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By DeWitt's Media Inc June 29, 2008

Building a profitable PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign can take time which granted you can profit off PPC right off the bat, but generally that’s not the case. From what I have noticed through out the social networks on the web is that a big majority of people do think their going to profit as soon as they activate their campaign, then when they turn it on their losing money thinking their doing something wrong.

Guess what their doing nothing wrong nor are you doing anything wrong. See the idea behind PPCis to test, test, and test. You have to make sense of it which I’ll get into deeper discussion about that through out this blog post, testing is the key factor. When you test your on-your-way to build a profitable campaign it can take time – sometimes it can take at least 3 months to get a campaign running really good, but then again you still have to keep testing and seeing what you can improve.

Let me get into some of the key factors that will help your campaigns tremendously.

  1. A / B Testing: I can’t even say how important this is you should always A / B test your Ads along with your landing page don’t be lazy and just do it. The reason i say don’t be lazy is because a lot of people over look this type of stuff (small changes will make huge changes).
  2. Create Laser Targeted Ad Groups: That’s right create laser targeted Ad Groups don’t put 100 keywords under one Ad Group try to limit your keywords 1-3 keywords per ad group. Honestly I don’t ever do more then 3 keywords per ad group most of our ad groups we create are no more then 3. If your wanting to expand your search capabilities then learn to use your keyword matching options.
  3. Negative Keywords: I can’t say how important this is make sure you are always searching for negative keywords. If you find a negative keyword through your search report take it out. Negative keywords are keywords that are irrelevant that do not drive clicks nor sales.
  4. Conversion Tracking: Make sure you track all your keywords, see which ones are converting and which ones are not converting. This would fall back under the category of adding negative keywords you can also use the conversion tracking tool to see what type of ROI your getting through out each Ad Group and Keywords.
  5. Content Network: We generally always disable the content network if we do enable it we enable it on a very CHEAP click cost bases. The content network does not convert very well which I’m not saying you can’t make money from it because you can, but keep in mind your conversions will be extremely low. Also always make sure you separate your content network from your search network.
  6. Landing Pages:Landing pages can help with your QS which granted a lot of the PPC systems are algorithmically done, but then again keep in mind AdWords editors review the accounts in person too. If they don’t think you have a great landing page their liable to smack your scores I’ve seen it done many times. Try to create landing pages that are relevant as possible to what the user is searching for I mean I hope you would that only makes sense.
  7. Keywords Direct to Page: You know this is one thing I see a lot of people doing they drive all their keyword traffic from AdWords into their home page. Matter fact we had a client doing that and I just couldn’t get him to understand why he needed to drive the traffic to his landing page with the actual product, but no he insisted that he was right on driving his traffic to the home page. You should never do this any experience search marketer will tell you this test it and watch what happens your landing page will convert way higher, but at the same time you’ll get a better QS score.
  8. Testing to fast: Don’t test to fast try to collect at least 200-300 clicks per campaign before you actually make any changes. I know this can be a hard thing to do sometimes I get the tendency to play with my campaigns too soon. Don’t ever do this wait until you’ve collected enough data before you start changing things around.

There is so many variables to PPC, but if you start paying attention to the strategies above everything else will fall into place. PPC is very profitable if you work with it right, it just takes time to get a campaign going. Which granted you can profit on a new launch, but then again that depends on the market and etc. If you go into a new market that’s in need of a certain service or product and you have no competitors then most likely you’ll make a ton of money well speaking you set your campaign up right.

Another thing is with PPC is that your cost will go down after time (historical data). The more you spend along with testing, the cheaper your clicks will get. I have talked with people that have told me they have had PPC campaigns running for a solid 6 months and never A/B tested an ad one time, but their clicks dropped from an avg. CPC (cost per click) cost of 90 cents to 10 cents.

Which granted the guy was very famaliar with PPC and had a great quality score right off the bat, but he never tested he was spending around 6k a day on this campaign over a 6 month period, so that comes to tell you that spending will get your cost down along with many other things.

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