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By DeWitt's Media Inc September 24, 2008

Influencing people through marketing is very important. I just got done reading the book called, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Written By Dale Carnegie, I would have to say this book is a must read for any one trying to influence people or marketers in general. It has helped me HUGE TIME in dealing with people such as learning to deal with our contractors and etc. It has also retrained my thinking into bigger and better things for my company and etc.

Read these few tips below and it might help you a bit into influencing people into your way of thinking, so therefore capturing links, building your RSS feed, or possibly building a better audience around your brand.

  1. Think Big: A lot of people out there consider thinking big like an art of them thinking big or above every one else. That is wrong and there is a lot of people out there that practice these strategies in business or through various other sources. The idea of thinking big is to influence other people into your way of thinking. To do this you need to Influence them to talk about their self, influence people to feel welcome, influence people to feel happy, so in other words build their mind set up (by becoming interested in them). If you make other people feel good then your thinking big by you doing this they will become genuinely interested in you; therefore, you will win them into your way of thinking!
  2. Avoid the Argument: Have you ever had someone try to start an argument up with you through business, a social network, blog, or just anywhere? Well why not avoid the argument and become their friend. I mean actually become their friend; therefore, you will win them into your way of thinking! Now make sure you use good sense of this I’m not saying become friends with some loser that is pushing you around if you get my drift.

Above are just a few things I would recommend you to focus in on. There is so many ways of influencing people to your way of thinking if you do it properly. It’s all psychology, and can be mastered if you practice it. Now your probably wondering, how will this help me with my online marketing strategies?

  1. Blogger Feed: By learning how to influence people you can win them into your RSS feed; therefore building a LARGER audience around your brand.
  2. Links: Becoming a very strong influential person can help you caputure more links; therefore increasing your search engine rankings.
  3. Awareness: By being influential you can increase awareness around brand because of PR. Remember when you become interested in other people, they become interested in you.

Now don’t take me the wrong way because you can influence people to talk about you and your brand in many other ways such as doing something astonishing. The main key point I’m referring to in this post is how to work with people by influencing them in a friendly manner therefore winning them to your way of thinking. When you win someone to your way of thinking this allows you to pursued them into other directions.

If you a blogger or marketer then you should really read the book called, “How to Win Friend and Influence People.

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