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9 Strategies That Could Get You Penalized by Google Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 7, 2010

Google PenaltiesIt’s very easy to get a site penalized today. Google is becoming a major ass (excuse my french) about how they rank sites. We have been fortunate enough to never have a client site penalized. There again, we only recommend white hat strategies. However, we do get clients that want to cross a few corners. When these conversations occur I have to tell them the importance of what their doing. Some clients completely understand then others are like totally in disagreement about social promotion. I try to insist that they should never risk cutting a few corners on their actual well branded site.

Strategies You Should Not Use on Real Brand:

  1. Link Buying: Link buying is probably one of the biggest issues Google has. Google does not like websites that buy links pure and simple. They will hit you hard for buying links. Link buying at one time was the best strategy to use. Now days you just can’t do it; nor get away with it like you use to.
  2. Reciprocal Linking: Reciprocal linking is pure junk if you ask me. I am really against reciprocal linking as most of them do not carry any value. I use to be a big fan of reciprocal linking awhile back. Reciprocal linking generally speaking is not effective at all. The reason being for is because most of the links come from low quality websites. Generally it’s a bunch of Indian’s creating link spam pages.
  3. Comment Spam: We had a partner, that had an affiliate, that was promoting comment spam. He was ranking well for some great keywords for awhile. The guy put so much effort into his site. I was thinking it’s just a matter of time before it falls out. I even told our partner company that. He ended up getting dependent on the income from this site. Well shortly after, he got booted from the search engines (including Yahoo).
  4. Selling Links: Google will even penalized your site for selling links. Selling links is against Google’s policy as well. Generally when you sale links, thy devalue your page rank. Therefore when you get your page rank devalued, you lose your trust. This can slow your traffic down quite a bit.
  5. Forum Spam: Forum spam is another strategy that will get you hit hard. Some website owners will go out and create user names and passwords for forums. They do this to get a profile; therefore listing their link in the profile.
  6. Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing will get you penalized as well. Some webmaster will go through their entire site load their pages down with keywords. I find people that do this having no common sense. Your site will rank well if you capture links naturally. Keyword stuffing does not work as well as what it did 7-10 years ago.
  7. Doorway Pages: Computer generated pages, I’m sure you know what a doorway page is. The same as keyword stuffing, doorway pages use to work well. Believe it or not, at one time, you could get away with creating doorway pages for a long time. As I stated though search engines are becoming more sophisticated. They are learning to identify these type of promotion strategies right away. Doorway pages can also be pages that are just low quality affiliate sites. They are built out to redirect traffic into a merchant site.
  8. Deceptive Sites: Google will even penalize you if they think your website is deceptive. That’s why you always want to make sure you are promoting in an ethical way. Google is quick to de-index you if they think your’re fraudster.
  9. Content Duplication: Duplicating content generally will not get you penalized. It depends though on how much content is duplicated on your website.  If your website is loaded with nothing, but duplicated content. Then yea, Google will smack you hard. However, if you just have a few pages that are duplicated, they will just de-index them or they won’t rank.

If your going to to engage in any of the practices listed. Don’t do it on your actual website. I’m not encouraging you to use the listed strategies. However, your actual branded website should be treated well. If you want to do some black hat then go for it. Just make sure your using them on sites that you can throw out.  Because Google will penalize them sooner or later.

Microsoft and Yahoo! Announce Search Alliance Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 22, 2010

Last Thursday, it was announced by Microsoft and Yahoo! that they have received the go-ahead to implement their new search alliance. This means that the two will be clear to continue their plans for their search agreement, without any restrictions from either the European Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, their full focus will be on launching this new deal.

It’s been said that within the next couple of days, they will begin the transition of Yahoo!’s algorithmic and paid search platforms to Microsoft. Yahoo! will exclusively be the sales force for the two companies’ premium search advertisers around the world. After the transition, the two unified entities will have a search marketplace that will deliver enhanced innovation for customers with better volume and proficiency, and opportunities that are monetized for Web publishers via a platform that has a larger selection of search queries.

“This breakthrough search alliance means Yahoo! can focus even more on our own innovative search experience,” said Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz. “Yahoo! gets to do what we do best: combine our science and technology with compelling content to build personally relevant online experiences for our users and customers.”

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, agreed with the statement Bartz made, saying that at the beginning of this process, they have reached an exciting milestone; and that he believes the union between Yahoo! and Microsoft will enable them to promote choice, better value and innovation to their customers, advertisers and publishers.

Bettering the Experiences of the Consumer

The terms and agreements between the two companies was announced in July of 2009, stating that Microsoft will offer Yahoo! with the same search results that are available on Bing. Around the search results, Yahoo! is going to integrate their rich content and enhance listings while offering conveniently organized info for tools and key topics that are tailored for the Yahoo! users’ experience.

Yahoo! will also have a focus on offering search experiences that are innovative and compelling, allowing individuals to explore and find people and websites that are important to them. Microsoft will be supplying the underlying platform, but both companies will be creating different experiences that are progressive and compelling; competing for clicks, engagement and audience.

Timeline for Transition

Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have plans to collaborate with advertisers, developers and publishers to draw up a customized plan that will be designed to make an efficient and smooth transition. They will both be working closely with many of their partners well before the execution of the transition to the Microsoft platform, and they will be communicating important info about the transition to the partners via phone, webinars, email and a new site called Search Alliance.

First, the two companies will begin the algorithmic search transition and setting goals to have it completed within the U.S. by the end of 2010. They have hopes of making the transition to U.S. publisher and advertisers before the holiday seasons begin this year, but it could take place in 2011 if they feel that it will be more effective after the holiday season. By early 2012, it is expected that global customers and partners will have received the full transition.

After the transition has been implemented, Microsoft and Yahoo! will provide support and representation for various advertiser segments. On Yahoo!’s end, they will be supporting and representing high volume advertisers, SEM and SEO agencies, along with resellers and their clients. On the other end, Microsoft will be supporting and representing self-service advertisers.

The Benefit in it for You

With the new search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo!, a better and more competitive search platform will be available. It will drive innovation in searches and search ads. It will also enhance user experiences that are personalized and appealing, and will create better value for Web publishers and advertisers.

Although it won’t take affect just yet, it will in the future offer advertisers the ability to do a variety of things, such as reach out to more customers. With the alliance, advertisers will be able to reach out to 150 million searchers, receiving search volumes that are 62% higher than using Yahoo! alone. It will also offer innovative features for the world’s popular online destinations, Web products and content, that are utilized by consumers by the millions (hundreds of millions to be more exact), that will be connecting with people and things that they care about most. Microsoft plans to continue developing technologies that deliver high paid search results and algorithmic, and offering resources that provide enhanced advertiser and consumer search experiences.

Advertisers will even be able to save time and effort with the alliance. After the transition, they will be able to blog using one platform and manage their campaigns with enhanced proficiency and higher return on investments. Marketing to Yahoo! and Microsoft website users and premium partner sites will be seamless.

It is expected that there will be benefits for all — consumers, publishers and advertisers — when it comes to the new alliance between Yahoo! and Microsoft. Publishers will also benefit from monetized and stronger innovations. The paid search marketplace will be a more competitive venue for advertisers and the end user will receive benefits from experiences that will be more appealing and personalized especially for them. The companies plan to do a high quality transition for all, so there will be no changes made to anyone’s accounts.

The Traits of a Real (Guru) SEO Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

Every one out there has there own opinion(s) about what a real SEO is such as a “guru SEO”. Well I’m going to discuss what my believes are which some of you might disagree with me, but honestly if you ask me to be successful in search engine optimization you must know the real trades. I see a lot of people that “claim” to know SEO, but they have no idea of what direction to go in.

Matter fact we have a lot of companies that we deal with and they’ve have hired in house SEO’s (before contacting us), but out of all honesty when I talk to them they don’t seem to be too well coordinated with the proper sense (eg someone that has great deal of concepts and understanding of SEO / SEM). Have you ever talked with someone and you can just tell by talking with them that there not fully knowledgeable in that area?

I’m sure we all have one way or another, but then again there is people that are more knowledgeable in some areas that others aren’t. Well let share a few of my thoughts on what a real SEO is.

Major Link Resources: If they’re true SEO they will have resources to links and when I mean resources they will have unlimited supply of links just not 200,300,500, or 1000 they will have unlimited resources that means to be able to build them on on going bases if not they should be able to define a strategy to get more links (know what direction to take to get them).

Link Value: They should understand and know how to measure links if there basing links on page rank or I should say every link on page rank then they don’t fully understand how the linking works which granted links from higher page ranked website are better to a degree, but you only want to use them in the beginning stages or at least to get some juice flowing into your site.

Domain Age: A true SEO must understand how the domain age factors work. Any experienced SEO will know that older domains rank better or at least domains that have been indexed for awhile with links.

Team Assembling: If the SEO gets a large project or maybe a project that someone needs a lot of links for they must know how to assemble a team and build the strategy for there / the company.

For Example:

  • The SEO must know how to put together or at least hire a content writer for link bait.
  • The SEO must know how to hire link builders because honestly some projects can take more then one link builder, but then again the SEO could outsource or hire a broker to gain links (believe it or not I have met a lot of self proclaimed SEO’s that know nothing about hiring brokers they think they have to do it all there self).
  • The SEO must know how to provide reports such as estimated ROI reports (which yes can be hard to predict, but experience builds the charm), Linking Reports, Content Creation Reports, and ETC.

Understanding Directories: This would fall back under the category of knowing how to evaluating link value because there is a lot of SEO’s that think directories don’t carry any value any more and there wrong. The fact is there is a ton of directories out there that still carry value I can think of 100 off the top of my head right now. Google still loves directories, but yes there is some directories that have got penalized due to over linking, buying links, and things to that nature.

Branding: Which this is not a big role, but honestly a SEO should have some understanding of branding because by someone having this trait can help them build a viral site through blogs. I mean honestly blogging is almost like branding to a degree the reason being is becuase your building a character, something that makes people feel connected to your blog and etc (creativeness).

Site Structure: An SEO must understand the traits of structuring a site so it will be visible to search engines or I should say crawlable. I have had many clients call me in the pass and generally when they tell me there website I’ll peep it out of course, but I have ran into sites that have a terrible site structure such as Dynamic Url’s and etc. Then when I ask them about the site structure they tell me there prior SEO never brought anything up about it :(.

Descriptions and Titles: A real SEO will know how to produce titles and descriptions that increase CTR (Click Through Rate) because believe it or not titles, urls, and descriptions can dramatically increase your CTR along with conversions specially on long tails that are driving traffic to a precise landing page that are based around services or products.

Which granted there is a lot to SEO more then I’ve listed above. I was just trying to list some of the things I have seen in the pass and by the way we have dealt with some pretty large brands that got marketing budgets of 1 million+ a year for online marketing. We have also put clients in top 5 for some of the most competitive keywords in there particular vertical, but honestly what it takes to be a talented SEO is to know how to get links.

SEO is about Link Building, which granted along with many other things ;). So what is your definition of a real SEO?

Tips on Sky Rocketing Your Traffic Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 12, 2008

chp_rocket.pngTaking traffic to the next level is something that we do and have been successful at doing. We have driven direct leads (a lot) to our clients sites that have resulted in large deals with major brands. Building traffic to a website is quite simple which don’t take me wrong it does take some practice of course, but when you find that channel and you leverage your brand through there just right you’ll get astonishing results specially on the web.

Let me discuss a few ways that you can build your traffic.

Building Links: Building links can play a major factor in search engines of course. There are many ways to build rankings through strategic link building. A good place to start would be Contextual Style you can get highly relevant links that will dramatically increase your rankings.

Pay Per Click: PPC is one of the fastest ways to get traffic, but keep in mind if you go the PPC route you will have to keep investing money into it to sustain, or at least to keep getting traffic. Pay Per Click can send some of the most highest quality traffic to your website which of course is very relevant traffic. The thing is with pay per click is that you have complete control over all your ads for each keywords then outside of that you can A / B test your landing pages and ad groups, so you can some pretty powerful leverage there plus this will give you a better idea on what you need to work on in organic search.

Buzz Marketing: Buzz marketing can be very effective if done right most generally you want to do this through blogs. You will need to start building viral content that will capture the imagination of people’s minds there on out you will have to leverage it into other segments. Just takes a lot of practice sooner or later you will start to grasp it and get it.

Build an E-mail List: Building an e-mail list can be a highly effective way of generate new leads generally when marketing through this channel online what you want to do is create a landing page then drive pay per click traffic to the landing page then persuade them into signing up, therefore this will build you a highly targeted e-mail subscriber list that you can market around your business. Once you get the e-mail list built up put your self into a viral state of mind before you send your advertisement out to all these people maybe your wanting to create link bait, sale a product, capture more e-mails, and etc. Just leverage it to your advantage.

There is several ways of generating buzz, increasing traffic, and etc. You just have to find out what works for you, once you do find out what works for you leverage it to your advantage. Leveraging is what marketing is all about honestly I mean if you can leverage your brands into different market segments then good luck, but if you can then your traffic will continue to increase for a life time therefore more sales and leads.

Think Outside the Box with Search Engines Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 9, 2008

Building channels to market through can be a task. Which of course we all know that using organic search and pay per click can be highly targeted traffic, but then again is there things you are missing? Yes I think there is I mean we all are missing certain little segments that can be exploded rather its through pay per click, organic search, or just the outside box thinking.

Marketing through search engines is a very powerful way to market, but sometimes it goes deeper then that. For example have you ever thought about building a parallel market? You can do this through all major search engines when I refer to a parallel market — what I’m trying to tell you is that you should build something that will come back to you 10 times more then what it would if you just had an average ranking with a keyword vertical.

For example why not build some link bait content and then market the content through pay per click and / or organic search, I mean it only makes sense right? If you ask me it does sometimes your content might not get seen, so therefore you should build links into that content with relevant keywords, therefore you will gain more market, but ultimately creating a viral market (link bait baby).

If done properly you can get a lot back from it people might do the following: spread it through forums, link to it, e-mail friends to tell them about it, or even submit it to social network sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, and etc. It really depends, but really what your trying to do is to just get the content to viral out there reguardless of what people are doing with it.

If you get the content to viral out there one way or another then you know you did something right specially if people are linking to it.

Always keep in mind there is several ways to market and sometimes you just got to think outside the box. If there is content you want seen and you think its going to answer a lot of question in certain market segments why not market this content through pay per click or organic search before someone else provides somewhat similar information.

Should you use Organic Search or Pay Per Click? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 3, 2008

I get a lot of clients that ask me on what they should use PPC or SEO and I’m thinking to my self why not both? I mean it only makes sense you get a huge ROI from organic search and you can get a huge ROI from PPC which of course your going to have to put time into both of them speaking your wanting measurable results.

What Does SEO have over PPC?

The thing is with SEO is that once you get your rankings established there stuck there and you don’t have to keep investing money into links maybe a few links here and there to stabilize your position, but after time your current rankings will start to stick, speaking your building good links into your site.

Which granted SEO does take time it can take a good year before you start getting measurable results or I should say results that are very profitable sometimes longer, but keep in mind if you are a talented SEO you can produce measurable results very fast. When I refer to fast I’m referring to ranking very competitive keywords with then 3 months because it can be done we have done it many times with our client sites, but be careful try to take a more viral approach such as blogs when trying to get these results and of course use viral content.

Another factor about SEO is that when you get a broad term ranking you can easily build 1000’s of long tails around the competitive term.

For example say you got a keyword like Real Estate ranking number 1, but you want to rank Indiana Real Estate which granted it would probably only take a few keyword rich links to get it ranking speaking your already ranking number 1 for real estate, but say you didn’t have any links that contained that exact keyword just sprinkle the keywords through out your page and it might show up just depends on the trust and page rank of your website, but quite honestly my approach would be to acquire keyword rich links ;).

Generally the higher your page rank, the more your content is valued, but don’t get caught up on every single link coming from a higher page rank site just try to get a hand full of page rank 1+ links or a few good PR links, but other then that you can pratically rank for anything if you have enough links regardless of page rank (the idea is to get relevant links that will carry value for years).

Anyways SEO does have some advantages over Pay Per Click and one of the biggest advantages it has is the free traffic it can send you, but keep in mind you can’t depend on that traffic, not 200 percent anyways. If you build a good site and things to that nature the traffic will stick and your rankings will stay pretty steady.

What Does PPC have over SEO?

PPC can be a very powerful source of traffic speaking you know what your doing, but keep in mind you can lose a ton of money if your not experienced with Pay Per Click, but hey thats the learning process of it don’t except to throw a PPC campaign up and start profiting right off the bat unless you very famaliar with it already (or you get lucky), but either way it takes time to build new accounts up and of course new keywords.

PPC can be very powerful for many reasons one reason is that you can carefully select your keywords and manage them just like you want to, so therefore you can build traffic through them keywords, but at the same time a lot of PPC accounts offer tools such as keyword conversion tracking tools which will track what keywords are converting such as turning into sales and leads.

The traffic is instant from PPC, its not a waiting game like organic search, but then again keep in mind it is a learning experience or can take time to build a new account history up or a new keyword list, but after you get that rolling your on your way to making ROI (Return on Investment).

Is 1,000 Unique visitors better then 150? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 18, 2008

Some people get confused about traffic from search engines, forums, blogs, and traffic from other sources and a *lot* of people have the tendency to think 1,000’s of visitors are better then 500 visitors which I’m just using that as an example, but the facts are thats not always the case (true) which don’t take me wrong they both can be beneficial for different things.

Most generally websites that carry more traffic are sites such as blogs, forums, and things to that nature which there again traffic from blogs and forums can be great traffic if you leverage it right, but at the same time you need to keep in mind traffic from these sources do not convert as well as what search engines will.

The reason behind this is because search engines send targeted traffic speaking you have the right keywords optimized. Some people think they need 1000’s of visitors to get good leads which yea if you want a website thats rolling in with cash most certainly, but at the same time its going to take time to optimize for that traffic rather your using adwords or organic search which granted don’t take me the wrong way if your a good SEO / SEM you can drive convertible traffic very fast just depends on your experience.

Most generally when your optimizing for organic search you only need a well set defined keyword list of maybe ~200+ keywords that are actually getting traffic and you should do very good with that, but then again that depends on how much traffic the keywords are carry and how there converting.

The idea is to keep your conversion level high as possible with the traffic that you actually want and don’t get confused when you see a site getting 10,000 plus uniques a day for example like a blog because if your driving adwords traffic or organic traffic with a well defined keyword list you won’t even need anything close to that, but at the same time you will probably be making 3 times as much sales as that site, but there again keep in mind it all depends on how you leverage things for example you could leverage your current traffic through a blog to get links to a sales page with keyword rich links and then carry high conversions from there on out.

Tracking Data is Your Key To Success Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 6, 2008

Tracking a websites data is highly important in the search marketing (Pay Per Click) or optimization (Organic Traffic) world. When you track data you have a more realistic view of whats going on which granted we all have our own ways of tracking data rather it being through analytics or just something we have figured up on our own, but most generally we would use some type of analytics to track traffic count.

What are the best ways to track traffic?

Personally if you ask me the best ways to track your traffic is with Google Analytics. Out of all honesty from my experience analytics returns the most accurate measurements. Google breaks things down way better then programs such as AwStat, which don’t take me wrong at “one time” aw stat was considered a good program to use, but now days its useless if you ask me.

The reason I say its useless for is because it does not return accurate measurements by any means compared to analytics. when I first start using analytics software I used awstat and the measurement it was giving me was totally out of this world it was saying I was getting around 130 uniques a day from search engines when I was actually only getting 13 uniques a day this was when I first got involved with search marketing, so thats been years ago, but the bottom line is I wouldn’t use software such as Awstat use analytics and get the most accurate returns on your website.

Also please be advised to check out Google Analytics vs AwStats.

How to do a competitor analysis?

Running a competitor analysis can be tricky and I think a lot of people get confused on how its actually done well depends on what there doing for example an older domain can out rank a new domain due the trust rank and a lot of people over look that having old domains is like major credibility toward the search engines (big time).

Anyways lets say you have the same age domain as someone else for example 1998, but your your thinking to your self how can I out rank this competitor the method I’m going to give you is simple and requires nothing else, but what I’m going to tell you to do.

Do a link count on your competitor use your Yahoo search engine to do a link count for example go to now this will give you the results for now you see the link count where it says 5,490 don’t get confused with that the reason being is because it counts all links including site wide links and site wide links give you no more credibility towards the search engine then what a one way unique link does, but what you can do is get an actual measurement of how many links this site has pointing to it.

In this case it looks like its around ~1,000 links (flip through the pages and you’ll see it stops at 10) the down fall about this is that its not an actual result, but it gives you an idea and also keep in mind for some odd reason Yahoo will only give you 1000 results for the links, so in other words if a site has more then 1000 links pointing to it they won’t show them all which I think is quite ridiculous out of all honesty, but hey the Yahoo linkdomain command gives you an idea of what your working with.

The site I just referred to was, but let me tell you something if the site is showing over 1000 links go down your search result until you hit a site that does not show 1000 links for example the yahoo back link checker might be showing 500 links for a particular site in position 10, so what does that mean?

That means you need to get around ~500 links to get up into that position maybe even less who knows that site could have numerous anchor text its using, so you could possibly out rank that site with ~100 links on that given keyword for that search result so if your doing a search result for credit cards and the position 10 site has around ~500 links and you get ~100 links using the anchor text credit cards you might be right up there in the top 10.

Which don’t take these measurements as an accurate reading, but if you set down and start researching this type of stuff it can give you a very good idea on what you need to do to out rank the other site and I will tell you this if your going up against an old domain that is dated back in 1997 and your domain is 2007 your going to have to get a ton of links to out rank them other sites trust me on that.

Also keep in mind page rank is not a big deal which you want to try to get links with some what page rank, but don’t get caught up on the whole fact that you need 10 pr 8 links to rank high because quite honestly if you have an older domain with a hand full of half decent links maybe coming from pr2 websites they will work a lot better then one silly higher page rank website for example you could get ~200 permanent links with different anchor text a lot easier and faster then compared to a pr8 link and better yet rank better on the pr2 links because you got more of them (even with different anchor text) that page rank is not everything your page rank bar only goes so high then it stops.

Write Meta Descriptions for Users not For Search Engines Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 5, 2008

One thing I notice when I consult with clients is that they always play around with there titles and description tags they think just because they have a keyword rich description there going to rank better well the answer to that is no I mean it really won’t help that much out of all honesty it might have a 1 percent effect on a non competitive keyword ranking, but for more competitive keyword ranking it won’t make a difference.

The idea is to write your description for users not for search engines. When you write your description for users this will improve your overall CTR (Click Through Rate) thereofre resulting in more sales. If your wanting to rank build links or create viral content that will attract links don’t just go out spamming your description tags out because if your doing this chances of you getting very good profitable traffic will be never.

Learn how you can use Tv Ads, Books, and Commercials for your Viral Marketing Strategies Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 27, 2008

Last night I was reading The Fall of Advertising by Al Ries and Laura Ries and it created some ideas for me about marketing in general and then I got to thinking of it today it even gave me more ideas about link baiting by the way if you don’t know who Al Ries and Laura Ries are they are very well known marketing consultants they consult with INC 500 companies, and many other very well known companies.

When I was reading The Fall of Advertising it mentioned on how you can use Movies, Tv Ads, and Magazines to create ideas for your advertising campaign, for example why not create ideas from somewhere else and use them for your online marketing purposes which don’t take me wrong I’m not saying copying off any ones ideas at all, but you can learn from sources like this can you can study and see how the consumer reacts to certain things.

Link Baiting is about being creative which granted not every single piece you write up will be link bait or set a viral market off, but if you put effort into everything you do on your website or your content on your website it will go a far way.

The idea about making an effective viral website is to build something that will connect with people and you can use Ads, Magazines and other unrelated sources to create ides for you say for example you are promoting web development services, but you see something really creative somebody did in a movie or commercial and then you think and speculate to your self I could do something similar with my content or my website in general.

I have even read many times on the internet a lot of bloggers will pay attention to magazines front page and it always helps them with there post and I would have to agree with them the reason being is because most generally the front of a magazine is the most eye catching thing out of that whole magazine the reason behind that for is because they want to grab your attention and marketers will do what ever it takes to grab your attention even if its somewhat deceptive (only in positive ways).

The main reason I wrote this post up was to create ideas for you just always pay attention to what other people are doing and maybe you could reuse that idea not the same exact idea by any means, but you could reorganize it into something else that will grab your consumers attention rather it being a magazine that creates link bait ideas for you or some type of color or animal that you could use into your branding ideas such as logos and etc.

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