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By DeWitt's Media Inc March 26, 2008

Being a brand leader is someone that is set in there direction with there believes. For example are you going to follow someone else’s ideas and do the exact same thing there doing if so then you would be better of working for them if you really think about it which don’t take me wrong replicating other ideas to your benefit can be beneficial by all means I mean you can learn a lot from what other people are doing, but at the same time you need to think of ways you can differentiate your self from the crowed market place.

What I am saying is to be your own brand and your own leader guide the consumers into your direction and how can you do this?

  1. Trust: You must build trust with your brand rather it being through social networks, client lists, and anything similar to that. You have to have a way of making people feel confident into buying off you and that’s by treating the people right therefore ti will build an everlasting long brand.
  2. Your Image: Promote a good image when I’m referring to a good image I’m referring to something that will make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way and always make people think of you.

Them are just a few tips, but out of all honesty building a unique brand is the way to go and that’s by doing something different such as using your own colors and logos give your brand a character.

For example, what does the consumers think when they hear the following names below?

Wal-Mart: Low Prices Everyday, right? I mean wal mart has done a good job at this they have branded there name as someone that will always have the best prices and customer satisfaction am I wrong or right?

I’d have to say Wal-Mart has done a great job of doing what they’ve done because honestly think of it would they continue to grow at the pace they are and did if they didn’t know what they was doing…

BMW: BMW has branded there name as someone who offers a classy car well to a degree lets put it this way when your buying a BMW you know your buying a good car right, I mean when any one hears the name BMW they automatically think an expensive car or at least a car that is more expensive, but why?

It’s because your paying for quality and BMW has branded there self as someone to make a well defined car that can drive forever because most generally BMW’s do hold up longer and they are better cars.

Conclusion: When your branding your basically engaging something into the consumers mind thats it nothing more and nothing less, but you have to find out what you want to brand into there mind I mean what type of consumers are you trying to attract or what do you want your brand to stand for.

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