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By DeWitt's Media Inc March 25, 2008

Producing content is important specially when optimizing for organic search the reason being for is because the more pages you have the more of a chance your website will get links and get brand exposure. Which granted if your using pay per click I guess it wouldn’t really matter, but then again it would because I mean think about it if your running a website that is very rich in content the chance of people spreading your articles through social networks is a lot higher.

What are the key elements of promoting content?

  1. Detailed Content – is always better or at least something with a viral hook to hit. For example if your good at something why not give out some tips on that topic to share with your readers or maybe you have found something educational and its releavnt to what you do why not share this education information with your readers, but the same time giving your advise out on it.
  2. Images Produce Better Perception – This is very true using images through out your articles, blog, or general content can make the reader feel more “attached” in certain ways its a better way to market your content which granted I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” which this is true by all means, but when your using images along with your content it creates a more creative hook for your readers, therefore increasing the chances of it being linked to (the mind feels more connected).
  3. Brand Writing – I made the term “brand writing” up so don’t get confused, but when you create content on your website try to stick with a certain design for example have you ever read a blog or website and everything seems to have a character that fits together.
  4. Volume and Quality – Volume is great by all means, but remember don’t forget about the quality of your content sometimes it can be better to just work on 2-3 articles a day instead of 10 because when your working on 2 to 3 a day your more into it which granted some writers can write for hours, but at the same time expressing there thoughts very clearly just proof read a lot (this is something I need to do my self is proof read more)

How Does Content Help the Brand Image?

  1. More Content the Better – Yes that’s right the more content you have the more likely someone is to find it through search engines and then virally spread it through social networks.
  2. Improves Your Over all Outlook – When you have a bunch of content written up on your website that has been written by you, it helps your image, for example have you ever read something that someone has written and your thinking to your self this person is smart I would like to outsource some work to them or maybe you tell someone else about someones blog or something or promote it through a social network, now see what I’m getting to?

It’s all about exposure when your marketing a brand which granted we all have different strategies we use to market our brand, but most generally in the web world the most popular ways of building a brand is through social networks, viral content, PPC, and Organic Search.

Honestly I think all of them combined together can really make things take off for you I mean it only makes sense, so give it a try and if you don’t have any content on your website start creating some today!

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