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By DeWitt's Media Inc February 27, 2008

Last night I was reading The Fall of Advertising by Al Ries and Laura Ries and it created some ideas for me about marketing in general and then I got to thinking of it today it even gave me more ideas about link baiting by the way if you don’t know who Al Ries and Laura Ries are they are very well known marketing consultants they consult with INC 500 companies, and many other very well known companies.

When I was reading The Fall of Advertising it mentioned on how you can use Movies, Tv Ads, and Magazines to create ideas for your advertising campaign, for example why not create ideas from somewhere else and use them for your online marketing purposes which don’t take me wrong I’m not saying copying off any ones ideas at all, but you can learn from sources like this can you can study and see how the consumer reacts to certain things.

Link Baiting is about being creative which granted not every single piece you write up will be link bait or set a viral market off, but if you put effort into everything you do on your website or your content on your website it will go a far way.

The idea about making an effective viral website is to build something that will connect with people and you can use Ads, Magazines and other unrelated sources to create ides for you say for example you are promoting web development services, but you see something really creative somebody did in a movie or commercial and then you think and speculate to your self I could do something similar with my content or my website in general.

I have even read many times on the internet a lot of bloggers will pay attention to magazines front page and it always helps them with there post and I would have to agree with them the reason being is because most generally the front of a magazine is the most eye catching thing out of that whole magazine the reason behind that for is because they want to grab your attention and marketers will do what ever it takes to grab your attention even if its somewhat deceptive (only in positive ways).

The main reason I wrote this post up was to create ideas for you just always pay attention to what other people are doing and maybe you could reuse that idea not the same exact idea by any means, but you could reorganize it into something else that will grab your consumers attention rather it being a magazine that creates link bait ideas for you or some type of color or animal that you could use into your branding ideas such as logos and etc.

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