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By DeWitt's Media Inc March 2, 2008

Branding an online business is something that takes time I would say that is the biggest strategy out of everything when starting a company and its a constant strategy if you want the company to continue to grow or I should say look good.

Currently we are working on a new site thats going to have more of a brand approach which I can’t discuss full details, but were going to start investing into pay per click each month and not get so caught up on organic search (along with many other things, a complete site remodel), but back to what I was saying the whole reason I decided to write this post up for was because some of the sites we work on lack in brand awareness and these sites probably would have a hell of a lot higher conversion ratios.

When someone visits your site and its well geared towards your targeted consumers the chances of them converting will be a lot higher thats just how it works. For example would you go get your car fixed by someone that is working out of there garage that you didn’t know or go to a real shop thats more reputable looking?

Makes a lot of sense don’t it…

Anyways read some of the following things below that can increase your brand awareness.

  1. Recent Client List: This is highly important if you do not want to show your recent client list due to competitors or maybe you don’t discuss your client details which there is companies like that for example they will not reveal there clients and want to keep it confidential such as marketing companies, but most generally you need some resource of experience to provide for your business for example if a prospect ask us about our service and what we have achieved we would be more then happy to show them and when they see the results we have gotten and gave for our clients they know who to go with (I mean it would only be common sense).
  2. Online Advertising: You know this is another vital factor of branding a lot of people want more awareness, but they don’t ever do any online advertising even though they have the money they still fail to promote there brand through other sites makes no sense to me what so ever.
  3. Design and Usability: This can be another vital factor you could have a very recognized name in your particular industry, but if someone visits your site and really don’t know who you are and your site is very unorganized and cheap looking then the chances of you doing well with that site are low (back to conversions 😉 ).
  4. Company Certifications: Does your company have certain certifications it has earned if so list them and try to list them in the most appropriate places. If you write a paragraph up on a certain service you offer and have earned a certification for that particular service then list your certification image there to show your the recognized leader or whatever it is you do :).
  5. Company Memberships: Do you have memberships to relevant organizations if so list them on your site this can make you look more involved and believe it or not people look at that type of stuff.

The above recommedations is just to give you an idea of what you can do.

Branding is something that takes time and a lot of effort thats why a lot of business fail for or never really take off well I should say thats one of the important factors anyways a lot of people think there going to jump into something and make a lot of money in there first year when building a new brand and the chances of that happening are next to none (unless you create something very innovative) which granted there is things you can jump into and start making money instantly like affiliate marketing and things like that, but when your building a brand its something that takes a lot of skill, effort, and dedication.

The whole reason I decided to write this post up was remind you or give you ideas on what you can do to create a better image for your company, so therefore your traffic will have a lot higher conversion level, so in other words you could more targeted traffic then your competitors, but your competitors could still have a 5 percent higher conversion level due to brand awareness.

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