Are EDU and .GOV Links a waste of money? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc May 8, 2008

For some odd reason here lately I have been getting a lot of clients asking us if .edu and .gov links are as powerful as what people say they are and to be honest no there not. Which granted don’t take me wrong there not bad links to have at all. The main reason .GOV and .EDU links are so highly looked upon for is because they generally come from old sites that are very established and of course higher page rank.

A lot of people try to sell people on them saying hey its a .gov link yea which is cool its probably not a bad link, but is it worth the price (most of the time you’ll be renting them)? No not really why would you want to rent links out when you can focus on a more organic approach that will make your links last for a lifetime.

Basically when you purchase a .gov or .edu link your renting it its not permanent unless you earned it naturally through content because most of the time thats how links like this are priced.

Your probably asking your self now how could I earn these type of links through content well the process is simple. Create viral content that is relevant to your industry on your site then conduct a search for edu sites then start e-mailing all the webmasters or who ever is in charge of that site. Ask them politely if they will link to your content you never know they might find it interesting and give you some link love.

Believe me it happens we’ve obtained links like that for client sites in the pass which this is a very time consuming process, but it can work if you work it. There is a lot of people that love to link to great content which granted you might not think the same way, but believe it or not people will link to it, it’s a natural process to some people.

Also don’t expect the 1st person to link to you right off the bat, so in other words after setting there for 2 hours e-mailing and communicating with people don’t just give up and walk away because you’ll never get anywhere. If your someone that don’t like to do this type of work or you are not famaliar with it hire an SEO consultant to do it for you.

So in other words try to get links that have a high editorial status, I mean think of it why would you want to pay for it when you can earn it naturally, but there again depends on what your after. Anyways tomorrow I’ll explain to you how to create a list of sites to e-mail and how to leverage your self into getting a link from them for free!

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