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By DeWitt's Media Inc July 4, 2008

Landing page optimization is vital for any PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign speaking your someone that wants to get the fullest out of your investment. I hear people all the time saying their landing pages are converting great, but guess what have have they actually tested their landing pages to see if they actually we’re converting well. I think a lot of people fail at this and I’ll admit there is some things that we have over looked that has dramatically increased our conversion levels on our sites, but most generally if you test, test, and test things will start to convert better.

I’m going to discuss some strategies that we use on our own sites and client sites.

  1. Multi-Variate Testing: Multi-variate testing involves the process of adjusting elements, colors, text, pictures, and etc. You can use PHP variables to apply multi-variate testing strategies maybe you want to insert your exact keyword that was searched for through Google on your landing page, or move a product buy button and image to the left side of the screen. Things like this can improve your conversions big time.
  2. A / B Testing: When you A / B test your landing pages you are testing a complete different version of a page unlike multi-variate testing where your just testing by moving certain elements around. This is an excellent strategy to use combined with multi-variate testing. Create 2 landing pages then A / B test them keep in mind not to change your pages right off the bat. Collect a bunch of data before you go throwing replacing your low converting landing page.
  3. Colors: This would fall back under the category of Multi-Variate testing, but let’s go a bit more into depth about this. Try testing your landing page colors around your forms, products, or whatever your trying to drive attention to. For example say you have a zip code box for insurance. Well create some type of color around that zip code box that will draw your users attention therefore you might get them to fill it out. The best thing to generally do in this case is to create a light background that is somewhat plain then around the item or form your trying to get the visitor to fill out create light / dark colors around it. What ever you can do to draw their attention into filling that box out or buying the product.
  4. Titles: Adjust your titles freely try to create compelling titles that will draw the user’s attention. This helps with SEO too. For example if your offering something for free why not put it into your title.
  5. Wording: I can’t say how important this is, believe it or not the smallest changes to content writing around your products can have a huge effect on your conversions. You should focus on writing something creative that is geared right around your product or form. The idea is to capture their mind and get them to move into a positive direction with your services.
  6. Images: Now don’t get too carried away with images. If your going to use images on your landing pages use them for your product’s. Have you ever went to a shopping site, but they didn’t have a picture of the product you was wanting to buy, so you just left the site? I’m sure we all have I know when I’m searching I’m always checking gout the product picture. Also make sure the product is visible and not a little bitty icon.
  7. Direct Hit: Always drive your PPC traffic to your landing page . It’s a huge mistake driving your PPC traffic to the home page. I still don’t understand why people do this today it results in nothing, but low conversions, but there again a lot of people are not too famaliar with how their PPC campaign should be laid out.

Landing page optimization takes time and sooner or later you’ll find that landing page that converts unbelievably well. When you do find that landing page that converts very high you can do one or two things; that is keep the landing page, or continue testing your landing pages. Personally if it was me I would continue testing the landing pages. It just depends on you and what you want out of your campaign.

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