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By DeWitt's Media Inc May 8, 2008

Building a blog is something that takes time, skill, and patience like I’ve probably mentioned many times on here. The the key factors in building a blog is keeping your readers interested, so in other words keep them coming back. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do, but then again its not that hard.

Read a few of the tips I have brought up below. Keep in mind though the idea to building a blog is patience, and practice. You have to cycle through the process over, over, and over again until you hit that point then from there on out your blog will act more virally on you because you have a good subscription list built up.

  1. Capturing the Mind: Try to capture the readers mind, think creatively. Always try to think of stuff that will spread virally rather its news, contrary, and etc. Honestly I think the best way to capture peoples minds is to write something that is unique, different, and one of a kind. Which granted News is great and everything, but sometimes the user can get wore out from news unless its something that blows there mind away like something out of the ordinary.
  2. Writers Perception and Imaging: Use images to set your writing off. For example say your writing something up about viral marketing why not use images around that post that is relevant to what your saying. Little things like this can make the brain react a bit different, therefore making the blog look more “creative” and the reader will fill more attached to it.
  3. Create Conversations: Creating conversations through out your blog can be a trick sometimes, but practice makes perfect. You can easily use related forums in your industry to create conversations through your blog. Just a way to drive traffic from other sites like forums, blogs, and general sites. Which yes sometimes you will have to communicate and participate in other social related websites, but if you leverage it properly your site will grow and possibly outgrow the sites around you.
  4. Tips and Education: Every one loves educational information. Specially if you know what your talking about ;). Anyways think of creative ideas that you can leverage around an educational topic then write about it.

Being creative and unique is what marketing is all about. When you can put a great image into the mind of your blog reader it will keep them coming back for more. Plus when your keeping your readers on the hook your probably obtaining a lot of links therefore this will result in higher search rankings, and of course there on out you can leverage your readers around your products :).

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