing Sherpa How To Market Your Business On Facebook
2.50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business Marketing 2. About.com – How to Market Your Business On Facebook
3.Guide to Using Twitter as a Tool for Marketing  and PR 3. Is Marketing Your Business On Facebook Effective?
4.How to Grow Your Business Using Twitter 4. Facebook Advertising – An Opportunity for Deep Targeting
5.How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool With Tweet Pro 5. The Facebook Marketing Tool Box: 100 Facebook Marketing Links
6.Is Twitter Really an Effective Marketing Tool? 6. 4 Facebook Marketing Myths
7.16 Examples of Huge Brands using Twitter 7. Facebook Marketing Tactics
8.Using Twitter for Business 8. The Facebook Marketing Bible
9.Driving Traffic With Twitter 9. 25 Killer Tips for Facebook
10.How I use Twitter to Promote My Blog 10. How to Market Your Business With Facebook – New York Times
Social Networks Search Engines (Pay Per Click & SEO)
1. Connect Twitter and Facebook to Your Blog (awesome tool) 1. 4 Pay Per Click Strategies that Win
2. How to Use Social Networking Sites for Marketing and PR 2. Pay Per Click Bid Management Strategies
3. Social Network Marketing – Ad Spending and Usage 3. 10 Linkbait Strategies to Build Links and Traffic
4. Social Network Marketing: Know What Your Getting Into 4. Advanced PPC Strategies
5. 5 Tips on Social Media Advertising 5. Search Engine Optimization Rankings Tips
6. 5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies 6. 21 Essential SEO Tips  & Techniques
7. Creating an Actual Social Media Marketing Strategy 7. SEO Strategies Microformat in Web Development
8. Roadmap for Social Media Marketing 8. Social Media and SEO Strategy
9. How to Create a Social Media Market Strategy 9. Money Saving Pay Per Click Tips
10. Social Media Marketing Strategy – Resubmitting Links for Link Bait 10. 6 Tips for Preventing Pay Per Click Fraud


You will find invaluable information throughout these articles. There is so much content online that you could never read it all. One thing you have to be wary about online is what you read. When your researching anything related to marketing online. Don’t believe that every single article you read is completely correct. There is content on the web that can be misleading. Just use your common sense.

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