What Makes a Successful Affiliate Marketer? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 17, 2008

Becoming successful in the affiliate game can be challenge in the early days of starting out. There is several ways to monetize traffic for profitability, but each channel has a trick to it. For example SEO is about Link Building and PPC is about Quality Score Optimization.

Which granted you can use various other channels to promote affiliates through, but let’s focus on the really high converting channels. Overall I would say PPC converts the highest and next to that would be SEO.

Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing: PPC can be a very fast channel to make money through, but you have to be a top performer, let me say that again you have to be a top performer. What do I mean when I refer to being a top performer? Your landing page has to convert very high (it has to be perfect) and you must have a GREAT quality score (big majority of time you need to have a GREAT QS when working with affiliate offers). I am not kidding almost every market I have worked with you need a GREAT quality score with high converting keywords and a great landing page to make money.

The reason being for is becuase you are working on such as small margin; therefore everything in your PPC campaign must be perfect. One of the great things about being an affiliate though is that you can get super creative with your advertising in other ways that your competitors can’t. For example you can create review pages then start building out ads that have titles that say things such as “Top 3 Fat Loss Ebooks” I’m just using that as an example, but you can get really creative as an affiliate with your advertising that will result in a GREAT quality score.

It’s very hard to win in the affiliate game unless you are very skilled with getting a GREAT QS score with super high converting keywords. The idea is to test, test, and test. The key idea is to be creative with your advertising and make sure that everything is performing at it’s best.

Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Marketing: SEO is a very profitable channel to market your affiliate products through. The downfall about SEO is that it can take forever to get sites ranking specially on competitive keywords due to the trust rank with Google. The best way to really get an affiliate offer going through SEO is to pump out educational content combined with some high quality editorial link building.

Some marketers are just not creative enough when it comes to link building and that right there is what will set you back in the SEO channel. You got to know how to get links. Every one has their own unique way of getting links and you need to find out what works for you. If you don’t know how to get links then the chances of you making positive cash flow through SEO affiliate marketing game is next to none.

What Channel to Use? Honestly if I was you I would combined SEO and PPC together. You can learn a lot from working with both channels. For example you might find some Ads through AdWords that are getting a HIGH CTR (click through rate) you can then scale this into your SEO titles and description. Believe it or not you can literally double your CTR ratio through organic listings (that means double sales) just like you can with PPC, but you have to test through PPC to find out what works best.

Conclusion: Just keep in mind if your going to get into the affiliate game plan on giving it a lot of time. People are only successful with affiliate marketing because they test several creatives. For example about 3 months ago I cranked out over 100 Adgroups through AdWords, but guess what? Only one was driving major high converting traffic and the other Adgroups that was driving traffic was not really converting this campaign is now cranking out 1-2k a week.

Granted 1-2k a week is not a lot, but when I first jumped into this market I was thinking the promotion strategy I was getting ready to test was going to be a dud. Then to come find out it wasn’t a dud that just comes to tell me how much opportunity marketers could be missing out on by not testing intensivley. By the way I was using the content network in this strategy and at first I wasn’t going to test it, but I did anyways and look what I got.

Test The Content Network Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc September 21, 2008

Building a profitable affiliate campaign can be a strategy. I my self will not lie I have over looked some things that I really should of been focusing in on such as the content network. A lot of affiliates will just disable it and never even bother to test the content network. Guess what though? You can make a lot of money through the content network, in certain niches, speaking you have your keywords targeted properly and have excluded negative sites that drive no conversions.

About 2 months ago I had a niche that I meant to turn the search network on for it, but I accidentally turned the content network on well I came back a ~few hours later and seen it was getting cheap clicks and converting very high (At this time I noticed it was the Content Network). As I was setting there I was thinking why not test the content network well I left the content network on. I checked back on it periodically over the course of a week and it was profiting every day. Over the course of 2 weeks it made around ~$1,200. After we got 2 weeks into the campaign and after collecting enough data I did some modifications (excluding bad sites) and now it is making around ~$1,000 to ~$1,500 a week for the last ~45 days.

Now imagine all the niches you could be missing out on that are probably making anywhere from $200 to $2,000 if not more a week? You should always test the content network.  By you testing the content network this will allow you to test your search network with out losing a bunch of money. For example, lets say your content network is making $1,000 a week and lets say your search network has not hit a profit state yet, but you know there is a ton of money to be made in the search network because you see other affiliates promoting the same offers.

Well set your daily bids for your search network at $71.42 therefore this will come out to around $500 a week. Then once you get the search network ad and landing page converting you can take off your daily max bids. If you practice this strategy this will allow you to test more efficiently with out losing money right off the bat. I wouldn’t consider it losing money, but at least you have a channel that is profiting that can cover the search cost until you get it profiting.

Just test, test, and test then find out what works for you.  I see affiliates all the time saying they don’ t test the content network. If you ask me their making a huge mistake by not doing that, but what I have noticed from the people that are testing the content network are super affiliates :). The reason I say they are super affiliates is becuase I have paid close attention to certain advertisers out there and you can really tell who is maximizing their affiliate campaigns to the fullest, so in other words people that give it all the effort.


Tyler DeWitt CEO of DeWitt’s Media

Promoting Affiliates – PPC Vs SEO? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 17, 2008

A lot of people ask where or how should I promote my affiliates the question is simple you can promote your affiliates through organic search or pay per click. Which don’t take me wrong there is several other ways to promote affiliates such as through a blog and etc, but quite honestly building a blog is going to take some work I mean if your someone that likes to write and build viral content then your made out for it, but if your looking for a more faster approach to start generating revenue right off the bat then I would suggest PPC and SEO – the results are more effective, but then again depends on the person.

Anyways let me discuss on what I would recommend everyone and any one to do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You can use search engine optimization to promote your affiliates and you can actually build traffic into a website that will start generate profits with then ~6 months, but I will tell you this you have to be extremely good at what you do to start generating large revenues or at least some what ok revenues. The thing is with SEO it takes a lot of dedication and time to get rankings (or learn the process), but once you figure out the strategies that work you should be able to jump right back into it with no problem or at least start promoting another affiliate website with no time involved, so in other words you’ll know how to get links faster and more accurate therefore the result will be more traffic faster (its all about scaling).

Pay Per Click (PPC) – The Pay Per Click method is very profitable too just like SEO, but the thing is with pay per click is that you can start generating revenue as soon as you turn it on, so for example say you have a well set defined keyword list that is around ~200 words and you know these keywords are converting into sales well you can insert these keywords into your PPC campaign give them the right matching options and boom your ready to go, but keep in mind if your using a new account or a new keyword list its going to take time and some money to get them keywords into a profit state because most generally when you launch a new PPC campaign it will take time to get the historical keyword data built up then as you start to build your history up through PPC you can start to bid down on your keywords therefore they will hit a profit state sometimes this can take as long as 4 months it just depends on things such as account history, and your experience with working with Adwords.

Now the top two methods above will work if you work them, but like I said before you can get to that point where you know what to do and hardly work at all you will have to set down and figure it out it can take hours for example when I first got into the search game I use to set down for hours trying to figure out how stuff worked and I struggled to get rankings on keywords such as website design, but after time went by and I knew what I did to rank the keyword website design I was able to replicate it into 100 more things for example we have clients that we rank on numerous keywords over, over, and over again by using my strategies and it don’t take a lot of time I mean it does to a degree, but I know what I have to do to get them to where they want to be if that makes any sense.

Once you start using these two methods and working with them if you want go ahead and install a blog therefore you can build the content up on the website and at the same time build them around your products do keep in mind though if your promoting through organic search I would always suggest to have viral content on your website if your not a writer hire a content writer to craft you up some beefy content to put on your new site and then acquire some rich keyword links into that content preferably keywords that are going to bring you traffic of course so therefore the content might spread out in other areas (through social networks) and people will naturally link to the site.

The thing is find out what works for you and then work it over, over, and over again (replicate it). As time goes by you’ll start to find out these strategies become easier and easier, but at the same time your getting results much faster most generally at firs you won’t make much money, but once you get some experience behind you it will all start to make sense.

Tips on Scaling an Adwords Campaign and Affiliates Sites Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 9, 2008

Scaling is the biggest factor in affiliate marketing well speaking your wanting to increase your ROI. Just encase you don’t know scaling is the process of where you fine tune your adwords campaign to get the most out of it, or you could scale through out other search engines such as using Yahoo Publisher Networks, and MSN Ad Center.

The best way to scale campaign after you get them running at there best through Google, Yahoo, and MSN is to start promoting through organic search. The reason being is because basically you already know what keywords convert you can literally triple your profits dramatically.

When scaling through organic search it can take some time such as getting your website optimized specially if you using a new domain, but if your good enough you can out rank the big boys in ~6 months by building links into your site be careful though you wouldn’t want to get penalized.

So do you think SEO is important to know along with SEM?

Yes I most certainly do I don’t know about your thoughts, but you can dramatically scale campaigns for example lets say you got ad words running at its fullest and you can “squeeze” no more profits out of it I mean its juts running top notch and your CTR is at the fullest with the best clicks on the most competitive keywords that are converting why not scale that into organic search I mean really because honestly the only investment your going to have to make is through link building, but after thats taken care of your set in place.

Now this is how you build a real affiliate website that can build profits like you never imagined lets say you are making around 90k a month profit through PPC, so in other words lets say your putting 90k into the campaign a month and getting a 100 percent ROI which will be 90k profit why not scale them keywords into organic search and make an extra ~180k a month through organic side now do you see what I’m getting to?

Either way promoting through will bring you larger profits, but there is negatives and positives to both and they different from each others a bit.

Take your time out to read the following below on what the positives and negatives are.

Pay Per Click Positives 

  1. Instant traffic
  2. Highly and targeted convertable keywords
  3. ROI Tracking Tools

Pay Per Click Negatives

  1. Takes time to build up account history specially on new accounts.
  2. Its a constant investment, but honestly the investment is always worth it speaking you have your campaign optimized.
  3. Google Slaps

Organic Search Positives

  1. Once you achieve your rankings, they pretty much stick unless its a very competitive market, but most generally if you good at what you do and get your rankings then most generally the traffic will always be there and you will be in good shape.

Organic Search Negatives 

  1. Google has majorly come down on penalizing sites that are buying links and its getting tougher and tougher to build links into your site which granted you can still easily do it, but its not like the old days where you could pratically do anything all the time now days you have to worry about being penalized over everything.

Which granted there a ton of more things I could list, but thats just to give you an idea of how there different. The thing is with organic search like I mentioned above is that you have to be careful because you can get penalized very easily as long as you don’t go bragging about your rankings and how you built your rankings you’ll be fine.

The best thing though really to get the best effect out of your affiliate marketing campaign is to combine SEO with SEM and release the full power I would always suggest started with Pay Per Click before optimizing for SEO specially if your flying blind in your adwords campaign you need to know what keywords are converting before you move into the SEO side, but after you know whats converting you good to go.

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