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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 20, 2010

how to influence consumersUsing psychological factors to influence consumers can make you fortunes. When you know how to influence people effectively. You can take your business to the next level. If you’re able to capture your consumers mindset you can take advantage of this. You will be able to take your online marketing strategies to the next level.

Strategies to Influence Your Market


Building a strong perception is the key to influencing your market. You can do this through testimonials, social strategies, client references, and etc. I’d say one of the strongest factors in this area would be social influence. If you’re able to get people to talk about you then closing the deal with future clients will not be a problem. Their perception about you is already integrated into their mind.

Social Media

You can use social media to influence your consumers. You have to stay persistent in this area as it will pay off. Having a strong subscriber base connected to your blog is invaluable. You are able to generate publicity a lot more effectively. In addition to that, you will be capturing massive amounts of links from time to time. The result of this will increase your search engine rankings for certain keywords.

Social Advertising (Myspace & Facebook)

Social advertising can be effective as well. What’s great about social advertising is that you can expose your brand image. I use to do a ton of advertising through Myspace for affiliate products.  I no longer do though because most of the products are not as profitable as what they were. However, you can still use social platforms for your business. Social advertising is  an excellent source for branding and leads.

Media Buying

You can use media buying as well. You could buy media banners off news sites. A great strategy to use in this area is press releases. For example, find a news site in your industry that is relevant to what you do. You could then advertise your press release through these media sites. This way, the consumer is already in a news state of mind. The consumer is looking for news worthy related material. I’d consider that a strong branding practice that could result in increased sales (dramatically).

Press Releases

Press release submission is an awesome strategy. I would recommend you to submit press releases in reference to anything valuable you’ve done. If you have a list of happy consumers on a new product submit a press release. You can generate major publicity from this. In addition to that, your press releases will be indexed in the search engines. Do you realize how many consumers research a brand online before buying or after talking to you.

E-Mail Follow Ups and Marketing

Consumers might not always buy right off the bat. Sometimes they are just in a state of mind where they are not too sure. The consumer just can’t seem to make up their mind. This is why you want to do follow ups for through e-mail and / or phone. In this process be sure to understand your consumers needs to the fullest. Therefore when you start e-mailing them, you’ll know exactly how you need to market to them. Maybe the trust is not established yet with your company. If that is the case, include references or testimonials in your e-mail, anything to influence their buying behavior.

Success Stories

If you’ve had certain success in business or with a product describe it. Better yet, why not collect success stories from clients or consumers. You could get a full report from a consumer or client detailing everything out. Make the success story more detailed and show proven results. This would most certainly create an influence factor in your consumer’s mind.

Leverage You Tube

I have personally seen some amazing videos being marketed through You Tube. You could create an array of different type of You Tube videos. Some of your videos could be humorous or controversial. On the other hand, you could have your consumer do reviews on your product.

Industry Related Blogs (Contribute and / or Reviews)

You can get your name out by contributing to other blogs. You might even be able to get away with a somewhat press release looking post. If you’re contributing to other blogs. Chances are you will be able to add a signature link.

You can also buy reviews from blog owners. Be careful though when you engage in this practice. I would highly suggest you use a no follow tag. If you’re buying reviews from high traffic blogs. Chances are the blogger will disclose it being a paid advertisement.


There are numerous strategies you can use to influence your consumer or client. You just have to make sense of the situation. You then will execute based on the given situation. Sometimes you can overlook certain strategies; therefore thinking that given area is not profitable. Don’t ever quit testing as you may pass a killer opportunity up.

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