9 Strategies to Influence Your Consumers Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 20, 2010

how to influence consumersUsing psychological factors to influence consumers can make you fortunes. When you know how to influence people effectively. You can take your business to the next level. If you’re able to capture your consumers mindset you can take advantage of this. You will be able to take your online marketing strategies to the next level.

Strategies to Influence Your Market


Building a strong perception is the key to influencing your market. You can do this through testimonials, social strategies, client references, and etc. I’d say one of the strongest factors in this area would be social influence. If you’re able to get people to talk about you then closing the deal with future clients will not be a problem. Their perception about you is already integrated into their mind.

Social Media

You can use social media to influence your consumers. You have to stay persistent in this area as it will pay off. Having a strong subscriber base connected to your blog is invaluable. You are able to generate publicity a lot more effectively. In addition to that, you will be capturing massive amounts of links from time to time. The result of this will increase your search engine rankings for certain keywords.

Social Advertising (Myspace & Facebook)

Social advertising can be effective as well. What’s great about social advertising is that you can expose your brand image. I use to do a ton of advertising through Myspace for affiliate products.  I no longer do though because most of the products are not as profitable as what they were. However, you can still use social platforms for your business. Social advertising is  an excellent source for branding and leads.

Media Buying

You can use media buying as well. You could buy media banners off news sites. A great strategy to use in this area is press releases. For example, find a news site in your industry that is relevant to what you do. You could then advertise your press release through these media sites. This way, the consumer is already in a news state of mind. The consumer is looking for news worthy related material. I’d consider that a strong branding practice that could result in increased sales (dramatically).

Press Releases

Press release submission is an awesome strategy. I would recommend you to submit press releases in reference to anything valuable you’ve done. If you have a list of happy consumers on a new product submit a press release. You can generate major publicity from this. In addition to that, your press releases will be indexed in the search engines. Do you realize how many consumers research a brand online before buying or after talking to you.

E-Mail Follow Ups and Marketing

Consumers might not always buy right off the bat. Sometimes they are just in a state of mind where they are not too sure. The consumer just can’t seem to make up their mind. This is why you want to do follow ups for through e-mail and / or phone. In this process be sure to understand your consumers needs to the fullest. Therefore when you start e-mailing them, you’ll know exactly how you need to market to them. Maybe the trust is not established yet with your company. If that is the case, include references or testimonials in your e-mail, anything to influence their buying behavior.

Success Stories

If you’ve had certain success in business or with a product describe it. Better yet, why not collect success stories from clients or consumers. You could get a full report from a consumer or client detailing everything out. Make the success story more detailed and show proven results. This would most certainly create an influence factor in your consumer’s mind.

Leverage You Tube

I have personally seen some amazing videos being marketed through You Tube. You could create an array of different type of You Tube videos. Some of your videos could be humorous or controversial. On the other hand, you could have your consumer do reviews on your product.

Industry Related Blogs (Contribute and / or Reviews)

You can get your name out by contributing to other blogs. You might even be able to get away with a somewhat press release looking post. If you’re contributing to other blogs. Chances are you will be able to add a signature link.

You can also buy reviews from blog owners. Be careful though when you engage in this practice. I would highly suggest you use a no follow tag. If you’re buying reviews from high traffic blogs. Chances are the blogger will disclose it being a paid advertisement.


There are numerous strategies you can use to influence your consumer or client. You just have to make sense of the situation. You then will execute based on the given situation. Sometimes you can overlook certain strategies; therefore thinking that given area is not profitable. Don’t ever quit testing as you may pass a killer opportunity up.

The Connectivity of Blogs and Brands Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 16, 2010

social networking and emotionsUsing blogs to promote products and services is absolutely an amazing strategy to use. I really like the whole concept of building a blog around products and services. Although we shouldn’t really promote our products and services in a direct way (might kill your readership). For example, we shouldn’t directly promote a product or service everyday in a blog post. Instead we should try to connect with our consumers in a more emotional way.

I like the fact where we are able to communicate in such a way with our subscribers that is more personal. This makes our consumers feel more connected to us. We are able to develop a more effective relationship this way. The idea is to educate them, offer post they will enjoy reading and will relate to. Then we advertise our products and services through our signatures, banners, and etc.

The emotional factor is what influences consumers to buy from us.  An influential brand can tap into the consumer’s mind. Haven’t you ever seen certain people throw a fit because they don’t have the money for something. Or yet there is some people that absolutely think they have to wear a certain brand of clothing. These brands have used certain strategies to make an impression in their consumer mind.

We are even able to do this through blogs. We are able to build a strong impression into their mind while associating our brand. An image that will attract people to products and services. We do this through tapping into their emotions. Giving them an experience they won’t forgot.

Example Emotions You Can Trigger:

  • Humor
  • Inspire
  • Positive
  • Joy
  • Surprise

There are several emotions you can trigger. The idea is to associate these emotions with your brand. Make your products seem attractive in a way that people want them. You have to be creative and think like an artist. Triggering certain wants and needs can build an outstanding brand.

The Experience is Everything

Think of your blog almost like a TV commercial. You ever watched certain commercials that are just outright hilarious. In addition to that, there are other people that think the commercial was  funny as well. These people talk about the commercial at the same time mentioning the brand name. This type of advertisement created a strong impression; a memory that people remember and talk about.

This is what you have to do as a blogger. Somehow you have to make an impression. How are you going to make your content stand out.

Use Images and Videos

You can even use images and videos to make your content more attractive. Use videos that are creative, something that people will be attracted to. For example, don’t just promote  a boring video about your product or service. Promote that product or service in a more creative way. Make it appear as it’s not even an advertisement, instead your entertaining. You have to keep the your visitor’s attention, but at the same time marketing your products and services.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 24, 2010

twitter-1The world seems to revolve around the Internet these days, making it vital for Web sites and businesses to get out there and make themselves known. It’s dog-eat-dog when it comes to Web marketing, so you’ll have to do whatever it takes to get to the top. One of the best ways of getting the word out about your business and/or Web site is to use social media networks like Twitter. Here are some reasons why you should use Twitter and how it can benefit you.

  1. Creating a Brand: As a company, your top goal is to create a brand that will sell the products and services you offer. Making consumers loyal to you is what keeps a business thriving. On Twitter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a small business that’s been in operation for ten years — anyone can build a brand. Your best bet is to create a personal account if your company isn’t well-known yet — people don’t like to talk to LOGOs; plus, a personal account will make you friendlier to Tweeters. Humanizing your business is always an effective route. By having your business up on Twitter puts you in the position to show the world that you are a part of the online community. You will become a social personality that will slowly but surely bring in more followers, who can eventually become loyal customers.
  2. Touching Base with Customers: Every business wants to be able to connect with their customers on a regular basis and Twitter lets you do just that. After branding, this should be your top priority. The reason Twitter is great for businesses is because it allows them to communicate with consumers directly. It’s like attending a worldwide party and being able to stand up in front of everyone and speak (and everyone actually listens). Those that are following you on Twitter will receive updates on your comments each time you post something up. You can also turn things around by keeping track of what your customers are tweeting. Getting to know them personally will help you to create a better brand and products/services that are more customer oriented. Also, make sure to reply back to customers as quickly as possible — they love that.
  3. Getting Feedback from Customers: After working with a few tweeters that you’re connected with, you will likely receive feedback about your companies services and/or products, and how they can be improved. Just make sure that you can take criticism because it can be used for your benefit. Listen to what your customers have to say and try your best to cater to their needs.
  4. Marketing for Free: Sounds too good to be true actually, but Twitter allows you to market your company without having to spend a pretty penny. You’ll be able to connect with potentially millions of people who in your eyes are potential sales. Marketing on Twitter is simple, whatever you post on your account will be seen by whoever looks into your profile and by those who are following you. In order to gain more followers, you should take the time to search around for people to connect with. Don’t become a spammer, be genuine and you will steadily build a group of followers. In most cases, tweeters will spread the word about a company they have enjoyed working with, which helps to increase followers and business for the company.
  5. Building Links and Traffic: Getting more traffic to your site can easily be done using Twitter as well. Once you’ve created a personal or strictly business persona on Twitter and have developed followers, you will find it very beneficial to post up links to your business Web site. It will help to bring in more visitors and if you create great content for the site, you will be well on your way to building quality links. Developing content that offers information that is valuable to readers will help to keep people coming back to your site. You will even find a great deal of conversions of visitors/readers to buyers. Consider posting up a link to have people follow you on Twitter. When people see that you have a Twitter account, it shows that you are more than just a LOGO. When they follow you they will receive updates about your offerings, which brings us to the next reason why you should use Twitter.
  6. Posting up Deals, Coupons and News: Everyone likes a great deal and as we all know, it’s a great way to bring in more buyers. By posting up coupon codes and special deals for products and services that you’re offering, it will catch the eye of many tweeters who could use your business. You can even make it a special deal for tweeters who are following you — that could help to get you more followers you can advertise to. Any company news that you would like to inform customers about can also be done through tweets. Keep customers and employees in the loop.
  7. Keeping an Eye on Competition: Unfortunately, you’re not the only business on Twitter who is looking to get some attention. Use it to your benefit — keep an eye on your competitors to see what they’re up to. Whenever they’re offering a deal, try to outdo them, but don’t get too competitive to the point where you’ll end up losing money. You can look at the tweets their customers are giving them — these could be good reviews or complaints. If you see someone having a problem with the competitor, tweet them and see if you can offer a “helping hand”.
  8. Increase Sales: Another great reason to use Twitter is to help increase the sales of your business. Since you’ll be receiving more attention than you probably ever have, you will receive the chance to sell more to more people.
  9. Networking: Tired of attending local networking events that seem to never work? Now, you can effectively network with companies and individuals that are more likely to help you bring in more customers. Connecting with like-minded people can help to increase peer recommendations and testimonials.
  10. Finding Prospects:You can use Twitter to find potential clients; you just simply type in keywords that are related to the services or products that you offer. You can then follow the users that pop up on the search results. Then begin tweeting about topics that are parallel to what you have to offer. Keep in mind that you should use direct messages or offline communications to keep prospects closed away from public channels.

Conclusion: Overall, using Twitter to boost your company’s or Web site’s visibility can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Most of the work has already been done for you — all you have to do is make an account on Twitter and begin following and being followed. Make sure to stay active with tweeting to ensure that you build a reputable brand for your site or business.

5 Tips to building a brand online Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 8, 2008

Building a brand online can be done through multiple channels rather it being through search engines or online advertise, but let me give you some tips on where to market and why you should market there.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search): Optimizing a websites visibility through organic search is a *must* if you ask me. If you have a great visibility level through organic search then the chances are your going to drive some direct high quality leads, so therefore this gives you more room to build your brand (more clients the better).
  2. Pay Per Click (Sponsored Listings):Pay Per Click can be quite costly, but honestly from our testing and from every one else I have talked to most generally you can drive better leads through pay per click then what you can through organic search which granted there is a lot of variables to this. The thing is with PPC is that you can manually edit all your descriptions, titles, and deep links accord lying to the way you want them. PPC also allows A / B testing on your landing pages and ads, so it can be a pretty powerful tool if you learn to use it to the fullest.
  3. Online Advertising: Advertising through relevant channels can increase brand awareness dramatically. See the thing is with online advertising is that your traffic or ROI (Return on Investment) might not come back right off the bat, but if you keep pushing that image out there it will tattoo into the consumers head therefore it could create a word of mouth effect or even if there looking for certain services thats relevant to what you offer they might think of your brand right off the bat.
  4. Blogs: User generated content in the web 2.0 space is highly important now and I see a lot of people lacking in this area. Generate link bait content can increase brand awareness through search engines due to the link popularity that it creates, but at the same time creating social networks that might create media.
  5. Press Release: Submitting press releases can be very effective which granted this is probably something that we need to do more of for our clients and our own services, but you can use press release articles to create media speaking you have something that worth talking of.

There is so many ways to market online rather it being through PPC, Organic Search, Blogs, and you name it. The idea is to use numerous strategies combined and believe me you’ll develop new strategies on your own from experience. The best thing to do is think outside the box when you think outside the box or at least discover outside the box strategies you will drive leads like you never imagined.

Find your market segment and explode it, but keep in mind that segment will not always stay open specially if someone else finds out what your doing.

* Be a Brand Leader *, Not a Follower… Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 26, 2008

Being a brand leader is someone that is set in there direction with there believes. For example are you going to follow someone else’s ideas and do the exact same thing there doing if so then you would be better of working for them if you really think about it which don’t take me wrong replicating other ideas to your benefit can be beneficial by all means I mean you can learn a lot from what other people are doing, but at the same time you need to think of ways you can differentiate your self from the crowed market place.

What I am saying is to be your own brand and your own leader guide the consumers into your direction and how can you do this?

  1. Trust: You must build trust with your brand rather it being through social networks, client lists, and anything similar to that. You have to have a way of making people feel confident into buying off you and that’s by treating the people right therefore ti will build an everlasting long brand.
  2. Your Image: Promote a good image when I’m referring to a good image I’m referring to something that will make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way and always make people think of you.

Them are just a few tips, but out of all honesty building a unique brand is the way to go and that’s by doing something different such as using your own colors and logos give your brand a character.

For example, what does the consumers think when they hear the following names below?

Wal-Mart: Low Prices Everyday, right? I mean wal mart has done a good job at this they have branded there name as someone that will always have the best prices and customer satisfaction am I wrong or right?

I’d have to say Wal-Mart has done a great job of doing what they’ve done because honestly think of it would they continue to grow at the pace they are and did if they didn’t know what they was doing…

BMW: BMW has branded there name as someone who offers a classy car well to a degree lets put it this way when your buying a BMW you know your buying a good car right, I mean when any one hears the name BMW they automatically think an expensive car or at least a car that is more expensive, but why?

It’s because your paying for quality and BMW has branded there self as someone to make a well defined car that can drive forever because most generally BMW’s do hold up longer and they are better cars.

Conclusion: When your branding your basically engaging something into the consumers mind thats it nothing more and nothing less, but you have to find out what you want to brand into there mind I mean what type of consumers are you trying to attract or what do you want your brand to stand for.

Exposing Brands in the Web 2.0 Space Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Exposing a brand can be challenging specially if your not famaliar with the things such as SEO / SEM or just general online marketing, so let me discuss that and offer you some educational information that can help you expose your brand and I will even link out to a few sites that will give you a kick start into the right direction.
What Should You Learn?

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Knowing how to use SEO to your advantage is a plus plus by all means and you can learn a ton about SEO through forums and blogs.
  2. PPC (Pay Per Click) – Pay Per Click can be better then SEO or just about the same just depends on what your better with working with, but keep in mind when using PPC have a little money to play with because you’ll have to invest some money to find out what works, but then again if you think about it thats about like anything your either investing your time or money to learn something well speaking its something thats going to make you a *good living (or investment)*.
  3. Social Networking and Blogs – Learn more about social networking and blogs. Blogs are highly important to have if you ask me out of all honesty the reason being is because you can build content around your brand which will result in more exposure, so therefore it will drive more leads.
  4. Learn To Build E-Mail List – Building e-mail list can be used to your advantage if done properly and you can use Pay Per Click to build e-mail list the great thing about this is that when you turn PPC on you will automatically start getting traffic therefore you should start getting sign ups through your e-mail list just make sure you build a good landing page that will get people to sign up.

Where to Find This Information At?

Most of this information can be found through social parts of the web such as blogs which granted you can learn a little from forums, but out of all honestly I would suggest checking out blogs and trying to communicate with other SEO’s and SEM’s so check out placed like SEOMOZ, V7n Blog, and SEOBook.

Which of course you should subscribe to our blog too because you will learn a lot from reading our blog, but the ones I suggested are just a few places to give you a kick start in the right direction and then you can start to explore on your own, but keep in mind all the information you find on the web is not 200 percent accurate specially older articles, so try to stay up to date on reading stuff that is more accurate or at least use your best judgment you can’t believe everything that every one writes about, but I will tell you this reading this blog and the few I suggested are pretty accurate in the information that is provided.

Branding is the Key To Success for Your Online Business Model Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 2, 2008

Branding an online business is something that takes time I would say that is the biggest strategy out of everything when starting a company and its a constant strategy if you want the company to continue to grow or I should say look good.

Currently we are working on a new site thats going to have more of a brand approach which I can’t discuss full details, but were going to start investing into pay per click each month and not get so caught up on organic search (along with many other things, a complete site remodel), but back to what I was saying the whole reason I decided to write this post up for was because some of the sites we work on lack in brand awareness and these sites probably would have a hell of a lot higher conversion ratios.

When someone visits your site and its well geared towards your targeted consumers the chances of them converting will be a lot higher thats just how it works. For example would you go get your car fixed by someone that is working out of there garage that you didn’t know or go to a real shop thats more reputable looking?

Makes a lot of sense don’t it…

Anyways read some of the following things below that can increase your brand awareness.

  1. Recent Client List: This is highly important if you do not want to show your recent client list due to competitors or maybe you don’t discuss your client details which there is companies like that for example they will not reveal there clients and want to keep it confidential such as marketing companies, but most generally you need some resource of experience to provide for your business for example if a prospect ask us about our service and what we have achieved we would be more then happy to show them and when they see the results we have gotten and gave for our clients they know who to go with (I mean it would only be common sense).
  2. Online Advertising: You know this is another vital factor of branding a lot of people want more awareness, but they don’t ever do any online advertising even though they have the money they still fail to promote there brand through other sites makes no sense to me what so ever.
  3. Design and Usability: This can be another vital factor you could have a very recognized name in your particular industry, but if someone visits your site and really don’t know who you are and your site is very unorganized and cheap looking then the chances of you doing well with that site are low (back to conversions 😉 ).
  4. Company Certifications: Does your company have certain certifications it has earned if so list them and try to list them in the most appropriate places. If you write a paragraph up on a certain service you offer and have earned a certification for that particular service then list your certification image there to show your the recognized leader or whatever it is you do :).
  5. Company Memberships: Do you have memberships to relevant organizations if so list them on your site this can make you look more involved and believe it or not people look at that type of stuff.

The above recommedations is just to give you an idea of what you can do.

Branding is something that takes time and a lot of effort thats why a lot of business fail for or never really take off well I should say thats one of the important factors anyways a lot of people think there going to jump into something and make a lot of money in there first year when building a new brand and the chances of that happening are next to none (unless you create something very innovative) which granted there is things you can jump into and start making money instantly like affiliate marketing and things like that, but when your building a brand its something that takes a lot of skill, effort, and dedication.

The whole reason I decided to write this post up was remind you or give you ideas on what you can do to create a better image for your company, so therefore your traffic will have a lot higher conversion level, so in other words you could more targeted traffic then your competitors, but your competitors could still have a 5 percent higher conversion level due to brand awareness.

Brand Reputation (Online – Offline) Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 26, 2008

Brand reputation is by far the most important thing in marketing, I mean honestly no one can out beat a strong brand. When a consumer sees a brand that there famaliar with and they’ve heard nothing, but good words about that particular brand it builds there confidence and thats what you want.

The facts are if your good at what you do and people like you there going to refer you, come to your site, use your services, and etc.

Whats builds your brand?

  1. The People, one thing I’ve always learned in business is that the people build your brand and no one else which don’t take me wrong there is numerous things that come into effect when building brands rather it being online or offline, but the main idea about building a strong brand with then the people is to offer quality service and to actually give results in other words keep your people happy.
  2. The Image, Building an image into the consumer mind is very vital. You will need colors, logos, so in other words you need to give your brand a character, give it a look and feel that people will remember.

If you can manage and build your brand better then any one else then your heading in a positive direction. You ever bumped into something or though about using someone services or something to that, but then you got to thinking of it one of your friends or associates told you not to use them because they did not have a good experience with them and then you all suddenly changed your mind.

Which granted we know as CEO Of Companies, Business Owners, and etc its hard to keep every body happy, but the facts are you have to manage your brand properly so it builds your reputation :).

Anyways guys I’m out of here I had to make this post sweet and short I have some important things to take care ;).

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