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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 12, 2008

Getting, Grabbing, Obtaining, Finding, Building, Or Fetching links is quite easy. When I first got involved with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I use to think getting links was a challenge, but not no more. Today its like 2nd nature, but let me give you some ideas on how to get links, so make sure you focus in.

  1. Web Directories
    You can still obtain links from web directories I don’t care what any one has to say about web directories don’t pass value any more. The truth is almost every Search Engine Optimization company out there including my company uses web directories today still as part of our strategy to building search rankings. Which don’t take me wrong there is a lot of directories out there that got penalized by Google for who knows what, but also keep in mind there is still a lot of good web directories out there you just have to use SEO judgment.
  2. Contextual Links
    Blogs links are very effective, I have seen some of our clients go from having zero visibility in the search engines to ranking for some of the most competitive keywords in there particular vertical.
  3. Content Creation with Blogs
    Creating viral content with blogs will get you links that’s for damn sure. If you set down or at least hire a content writer to craft you up some valuable content people will link to it you just have to take the time out to write it up.
  4. Pre-sell Pages
    This is Jim Boykin favorite approach and yes they are very effective. Most generally presell pages coming from old established domains well good presell pages do you anyways, but you get one dedicated page to you about your business with your link inside a content area or wherever you want your link at anyways.
  5. Create A Widget
    Create a widget and get people to use it on there website rather it being a certification that your company offers or a certification that you offer personally just be creative ; ).
  6. Submit Press Releases
    You can obtain links from PR sites and most generally these are from older sites, but the good thing about getting links from PR sites is that it might viral out there speaking you write something up that journalist will find interesting if so they might just link to it, but at the same time linking to your site.
  7. Article Submissions
    You can obtain links through article distribution, and these links can contain some pretty good value (submit to quality article directories).
  8. Create Contests
    Creating contests or some type of free give away can capture you links just depends on what it is. For example why not hold a SEO contest and the winner will get 1k you would probably definitely drive some links by doing that.
  9. Share Your Experiences
    Share your experiences on what you have been successful with or maybe you figured something out that will help other people out if so share it which of course as long as its something that your comfortable with sharing you don’t want to give out to many tips ;).

Building links takes time it won’t happen over night. Now you can build a profitable website with then 3-6 months, but you have to be pretty famaliar with your area. Its better to try to build them slowly over time therefore it looks more “natural” to Google.

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