Do new free directories pass value or do directories even pass value at all? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 14, 2008

I was just reading a post over @ and it had a link to an article over at Search Engine Guide called Do Directory Submissions Still Hold Any Value and I think over all the write was an excellent write up and I would have to say Mr Wallace does has some valid points.

The thing is with directories is that a lot of them that charge any more are getting penalized for selling links, so therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if they pass any value or not, but then again I think to my self does that page rank bar even mean anything I mean it does, but I don’t think it means as much as what Google is making it out to be.

For example I was talking with CEO of Environment Web Directory a very good directory that is dated back to 1996 it ranked for the keyword web directory still even after its page rank got devalued, so does the page rank mean anything?

No I don’t think it does I mean maybe to a degree, but the thing is I think once your page rank hits a certain point it goes no higher of course for example you could get a link from a page rank 7 website that will make you a pr6 and thats all you need on the page rank side I don’t really think the link increases your ranking any more then what a pr0 does (using your desired anchor text) and from my honest opinion and from my experience basically alls the page rank does is increases your ability to rank for whats not in your anchor text such as your content optimization and things to that nature which it might have a little to do with anchor text.

Generally what I tell my clients is to get a few good authority links with higher page rank links and older sites and at the same time I tell them to make sure they keep in mind that page rank is not everything I have personally ranked websites for very competitive keywords such as printing with links from websites that have pr0 and I have also seen websites rank by just submitting to free directories over time combined with numerous other strategies.

I think a lot of people get confused when they see websites ranking for very competitive keywords they automatically think the website is ranking for such a competitive key term because it has a bunch of high page ranked links or links from old websites which yes I do think links from old websites pass more value then newer websites, but would I say that links from high page ranked websites pass more value then low page ranked websites?

Absolutely not, if anything it will get you penalized getting a bunch of high PR links. A lot of website that are ranking on very competitive keywords are using strategies such as directory subs, link exchanges, blog links, article links, and similar things to that nature the idea is to get relevant links not always high page ranked links if you get a good relevant link from a relevant site its going to pass you value thats just the bottom line.

So don’t always get confused when your submitting to directories just because its a higher page rank directory and considered an authority directory don’t let that catch you off guard because sometimes free new directories can pass just as much value you just have to know what to look for which don’t take me wrong I’m not saying paid directories suck or anything like that I think there is some paid directories out there that kick ass and why do I think that for because there editorial status is high they don’t accept every single link, but then again look at DMOZ and Yahoo there supposed to be authority links, but yet they accept numerous links such as adult sites, gambling, and etc.

The bottom line is when your submitting to directories or getting links from other websites you just have to use your best judgment, and don’t be so picky when you are finding links thats another problem I see out in the SEO space some people want rankings ,but yet they pick at every single link they find and decide they don’t want it and then before you know it they never rank, but people that go all out and just start finding relevant links are ranking for very competitive keywords.

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