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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 8, 2008

Building a brand online can be done through multiple channels rather it being through search engines or online advertise, but let me give you some tips on where to market and why you should market there.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search): Optimizing a websites visibility through organic search is a *must* if you ask me. If you have a great visibility level through organic search then the chances are your going to drive some direct high quality leads, so therefore this gives you more room to build your brand (more clients the better).
  2. Pay Per Click (Sponsored Listings):Pay Per Click can be quite costly, but honestly from our testing and from every one else I have talked to most generally you can drive better leads through pay per click then what you can through organic search which granted there is a lot of variables to this. The thing is with PPC is that you can manually edit all your descriptions, titles, and deep links accord lying to the way you want them. PPC also allows A / B testing on your landing pages and ads, so it can be a pretty powerful tool if you learn to use it to the fullest.
  3. Online Advertising: Advertising through relevant channels can increase brand awareness dramatically. See the thing is with online advertising is that your traffic or ROI (Return on Investment) might not come back right off the bat, but if you keep pushing that image out there it will tattoo into the consumers head therefore it could create a word of mouth effect or even if there looking for certain services thats relevant to what you offer they might think of your brand right off the bat.
  4. Blogs: User generated content in the web 2.0 space is highly important now and I see a lot of people lacking in this area. Generate link bait content can increase brand awareness through search engines due to the link popularity that it creates, but at the same time creating social networks that might create media.
  5. Press Release: Submitting press releases can be very effective which granted this is probably something that we need to do more of for our clients and our own services, but you can use press release articles to create media speaking you have something that worth talking of.

There is so many ways to market online rather it being through PPC, Organic Search, Blogs, and you name it. The idea is to use numerous strategies combined and believe me you’ll develop new strategies on your own from experience. The best thing to do is think outside the box when you think outside the box or at least discover outside the box strategies you will drive leads like you never imagined.

Find your market segment and explode it, but keep in mind that segment will not always stay open specially if someone else finds out what your doing.

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