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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 8, 2010

Danger Zone in MarketingMaking a website profitable takes time and dedication. I have personally had many failures and have learned from them. You can’t always assume a website will be profitable from what you gather (from today). The problem is the market evolves so fast, especially on the internet. You have to think ahead of time, think what’s going to happen a year or years from now. You have to think in terms of, your strategies today; are these strategies going to work in the future.

Most generally you are working to build your brand. You have to really focus in on your market. Just because your aware of somebody using a certain strategy a year ago that worked. Now that strategy is paying off big for them today. Don’t automatically assume that strategy will be profitable for you a year down the road. Your market is changing so rapidly, that’s the problem. You have to think ahead of time.

Let’s Look a Little Bit More Into This

Paid Search: Google AdWords and Microsoft Ad Center, thy are profitable of course. You have to keep in mind, the paid search cost are increasing every year. Google is constantly bringing new advertisers aboard. Then on top of that they are able to price accordlying to what they think is economical. In addition to that, Google is becoming very strict on how they allow their advertisers to promote products. There are even some advertisers that are not able to even promote through Google no more.  Their ways of advertising have become too regulated.

Social Media Optimization: Social media optimization might take time to build.  This is an area though that can become very profitable if your persistent with it. The great thing is about social media optimization is that, it’s a long term strategy. You don’t have to worry about the click cost increasing and etc. You build your loyal base of subscribers. You are then able to market to them freely. You just have to take the time out to build the content or hire someone.

Content Creation: Content creation is more of the process of building out content. You don’t really use a blog for this. However, this could become somewhat “social” as we call it. Content creation can be a very profitable area to. As the search engines love content rich websites. If you have extremely attractive content, not found on any other website. There is a great chance you will capture many links from it. Thus, your search engine traffic and rankings will increase.

Media Buying: You can make enormous profits from media buying as well as paid search. However, it’s somewhat a similar concept, media buys are increasing in price as well. There are networks like, their system is somewhat like Google AdWords. They charge based on advertisers and bid prices. Thus, who ever is willing to pay the highest, gets the most traffic.

Affiliate Recruiting: Affiliate recruiting can be a very lucrative and profitable strategy. The problem with this though is that a lot of affiliates are using certain ad networks. In the affiliate area, you want to find partners that have content driven sites. As long as you are able to pay them well and treat them well. The affiliate business model can be strong as well.

Lead Buying: This all depends on what type of leads you are buying. Agencies will increase the lead price if you want to increase the lead volume. The reason being for is because some agencies are using advertising networks. Thus, the more volume you want, the more they have to spend on advertising. However, there are some agencies that have managed to capitalize on tons of rich content sites. Therefore they are able to price their leads lot more competitively. However, if they start getting a high demand for their leads, they will start increasing their rates.

Your Best Investment

Content Creation and Social Optimization: Content creation and social media optimization are your best investments. If I was to raise capital for anything in the millions. I would take all that money, put it into content rich sites. I would invest into social sites. The reason being for is because you can let the business passively generate income. Your content rich websites will increase in value for years to come. They will continuously drive more and more traffic. Thus, providing you with more and more income in a more passive way.


Now I’m not saying pay per click, media buying, and etc are not profitable. What I am saying there is a lot of factors you have to anticipate. You have to be aware of how these channels change.I personally prefer content creation as it is hands down best investment. I truly believe the content market will be strong for years to come.

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