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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 24, 2008

Building link equity takes time, skill, patience, and practice. There is a lot of things you should look for when trying to capture / build links such as quality, editorial status, and many other similar aspects. I’m going to get into details today about the things you should really pay attention to when building links.

Relevancy: You want to try to keep your links coming from relevant sites as possible. Specially from content areas, for example have you ever obtained blog links, article links or directory links?

If so then make sure there in relevant categories or the content written around them is relevant. I mean think about it would want your link embedded into a paragraph that is about real estate services when your in the car insurance business now would you? Nope I don’t think so. Instead you want your link placed inside of a relevant car insurance article therefore it keeps the equity up.

Page Rank: Don’t base links on page rank if your basing them on page rank then I would say your heading the wrong direction with your link building techniques. Which granted don’t take me the wrong way generally links from higher PR sites can be better at times. Just focus on obtaining editorial links from relevant sites.

Content Creation: Build link worthy content that will obtain links. Nothing can out beat high quality content that will spread all around the web and capture 1000’s of high quality editorial links.

Link Equity is about keeping your mind in the direction of building editorial links. If your trying to get links your self always keep the editorial idea in your head. If you keep that in mind you’ll build a site that will last for a life time and Google will always love you.

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