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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 14, 2008

Basing links on page rank is a big problem now days out of all honesty you should never base links on page rank. Which granted don’t take me me the wrong way links that do come from higher page rank websites are better to a degree. The only thing that is better about links coming from higher page ranked websites is that it will give you some juice of course, but once you hit a certain point with your page rank will be a bit harder to get up, so in other words new links from pr0 websites can work just as well (you can get more of them more easier).

Which I’m not saying don’t try to get links from high pr sites, but what I am saying is don’t put your mind totally in that direction because if your wanting to rank then you should try to obtain links from pr0,1,2,3 pages because you can get them a lot easier therefore getting handfuls of them with various anchor text.

Let me discuss a few type of links that you should try to get.

Old Websites: Generally you should try to get links from old websites which new websites will work, but most generally it is known that old website pass more trust rank then what new websites do, but when it comes down to it having an old domain can out beat anything when I refer to old domain I’m referring to your domain.

Authority Sites: I don’t really use this term to much when talking with clients I think people try to make it out to be more then what it is. Most generally what people are referring to when they say authority links are links from old trusted websites, but yes there good links :).

Organic Linking: Honestly if your able to get links on a daily bases then you got it going on because nothing can out beat organic linking. You can install a blog to get organic links, but keep in mind you won’t get your desired anchor text you want, but if you have a blog you can leverage your linking to your advantage for example tell someone to link to you to enter a contest you have going on (use blogs to do this with).

Article Links: Article links can be great links the reason being is becuase they come from a dedicated page and don’t have a bunch of other links going out on the page, but then again it depends on the article sites.

Editorial Blog Links: Blog links can be very powerful which granted they don’t contain a ton of page rank, but the thing is with blog links is that you get a dedicate page to you. Which some SEO’s might disagree with me (rookies) in this area, but tell you what I’ve seen people go from no where to the top for some of the most competitive keywords out there from obtain blog links. Now don’t go getting a bunch of spam blog links try to get links from higher editorial sites bloggers that actually do a review for your link (editorial sites).

Web Directories: Web directories do contain value still some people say they don’t, but the facts are there is still a ton of great web directories out there. Most generally the better directories are the ones that have been around for a long time such as dmoz, yahoo, and similar directories like that.

I didn’t really go into depth too much on this topic, but I just wanted you guys to keep in mind to not base links on page rank. If you can get a link from a dedicated page that has a pr0, but your the only link on there go for it. Another reason you don’t want to try to acquire links from high pr sites is because Google will smack down on you quick.

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