Do you Think Google AdWords is a Waste of Money, Better Think Again. Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 6, 2010

Google Adwords TestingSome people are just scared of Google AdWords. I guess you can’t blame them to an extent. However, you have to realize Google AdWords is a profitable money making machine. I have created campaigns that have grossed millions. There have been many people out in the space that have created campaigns that resulted in major success. You never know, you could even be one of those advertisers that creates a campaign that results in millions (possibly even net income).

If you are not testing Google AdWords to it’s fullest. Chances are you could be missing out on a lot of opportunity. Do not be scared to test AdWords. Of course we are all scared of losing money. I really can’t blame them as I stated. It took me awhile to overcome my fears in reference to paying for certain ad networks. However, I overcame that which made me more intelligent on how I invest money today.

Even if Google AdWords doesn’t work out for you. Doesn’t mean you have to exclude all paid search advertising. Sometimes you could be failing because of lack of testing through AdWords. I still get advertising networks that are not economical for us or our clients. However, I still insist we need to test everything and anything.

Let’s look at this list, I’m going to list some key factors about AdWords:

  • Testing: I have met so many people in the past that start a campaign. Shortly upon starting their campaign they get no results. All suddenly they just quit using the Google AdWords system. As I mentioned above, you have to test, this is where your success is. You need to test your landing pages, keywords, keyword match types, headers, and etc. Be persistent, don’t ever quit testing your campaigns.
  • Content Network: A lot of people leave the content network out. Do not ever forget to test the content network. The content network can be a living money making machine. I have personally built out campaigns that have netted me tens of thousands of dollars through affiliate programs. I have also created campaigns that have netted my clients extraordinary net income.
  • Think Outside the Box: I can’t say how important it is to think outside the box. Just because you see someone else promoting somewhere in some form or way. This does not make it automatically profitable. Don’t take me wrong, you can still test these areas and promote there. However, the best strategies will be created by your creative thinking. That being, thinking out side the box
  • Track Conversions: Believe it or not I have came across people that do not track conversions. I’m thinking to myself how do you even know what’s most profitable. There again, some people will create a campaign without testing. You must always track your conversions.
  • Weekly Checks: Don’t check your campaign every hour around the clock. Instead set your campaigns to a certain spending limit. Then review your campaigns maybe once a week. You can not make a rational decision without collecting enough data. You need to collect data first then re-optimize.

The whole concept behind AdWords is testing with a persistent behavior. As you become more skilled and experienced with AdWords. You will learn to identify in a very short time if it’s economical for your business or not. Therefore you can quit using it, but chances are if your very new to AdWords. Don’t quit using AdWords right off the bat. Make sure you have a full understanding of it first before you go throwing it out the window.

If AdWords does not work out for you. Be sure to save your data. By saving your data, you can use this data in other places. For example, once you’ve collected data for your keyword conversions. You could then turn around and optimize your SEO keywords. Either way, Google AdWords can benefit you in one way or another.

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