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By DeWitt's Media Inc July 1, 2008

Google AdWords is a vicious system, and if your someone wanting traffic with fast conversions then AdWords is the way to go (or PPC in general), but there again keep in mind most generally you will not profit right off the bat. Which granted there is some markets out there where you will break even as soon as you launch your campaign. Then you got markets that are totally saturated therefore you have to optimize like a freak to get it profiting some of these markets are insurance, dating, and other similar super competitive markets.

Let me discuss some strategies that will help you get your PPC campaign into profit mode. Keep in mind though PPC is about testing, the more you test the better of you will be.

  1. Keyword Matching Options: Always pay close attention to your keyword matching options I can’t explain to you how important this is. When you first launch your campaign make sure your using exact match, then maybe slowly take it down to phrase match and then start eliminating negative keywords that would usually show up in your phrase match. Just make sure your Ads are highly targeted.
  2. Landing Page Optimization: I see sites all the time where people are never testing their landing pages. You should always test your landing pages. I have had affiliate sites that have converted 2-4 times higher by just removing certain elements or by moving the elements around into other areas. When the user hits your landing page that exact product their searching for should be right there in front of their face. If the product is not directly on the landing page it can tremendously have a downfall on your conversions becuase most generally if the user doesn’t find what their looking for as soon as they hit your landing page they just hit their back button.
  3. A / B Testing: Always make sure you A / B test your ads, this is vital for any campaign. Which granted you might find that sweet ad that just keeping driving clicks like crazy therefore out performing your competitors. If you find an ad like this keep it, but then again maybe do some more A / B testing.
  4. Stay Away from Click Happy Positions: Test your ads in different positions most generally you can get a 50 percent decrease in click cost by bidding down to positions 5-8, but at the same time getting higher conversions. I don’t know what it is, but it always seems that the people who are clicking on the number one-position are always click happy. Which I’m not saying position 1 is a bad position at all, but if you can get dramatically cheaper clicks with higher conversions from a lower positions then do it. You just have to test it and see how it works for you every market is different.
  5. Bidding to Low: Some people will bid so low that they bid on the 2nd page that is a huge mistake. The reason being for is because you never get any clicks therefore never getting any conversions or data collected for your AdWords Campaign. You got to know how to work them top positions almost 90 percent of all click traffic is going to that home page. And yes position 1-3 gets the most, but keep in mind sometimes bidding on them positions can result in a lower conversion ratio, but at the same time your paying 2 times as much for clicks as what you would in positions 3-8.
  6. Search Query Reports: You should always run a search query report through AdWords the reason being for is because it gives you an idea of what negative keywords you should eliminate. This is highly important to use specially on broad matched keywords. You could have a keyword in there that is drawing 500 impressions, but no clicks therefore resulting in higher click cost. Taking care of little precise elements like that can dramatically help your campaign out. You have to treat it like your baby.
  7. Not tracking Conversions: Always make sure you are using your conversion tracker. This will tell you exactly what keywords are converting and what keywords are not converting. The keywords that are drawing a ton of clicks, but no conversions get rid of them. Keep in mind though to make sure the keyword is relevant to the landing page. The reason I say that for is because you could have a great keyword, but your just optimizing it for the wrong page.

There is so many variables to PPC, but the main idea behind¬† PPC it to test, test, and test (and spend money). I think a big majority of people give up before they actually even start testing the thing is it can take a good 3-4 months to get a solid campaign going. Which don’t take me wrong you can launch a campaign and start profiting right off the bat, but most generally the competitive markets are not like this.

You have to test and find out what separates you apart from your competitors through out your Ad Copy. Creating high quality ads will keep pushing your Ads up, but at the same time ultimately bidding down, but then again the ad will move back up–it’s a strategy, but well worth the time because when you get a campaign running you can just let it roll.

Another thing is with PPC is that you have to put a ton of money into it just to build up your historical data specially on new accounts. I had one new account I used and I was paying around 3.50 a click for one particular market and never even touched the Ads well I did a bit, but the thing was my AVG. CPC cost dropped down from ~3.50 to around ~1.50 after 2 1/2 months of just spending. That is a ~42.8 percent drop now tell me if spending don’t decrease your click cost ? I think it does huge time which there again keep in mind to test your Ads, so you can get the fullest out of your campaign.

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