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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 14, 2010

facebook social networkingYou can use Facebook for marketing whether you have a small business or large business. I still run across businesses that do not engage in Facebook. In the Facebook world you are able to engage in a more personal way. This allows you to build a different type of relationship with your client or consumer. In addition to that, your able to understand your clients / consumers a bit more in depth. You are able to discover your clients / consumers in a whole new way.

Facebook Connectivity Features

1) Fan Pages

Fan pages allow you to market your services. Fan pages allow you to connect with your market in a unique way. You are able to share product updates, blog updates, twitter updates, and more. You can communicate with your consumers through your fan page. You can ask them questions pertaining to your product such as product recommendations.

Once you’ve built your fan page through the digital world. You are able to communicate with them. For example, say you made a posting on a new product your releasing. In return, you might get some interested consumers responding. Therefore you are able to answer their questions. Everyone else as well will be able to view the comments.

What I like doing with the fan pages is posting our twitter or blog updates directly to it. This allows your fans to see what you are tweeting or blogging about. Therefore they can comment on these postings as well. Some users might prefer to find out about your blog postings through your fan page vs an e-mail subscription or RSS feed.

2) Personal Connectivity through Profiles

By having a Facebook profile, you are able to connect in a more personal way. Your friends, consumers, associates, or whomever can learn more about your personal side (interest, thoughts, and etc). This allows people to feel more connected with you. This will allow you to grow a relationship with them in a whole new way.

As humans we like doing business with people we like. We like associating with people we like. You are putting a stronger impression in your audience heads. With them being connected with you through your profile. You are creating creating awareness.

Your Connectivity Can be Built Through:

  • Sharing Photos
  • Sharing Your Thoughts (status)
  • Sharing Interesting Links
  • Sharing Videos

When you receive comments be sure you are interacting with them. The idea is to build a stronger more connected relationship.

3) Creating Groups

When you create a group, you share your information only with specific friends. For example, say you create a group for Porsche Part Consumers. You could then share information to consumers that are only interested in Porsches the consumers can even interact with each others as well.

What I like about creating groups is that you can target advertising towards them. You do this through the Facebook advertising platform which we are going to cover next. 

4) Facebook Advertising

The Facebook advertising system is a valuable tool to use. What’s neat about is it’s targeting options. For example, let’s say you have a huge fan page subscriber list built. You can advertise directly to these subscribers only. In addition to that, you can target other pages (even if their not yours). The main targeting features consist of demographics, pages, likes (such as interest), education, and connections on Facebook (which I just covered).

You can build a user base out of interested people. Therefore your advertising would be targeted towards the right audience. You can use the advertising for branding as well from a logo perspective. You are able to include your logos through the Facebook advertising platform.

Learning The Psychology of Your Friends, Consumers, Clients, and Etc

When you’re using Facebook, you are able to identify certain trends. You are able to zoom into peoples’ conversation through your news section. This allows you to learn the psychology of their social groups and the individual. This might sound kind of weird to some people, but study these areas. Take advantage of it and make it become beneficial for your client and you. You might identify a specific need in your market with certain people.

You will also be able to communicate a lot more effectively with clients. For example, let’s say you added a client to your friends list or they added you. One day, they just happen to be talking about golf. Come to find out, you are an avid golf player, you love it as well. This is a quick way to fire up a conversation and build a relationship. People will remember you for that; therefore doing business with you.

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