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By DeWitt's Media Inc February 28, 2008

Community building is something that takes skill and patience, but the out come is remarkable nothing can out beat it you don’t have to depend on search engines well not to the full extent such as putting all your eggs in one basket. The thing is with community building is that you can literally have full control over your traffic if that makes any sense.

Building communities can be done in many ways rather its done through PPC, Blogs, Online Banner Ads, and etc. The idea behind building communities is to create constant momentum and start sucking in your visitors most generally blogs are a lot easier to build then forums, but then again if you have the money you can easily build forums and thats by creating momentum like I was saying earlier.

I mean think of it you drive in 5000 uniques a day for 3 months straight your bound to get sign ups every day speaking your leverage your traffic right. Some of the biggest online communities out there were built using these techniques for example was built using PPC and many other successful forums were built the same exact way or some type of advertising.

Not only is the advertising good for traffic its also good for branding to get your community name out there.  The idea is to have relevant traffic coming from relevant sources of course for example if your wanting to build an online community around search marketing then you would advertise and promote in relevant areas.

As you start to promote and every where people look they see your logos, your name, your identity, and you name it there going to check you out sooner or later and give in. You just have to build the traffic and leverage it. Its a pretty simple process well maybe to some people, but if test, test, and test sooner or later you will get it.

I just decided to write this post up to give people an idea of how to build online communities there is several ways of building online communities of course, but to be honest the best way to do it is by building momentum into your site and like I was saying blogs are a bit different they take more of a viral approach with then the content, but forums are a different story.

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