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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

blog-images.jpgBuilding a blog is like creating an image out of all honesty. Most generally in the beginning stages of your blog you will find your self blogging about numerous things and sometimes you’ll probably ask your self should of I even blogged about that or would people find this interesting. The idea though honestly in building a blog is to just be your self which granted put full effort into what you think is going to work, but at the same time be your self. Blogs are about passion, honesty, and sharing ideas and things to that nature.

Once you find your image you should persuade your self into that direction because if your blogging about certain things or topics and it working for you then keep on doing it. Reiterating the process over, over, and over again is what will lead you into success which there again you’ll find your self changing over time, but just keep that image going (the image that is working).

What are some ways to create a great blog and what can help you build a good image?

Participate in the Blog-o-sphere: Participating in the blog-o-sphere will allow you to gain more knowledge and expertise in your area, so in other words you can learn a lot from other bloggers. If you see something working for them why don’t you take note of it and maybe try to use that particular thing your advantage who knows it might work for you or you might find something similar in that area that will work for you – you have to test it.

Learn to Link Bait: I can’t say how important this is – learning to link bait is a must if you ask me. I mean honestly if you don’t know how to create a viral blog then what the hell. You want something that people are going to subscribe to and link to therefore you can leverage your brand around your community which there again this would fall in the category of building a good blog image.

Keep a daily schedule: If you are one of them people that has a tight schedule or I should say someone that is very organized about what time you do everything like you eat at this time, you go to work at this time, and etc. If so try to find a time you can set down and relax your mind for blogging at least make sure you do 1-2 post a day specially in the beginning stages. Quite honestly blogging is about staying active and persistent I would have to say blogging takes more dedication to get going then anything else online, but then again depends on how good you are with your viral hooks.

Takes Notes: Taking notes through your day can help you create a better blog or even taking notes when your just setting down doing research. For example if you are researching on how to build links or evaluating link value take notes of it then blog about it later on. Sometimes I’ll think of interesting things to blog about and then I’ll take write down that topic, so therefore I won’t forget and it gives me something to focus on and blog about.

Hire Quality Content Writers: If your someone that has the money why not hire maybe 3-4 other people to blog with you to help getting the content up on your blog I mean think of it if you have 3-4 people posting along with you it could help tremendously. Just keep in mind to post – high quality content – only.

Build a Character: This would fall back under the category of building an image. You need to build a blog that people will fill connected to its pretty much similar to branding. If your famaliar with branding then just apply them skills into your blog. Building brands is about building something your consumers will be attached to.

Use a Unique Template: I can’t say how important this is don’t register a blogspot blog which granted you can, but the best thing is to do is create a custom template on your own unique domain ( and then start building it up. Give the blog a unique name. It works out a lot better this way the reason being is because you have way more control over your blog and plus you just look more presentable, more dedicated to what you do (or trying to achieve).

Be Different: Yup thats right be the different kid, but at the same time be innovative. Generally the different people always create the best ideas, so think outside th box. If you want to build a profitable enterprise then be different, you have to stand you.

Create a Signature Link: Always put a signature in the bottom of your blog post that pursued people into subscribing to your blog.

The idea in being a successful blogger is to build a blog that is different, something that is unique. When you get your blog built up you can leverage it around your products or brand therefore increasing brand awareness.

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