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Think Out Loud When Blogging For Link Bait Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 28, 2010

Be honest when bloggingWhat is the first strategy you use when you’re trying to get a response from someone. Chances are you will communicate a certain signal; a signal that will attain a response from someone. For example, I am sure you probably know what you need to do to attain someone’s attention that is close to you. I mean we all do whether it being our kids, family, or spouse. We know how to tap into their mind; therefore attaining our desired response.

Link bait works in similar ways, you have to find that signal. That signal that will generate publicity for your blog. Sometimes this can happen on total accident as I have seen in the past. I have seen where a blogger will write his true meaning about a person, product, or service. Next thing you know it’s generating publicity all over the internet. At the same time, this blogger, is obtaining links from all sorts of websites.

Be Honest About Your Thoughts

When trying to create link bait, be honest. That meaning, don’t candy coat what you’re writing. You should be honest when writing about that product, person, or even service.

The great thing is about being honest through your blog, it’s your blog, and no one else owns it. For example, you ever worked somewhere and you just don’t agree with certain issues or problems around work. However, if you try to opinionate on them it backfires on you. In some cases you might even lose your job because they feel as you’re not a loyal employee.

Believe me, I have worked at places like this years ago. There have been places that I worked that had suck ass management. I truly believed I could have done better at managing the restaurant in many different ways. However, most of the managers were up each other rear end half the time. Therefore it was very difficult to say what I believed about the work place as it did me no good.

Blogs on the other hand are not like this. When you’re honest, you generate publicity and controversy. Some people might agree with what you say then others don’t agree. But hey, who cares right? As long as your generating links and reviews from it.

What About Negative Reviews

If by chance you do receive negative reviews from other bloggers. Don’t take it personal, not everyone will agree with what you have to say. Just make sure you have a mixture of negativity and positivity. This is what will ignite your link bait campaigns.

You know sometimes a negative review could even be a more of a positive for you. For example, if someone writes up a negative post on you. Why not create an argument with this blogger. Especially if their blog is very popular, let them go all out on you. If this blogger by chance has a lot of subscribers. You might be generating massive amounts of links.


Everyone has their own strategy. Some bloggers might insist on just straight positive publicity. However, you should stay a lot more open minded then that. In addition, do not be worried about what others say as I stated. I know of people that want to blog, but they sit around all the time worrying about what other people will say or do. In all honesty, that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

Staying Active In The Space… Build Qualified Subscribers Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 23, 2010

Being Active in The SpaceBeing active in business by communicating with people is essential. You have to be active as possible in your market and expose yourself. I know so many people that are like scared to be in the spot light. You can’t become a hero unless you’re active in the space.

By being active and showing true leadership. You are able to establish an impression with people. You can then leverage this into your blog. Probably one of the most effective strategies I will be listing is speaking engagements. Be impressive and people will come to you, they will subscribe to your blog.

Strategies for Being Active

1) Speaking Engagements

There are two strategies you can use for speaking engagements and possibly more. One, that is, you can share your previous experiences to the attendees. In some form educating them on what you have learned through experience that will be beneficial to them. Or Two, you could research topics to speak on. Educate yourself as much as possible on these topics then provide it to the attendees.

You don’t always have to be someone extremely successful to speak. I know of many people that speak on what they believe or what they have researched. You could be the most successful person in the world, people might like seeing you. However, at the same time, you could be boring as hell. Focus on speaking about what people will find interesting, be a true motivator.

2) Consistent Blogging

Blogging is like a goldmine if you can stay at it for long enough time. By being active in blogging, you are liable to attract links and subscribers (through persistent and time). Blogging is something that takes time and dedication. In the long run, you are for sure to get something out of it. That is, if you can stay persistent for months at a time.

3) Social Networking

Using social networking site such as Facebook can help your subscriber base as well. Be someone that people want to add. Therefore as your list continues to grow, you can leverage this towards your fan page or blog.

I just started using Facebook actively about three months ago. I wish I had started using Facebook way before that.  By me now using Facebook it’s opened a whole new market for me. I’ve already developed a few new relationships (business wise).

4) Business Conventions

Business conventions are definitely events you should be attending. When you attend these events, you’re able to network with people. If there is certain people you are aware of that is going. Shoot them e-mail before hand; offer to buy them a drink for their time.

A business convention is an excellent place to develop relationships. In addition to that, most of these people that are attending paid money to go. It’s not like it was totally free. I mean if you see people that are attending the sessions. Chances are they are serious about learning whatever they came for (your market).

5) Social Clubs

Social clubs can help your blog as well. Just be sure you are social as all get out. Social clubs are a great way to meet new people and develop business contacts. In return, I’m sure you will be able to leverage your blog in this space as well.

6) E-Mail Signatures

If your persistently responding and sending e-mails. I would suggest adding your subscription page into your signature. I am active in e-mailing all day long at times. I have acquired a quite of few subscribers this way.

7)  Twitter

Twitter can help build your subscription base as well. Make sure your posting your blog post to your Twitter account. If you are an extremely active blogger, I would suggest only tweeting your best post or creating a separate twitter account for your blog. You wouldn’t want to annoy your followers.


With a combination of all these put together, you can build your feed. The idea is to keep promoting your subscription page everywhere. Your feed will eventually grow. Then before you know it, your feed will start to grow on its own. You’ll reach a point where everyone else starts marketing your blog for you.

How The Movie Industry and Blogging Are Similar. Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 17, 2010

blogging and moviesI just relocated to Los Angeles, California. The culture out here is way different then any where I have been. There is a lot of people out here that think like entertainers and are entertainers. It’s very hard to explain the culture out here unless you live around here. You’d have to actually live here to really understand it. I don’t think you’d understand it by just visiting (you have to live it).

Blogging is about thinking like an entertainer. Your entertaining other people’s needs more then less. There are many of us out there that are excellent writers or just creative people. However, we just don’t really entertain people and their needs.

Strategies for Thinking Like an Entertainer

1) Be Creative

Think like a creative artist, do stuff that is out of this world. You can use videos, images, and / or sounds. Find ways to drive your audience’s attention. Video is a great strategy tool to engage in. I have seen people on You Tube create videos that drove millions of visitors. Over 99 percent of the videos were just straight out right simple to make. They just happen to upload something that was so stupid that people had to watch it.

2) Don’t Be Scared or Shy

Don’t ever be scared or shy to be so out there. Some people want to be famous or have a business. However, they always hide their true identity or who they are. If you are blogging, you should never do this. You want people to know who you are, what your about, and etc. You must be able to communicate effectively with your audience.

3) Be Inspirational

You could be inspirational towards your audience. Be someone that everyone wants to be like. You can do this through credibility, sharing your success. There again, don’t be scared to market yourself. I know some people that have major success in certain areas. However, they fail to market their success right away.

4) Focus on Your Audience

You should always keep your audience in mind. Never ever forgot how you got where you are today. Or better yet where you are trying to go. Remember the key is to entertain your audience. I think all of us (including myself) get a little to into our self at times. We fail to entertain the people around us, this is something that takes practice.

5) Don’t Ever Give Up

As any successful person will say. You should never give up. Success is about persistent and perseverance. I know many people that have went years without making money. I didn’t start making money for awhile. Then boom I did over a million dollars in one year. On the other hand, I’ve known people that gave up with then 2-6 months.


Blogging does have a lot to do with entertaining. I am quite glad I move to Los Angeles, California to be honest with you. It has opened me up to a whole new world. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. The more and more I think of it as I’m exploring LA, I realize business and blogging is about entertainment. You have to entertain people in ways they will find it attractive and likable.

The Connectivity of Blogs and Brands Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 16, 2010

social networking and emotionsUsing blogs to promote products and services is absolutely an amazing strategy to use. I really like the whole concept of building a blog around products and services. Although we shouldn’t really promote our products and services in a direct way (might kill your readership). For example, we shouldn’t directly promote a product or service everyday in a blog post. Instead we should try to connect with our consumers in a more emotional way.

I like the fact where we are able to communicate in such a way with our subscribers that is more personal. This makes our consumers feel more connected to us. We are able to develop a more effective relationship this way. The idea is to educate them, offer post they will enjoy reading and will relate to. Then we advertise our products and services through our signatures, banners, and etc.

The emotional factor is what influences consumers to buy from us.  An influential brand can tap into the consumer’s mind. Haven’t you ever seen certain people throw a fit because they don’t have the money for something. Or yet there is some people that absolutely think they have to wear a certain brand of clothing. These brands have used certain strategies to make an impression in their consumer mind.

We are even able to do this through blogs. We are able to build a strong impression into their mind while associating our brand. An image that will attract people to products and services. We do this through tapping into their emotions. Giving them an experience they won’t forgot.

Example Emotions You Can Trigger:

  • Humor
  • Inspire
  • Positive
  • Joy
  • Surprise

There are several emotions you can trigger. The idea is to associate these emotions with your brand. Make your products seem attractive in a way that people want them. You have to be creative and think like an artist. Triggering certain wants and needs can build an outstanding brand.

The Experience is Everything

Think of your blog almost like a TV commercial. You ever watched certain commercials that are just outright hilarious. In addition to that, there are other people that think the commercial was  funny as well. These people talk about the commercial at the same time mentioning the brand name. This type of advertisement created a strong impression; a memory that people remember and talk about.

This is what you have to do as a blogger. Somehow you have to make an impression. How are you going to make your content stand out.

Use Images and Videos

You can even use images and videos to make your content more attractive. Use videos that are creative, something that people will be attracted to. For example, don’t just promote  a boring video about your product or service. Promote that product or service in a more creative way. Make it appear as it’s not even an advertisement, instead your entertaining. You have to keep the your visitor’s attention, but at the same time marketing your products and services. and Grammar and Success? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 10, 2010

Shoe Money and John Chow Money OnlineThe way we write is essential in our careers, business reports, client reports, and etc. However, that does not mean you need to be a professional writer to manage a blog. Blogging is about sharing your thoughts, skills, success, and etc. You would be quite surprised of how many successful blogs are out there by writers that are not perfectionist in grammar. There are so many that I can’t even recall two percent of the ones I’ve came across.

Before I start mentioning these bloggers writing skills. I just want to say, I could improve my writing as well. Actually, back when I was in school, writing was one of my biggest downfalls. However, I have improved my writing overtime through sending business e-mails, writing a book, writing on my blog, and reading lots of books. I am an avid reader, I read more books then I watch TV.

Let’s Talk about Two Well Known Bloggers:

What About

For example, no disrespect to Shoemoney, but you should of seen his writing when he first launched his blog. His grammar skills were far from being perfect. He has even admitted this himself, however, look how successful his blog is. People like to read his blog because of his success and what he blogs about. He has built a strong connection with all of his readers. Building a connection with your readers is essential.

His Google Adsense check has also helped his blog a lot. People have went crazy over his check in the past. There is still people going crazy about it today. I did a post about that check almost a year ago. I ended up getting link from the Wikipedia. It is now a no follow link, but at the time it was a follow link.

I think Shoe has done a fantastic job in building his brand and blog. I’ve known of Shoe’s blog way before he had any subscribers. I remember thinking he sold shoes or something. I found out about him because he was big into ring tones. I will have to admit, as I can tell, his writing skills have improved dramatically. I remember when he first started blogging, he had grammatical errors everywhere.

What About

John has even admitted as well, that his English is far from perfect. The same scenario with John, people read his blog because of what he blogs about. I remember when John first started blogging. He use to blog about food, Google, and he would share his revenues online.

Back in 2007, John started a reciprocal linking campaign. He published a post called Review my Blog Rule Change. He was going to link out to who ever linked into him using certain keyword phrases. They had to link to his website using a “make money online”  related keywords. If you ask me, I think this was a brilliant idea. However, Google did not find his idea brilliant at all. The result of his idea got him penalized by Google.

John then later published another post called It’s all About Pushing the Limits. John made some interesting points in his post. He couldn’t be far from correct, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. John got major publicity, links, reviews, and etc from all this. This even made his blog more popular. I remember people across the web using the term “live by Google, die by Google.”


You don’t always have to be a fantastic writer to be a successful blogger. The reason these bloggers I just mentioned are successful due to the publicity and interest they have created. In addition to that, they have put major effort into their marketing strategies. They know how to leverage their audience. You could be the best writer in the world. However, if you don’t know how to generate publicity and have fun with your readers.  Your blog wouldn’t have as much impact on the market.

Now don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not advocating that bad grammar is okay. Personally I feel that having excellent grammar is the way to go. I feel that you should always proofread and become the best writer at all cost. However, this post is just to remind you that there is other variables that come into play. When you can learn to excite your audience, you have it made.

25 Strategies to Take Your Blog from Ok to Great! Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 9, 2010

Building a Better BlogThere is a different in a great blog and decent blog, great blogs are the ones that drive traffic. Blogs that connect with people and get linked to. There are so many blogs out there, but how can we make our blog unique. Then on top of that, blogs are becoming a dime and dozen, writers have to become more creative. Your desired market will probably choose from the blog they can connect with. That’s why us as marketers, we have to find a way to connect with a large audience. We don’t want our blog connecting with a few readers; the idea is to connect with as many readers as possible.

What are Some of the Strategies we can use

  1. Images: Images build a more creative blog. Your reader’s mind will connect a bit more with the blog. When people see pictures they become more attractive to it. Speaking it’s on a topic they want to read about.
  2. Interaction: You should interact with your comments as much as possible. You don’t want people commenting and you not responding. As the writer you should be participating in the community chat as well.
  3. Desired Topics: Keep your focus on writing for your readers; write on desired topics. You could even take feedback from your readers from time to time. Ask your readers what they would like you to write about.
  4. Think Large Audience: You should always think in terms of how can I drive a large audience. If you can connect in a lot broader market, then you’ll have more readers. I will have to admit it can be difficult to get everyone to relate to you well. However, you will get better at it as times passes by.
  5. Catchy Titles: Your titles are essential to how many people actually read your blog post. Your blog post could be very high in quality, desirable, and educational. However, if your blog post does not have an attractive title then your chances of it being read goes down. I have changed titles in the past. The result of my title change was great, I re-tested these titles through forums (the traffic went up). It’s amazing what an attractive title can do for you.
  6. Link Out: Linking out is essential, link out to other industry related blogs. The people you link to will know when you link to them. That is, if they are checking their incoming links section in WordPress. In addition, when you link out your track backs will show up on other blogs. Track backs can even help increase your overall traffic to your blog.
  7. Keep Your Reader Interested: Keep your readers wanting more by scheduling release dates for certain offers. You could schedule a release date for an e-book, free giveaway, and etc. They would have to be subscribed to your blog to know when the offer is released.
  8. Use a Branded Theme: This is very important to me, I think all bloggers should use a branded theme. Your blog should be well designed around your name or brand. I do not recommend using a generic theme.
  9. E-Mail and RSS Option: Make sure your readers have the option to subscribe through RSS or E-Mail. In addition, make sure your readers can easily find your RSS and E-Mail feed. I have come across blogs in the past where I could not find their feeds. Personally it makes me just want to leave a site like that.
  10. Become Social In Forums: You should be very social in forums. If you are not participating in forums, you should start. You will be able to interact with other liked minds. You can also market your self, be careful on how you do this. The forums owners don’t like any type of direct marketing.
  11. Let Guest Post: You could select certain people to post on your blog. In return offer them a signature link; therefore they can advertise their services. They might be trying to get their blog subscriber feed built as well.
  12. Think Outside the Box: Your blog should be built with you thinking outside the box. Think of how you can produce content that no one else provides. One way you could do this, that would be searching through forums. Look through your industry related forums. Find out what people are asking about the most. You could then in return write on that certain topic.
  13. Make it Easy for People to Contact Your Team: You should always have someone available to answer e-mails. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you answering the e-mails.
  14. Use Videos: Blogs sometimes can be more attractive when they are using videos. Videos will give your blog a more creative and active feel.
  15. Share your Post Through Twitter: Share your post through your Twitter account.
  16. Share Your Post Through Facebook: Do you have a Facebook account, I’d hope so. The same goes for it, share your post through Facebook.
  17. Advertise Social Proof: Do you have testimonials from clients or consumers that you’ve helped. If so be sure they are viewable everywhere on your blog. Social proof can be a strong influence towards people in general. It will also help you look more credible when blogging, as you know what you are talking about.
  18. Incentives: Your blog could offer incentives from time to time. You could use incentives to get people to subscribe.
  19. Contest: You could hold contest through your blog. You could hold a contest for whomever drives the most traffic to your blog wins. In return, you will pay the winner $500 dollars.
  20. Q & A Post: Your blog should offer question and answer post from time to time. Allow your readers to be more involved.
  21. Success You Have Had: Your success could inspire your readers. Don’t make yourself sound self-centered. Instead, come across as you understand what your readers are going through. You can share your success based on this. Your readers might get very motivated and enjoy reading what you have to write about.
  22. Before and After Experience: You could share certain experiences you’ve had with products or services. Is there certain products or services that you’ve used in the past that have benefited you. If so share your experiences with your readers. They could be interested in the same products, wanting to buy them.
  23. Advertise Your Blog: You could advertise your blog through pay per click, media buys, and etc.
  24. Use a Landing Page: Create a landing page for your blog. Your landing page could include testimonials, popular blog post, and etc. Just create a landing page that is credible and enticing. You want your visitors to subscribe to your blog.
  25. Your English Writing: I will admit, I have some work to do on my writing as well. I have been told I write very well and actively. I feel though as my writing can improve. You don’t have to be a professional writer to be a successful blogger at all. However, always focus on becoming a better writer for your audience. Your readers should understand what your writing about and be able to relate to you.

I have listed 25 random tips that could help improve your blog. Time and persistent will build an outstanding blog.

Building A Blog Through Creative Writing Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc May 8, 2008

Building a blog is something that takes time, skill, and patience like I’ve probably mentioned many times on here. The the key factors in building a blog is keeping your readers interested, so in other words keep them coming back. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do, but then again its not that hard.

Read a few of the tips I have brought up below. Keep in mind though the idea to building a blog is patience, and practice. You have to cycle through the process over, over, and over again until you hit that point then from there on out your blog will act more virally on you because you have a good subscription list built up.

  1. Capturing the Mind: Try to capture the readers mind, think creatively. Always try to think of stuff that will spread virally rather its news, contrary, and etc. Honestly I think the best way to capture peoples minds is to write something that is unique, different, and one of a kind. Which granted News is great and everything, but sometimes the user can get wore out from news unless its something that blows there mind away like something out of the ordinary.
  2. Writers Perception and Imaging: Use images to set your writing off. For example say your writing something up about viral marketing why not use images around that post that is relevant to what your saying. Little things like this can make the brain react a bit different, therefore making the blog look more “creative” and the reader will fill more attached to it.
  3. Create Conversations: Creating conversations through out your blog can be a trick sometimes, but practice makes perfect. You can easily use related forums in your industry to create conversations through your blog. Just a way to drive traffic from other sites like forums, blogs, and general sites. Which yes sometimes you will have to communicate and participate in other social related websites, but if you leverage it properly your site will grow and possibly outgrow the sites around you.
  4. Tips and Education: Every one loves educational information. Specially if you know what your talking about ;). Anyways think of creative ideas that you can leverage around an educational topic then write about it.

Being creative and unique is what marketing is all about. When you can put a great image into the mind of your blog reader it will keep them coming back for more. Plus when your keeping your readers on the hook your probably obtaining a lot of links therefore this will result in higher search rankings, and of course there on out you can leverage your readers around your products :).

Building a Blog is like Creating An Image Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

blog-images.jpgBuilding a blog is like creating an image out of all honesty. Most generally in the beginning stages of your blog you will find your self blogging about numerous things and sometimes you’ll probably ask your self should of I even blogged about that or would people find this interesting. The idea though honestly in building a blog is to just be your self which granted put full effort into what you think is going to work, but at the same time be your self. Blogs are about passion, honesty, and sharing ideas and things to that nature.

Once you find your image you should persuade your self into that direction because if your blogging about certain things or topics and it working for you then keep on doing it. Reiterating the process over, over, and over again is what will lead you into success which there again you’ll find your self changing over time, but just keep that image going (the image that is working).

What are some ways to create a great blog and what can help you build a good image?

Participate in the Blog-o-sphere: Participating in the blog-o-sphere will allow you to gain more knowledge and expertise in your area, so in other words you can learn a lot from other bloggers. If you see something working for them why don’t you take note of it and maybe try to use that particular thing your advantage who knows it might work for you or you might find something similar in that area that will work for you – you have to test it.

Learn to Link Bait: I can’t say how important this is – learning to link bait is a must if you ask me. I mean honestly if you don’t know how to create a viral blog then what the hell. You want something that people are going to subscribe to and link to therefore you can leverage your brand around your community which there again this would fall in the category of building a good blog image.

Keep a daily schedule: If you are one of them people that has a tight schedule or I should say someone that is very organized about what time you do everything like you eat at this time, you go to work at this time, and etc. If so try to find a time you can set down and relax your mind for blogging at least make sure you do 1-2 post a day specially in the beginning stages. Quite honestly blogging is about staying active and persistent I would have to say blogging takes more dedication to get going then anything else online, but then again depends on how good you are with your viral hooks.

Takes Notes: Taking notes through your day can help you create a better blog or even taking notes when your just setting down doing research. For example if you are researching on how to build links or evaluating link value take notes of it then blog about it later on. Sometimes I’ll think of interesting things to blog about and then I’ll take write down that topic, so therefore I won’t forget and it gives me something to focus on and blog about.

Hire Quality Content Writers: If your someone that has the money why not hire maybe 3-4 other people to blog with you to help getting the content up on your blog I mean think of it if you have 3-4 people posting along with you it could help tremendously. Just keep in mind to post – high quality content – only.

Build a Character: This would fall back under the category of building an image. You need to build a blog that people will fill connected to its pretty much similar to branding. If your famaliar with branding then just apply them skills into your blog. Building brands is about building something your consumers will be attached to.

Use a Unique Template: I can’t say how important this is don’t register a blogspot blog which granted you can, but the best thing is to do is create a custom template on your own unique domain ( and then start building it up. Give the blog a unique name. It works out a lot better this way the reason being is because you have way more control over your blog and plus you just look more presentable, more dedicated to what you do (or trying to achieve).

Be Different: Yup thats right be the different kid, but at the same time be innovative. Generally the different people always create the best ideas, so think outside th box. If you want to build a profitable enterprise then be different, you have to stand you.

Create a Signature Link: Always put a signature in the bottom of your blog post that pursued people into subscribing to your blog.

The idea in being a successful blogger is to build a blog that is different, something that is unique. When you get your blog built up you can leverage it around your products or brand therefore increasing brand awareness.

The Open Mind Person Will Build a Successful Blog Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 10, 2008

I was just setting here a few minutes ago thinking about what to write and actually earlier I was doing the same thing. Then I got to thinking to my self am I being stubborn because I think sometimes my stubbornness rubs off into the wrong areas, but then I was like no that’s not the problem the problem was I wasn’t being open with my blog.

Writing requires you to be open and share your true thoughts. Which of course we all have different views on what being open minded actually means, but when your building a blog its something that requires a lot of attention, maintenance, self-dedication, motivation, and you name it, but most important of all it requires you to be open with what your doing.

So in other words blog about things that people will want to hear about. For example don’t you like talking with someone when there more honest with you I mean why wouldn’t you or. Another example would be – have ever known someone that you wanted to know more on a personal bases or wanted to learn more about there professional life?

You must be able to open and communicate with your readers, make them feel attached to what your saying and most generally that comes with you being open to every one by writing it down. I think a lot of people struggle with blogs such as getting them going because there not an easy task to get going of course, but then again there’s some people that can just jump right into them and build them up, but most generally these are people that are very passionate about what there blogging about and are completely honest about what there blogging about.

That right there is what will get you far in the web 2.0 sphere is being honest when you write or at least being more open if you get my drift. When you learn to develop this type of behavior you will find out it will be so much easier to write because your actually writing what your thinking and is happening. I’m not saying you have to blog about your personal life all the time which it wouldn’t hurt every once and awhile to let your readers know who you are of course, but on a professional level what I’m trying to say is that you should try to stay more open at the same time.

What should you blog about? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Building a website that is full of compelling content can lead you into success (such as link bait, brand awareness, and etc). When a user visits your site and they see you have a ton of content or at least viral (valuable) content they will link to it or possibly spread it through social networks. And of course the more you have generally the better.

You know sometimes writing about new stuff (or at least finding new stuff to write about) can be a challenge at times unless it’s news related because most generally there’s always something new out there happening in the search world, but when it comes to educational type stuff that side can be a challenging. Some days I don’t even know what to write about out of all honesty – most generally when I feel like that its because I’m burned out, but lets get into the tips.

How can you build up new ideas for content creation?

  1. Subscribe to other community related blogs: Sometimes this can help, the more blogs you subscribe to the better. The reason I say recommend doing this for is because sometimes it can create new ideas for you to write about or you might come across something that is valuable to write about such as news in the SEO / SEM space.
  2. Your Work and Life: Every once and awhile blog about your personal life well if its relevant to what you do anyways. For example are you ever communicating with someone or doing something and you’ve learned something from it and it was half personal and half career like if so then blog about the experience. You might just help someone else out by blogging about it.
  3. Create Guide Books: Create something that is almost like a guide these always work and people like to read them for example create a post called, The Guide To Getting Top Rankings, who knows you might have a lot of people that will be highly interested in what you have wrote about, but reguardless the title always catches there eyes.
  4. Search Google: Do a search on Google and if you bump into something that you find interesting why not write about it (that’s what I’m doing now out of all honesty).
  5. Go To Forums: Sometimes this can be helpful I mean. It depends, for example, say you see an interesting discussion going on or maybe a lot of people are asking questions about SEO why not answer the question through your blog then maybe you can spread it through the forums :).
  6. Take Notes: Take notes of things you should blog about this can be very helpful I know it has helped me a few times I know some people that carry notebooks around or a PDA and they’ll take notes of stuff that happens daily and then figure out a way to apply it through there blog.
  7. Be Open: When blogging stay open with your mind don’t be closed minded if you are closed minded it will hurt you big time I do the same thing sometimes not becuase I’m a close minded person, but because I get burnt out and then I start to lose my openness to blogging, so therefore I become stubborn and pass a lot of good ideas up.

Creating blog ideas can be a challenging process sometimes, but honestly I think the most important thing is about blogging is keeping a open mind. If you have an open mind then you could probably blog every day, so if your a closed minded person you better learn to be open minded because that’s what blogs are about.

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