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By DeWitt's Media Inc May 16, 2008

Google loves editorial links, this is something we focus on most (which granted we have several strategies we use just depends on the client). Generally when were building a clients sites up through the SERP’s we focus on a lot of editorial links and we get them through viral content. If were not pursuing these type of links then we will pursue other type of links such as web directories and similar things to that nature, so in other words using ethical practices to keep Google happy.

Your probably asking your self how can I get some high quality editorial links, and not considerably from spammy sites. Well the trick is easy, but time consuming.

Remember directories? Well if so then always keep in mind you can use them for numerous things for example check out DMOZ, and find relevant sites that are related to what you do and create a list of all these sites preferably ones that you want to link to you. Then take your time out and send a polite e-mail to every webmaster asking them if they will link to you a good way of getting them to link to you is through educational content.

For example if there linking out to a lot of educational type sites that have high valued content then why wouldn’t they want to link to you? I mean it only makes sense speaking you have great content and something that is link worthy. If they have linked to it then you know you have done something right.

Which granted this is a time consuming process, but you can’t beat the quality of the links because they are editorial links and that right there is want you want. If you are very famaliar with link building then you know there is several types of links you can get, but to be honest the best ones to get are editorial links.

You can also use several other web directories such as Aviva Directory, BOTW, and many more. That right there is what you can use directories for also directories are used for many other things which granted people might not search directories like they would with search engines, but people still use them for certain things (contacting people, finding a local business, and etc).

When miming up your list of people to contact make sure you create a excel file therefore you can keep track of who you have e-mailed you don’t want to be known as a spammer, so therefore insert every one into the excel sheet. When you enter them in row by row it will automatically fill your word in on the next row if you’ve already contact that domain and this is an excellent way of keeping track of who you contacted.

Now if your looking for a content writer and your not really a writer you should check out freelance sites, therefore you can find you someone that is highly qualified to create great content for you. Another way of finding good sites to link to you is through the old fashion way such as using link commands such as intitle:, inurl:, and etc.

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