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By Safiyyah Lanier February 19, 2010

writingContent is king when it comes to the Internet. If you have a business website up and running, it won’t do you much justice unless it has great content (emphasis on great). A lot of businesses have websites created to enhance sales and traffic to their business, but this doesn’t always occur, and it’s because they don’t have the right content up. Their sites are filled with content that isn’t helping to advance the company. Simply having a website that is eye catching won’t be enough if it doesn’t have eye catching headlines. Creating quality content is the only way to boost the productivity of your site.

Bringing in More Traffic

Bringing in traffic to your website is the first step to enhancing your website’s presence — and the best way to do that is with content creation. You will need to do research to find keyword search terms that are relevant to your site. This is a form of search engine optimization that will help to bring in traffic. Putting keywords within your heading and within subheadings will also increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo!. So with the use of SEO techniques, your content will be able to increase the amount of visitors to your site, but if you don’t have quality content, your visitors will quickly leave your site. Your goal is to get them to come, stay and possibly come back. Then if things go really well, they could turn into buyers of your products and services.

Maximizing Website Conversions

Creating a landing page is one of the best ways to maximize site conversions. This form of content has a more salesy approach, so if your goal is solely to sell whatever it is you have to offer, even if it’s a free download or subscription — you can easily do so with a landing page. On a landing page, you must write content in a way that engages the reader. You write it as though you are personally creating it for someone specific. Use “you” and “your” to make the content more personal. Also, you will have to ease into the sell multiple times along the landing page, which is sometimes long — about 3-4 pages on a word document, but one long page on a website. It is very important that you ask the reader to take action. Landing pages are perfect for getting people to fill out forms, take surveys, purchase items/services, send an email or make a phone call, which covers just about every business’ desire. The call to action should be very noticeable and grab the reader’s attention. It can be within a box of a different color or highlighted in big red words. But before bringing visitors to your landing page, you will need to create content that is a bit less-salesy.

Turning Visitors into Repeat Visitors

With great content, you will be able to turn visitors into loyal readers. If you have a blog, this will increase traffic and make people come back to you time and time again. But you will need to ensure that the content you post up is engaging and informational. Creating such content will put your rankings higher on search engines because they see that it is a worthy site. Also, if you can make your content worthy of reading, you can bring in the potential for inbound links. If readers see that your content has great value they will link to your blog or specific post within their site, which could help to bring in visitors from their websites. Linkbait is one of the best things you can get out of content creation and is in fact one of the top priorities of many websites. If you own a business, this is your best bet for getting more people to your site and potentially increasing sales.

The content on your website should be as unique as possible. This means that you should avoid covering topics that have been overdone, unless you have a new spin on the subject. Add in an opinion that will setoff comments from readers that visit your site. Then engage with them to help motivate more people to comment. Also, you can try posting news articles related to your niche, this will keep people coming to your blog, especially if you’re one of the first to dish out the news.

On search engines like Google, your content is rated by keywords, keyword density, subheadings and the content itself. If you have a lot of people linking back to your site, then it will boost you up on search engines as well. Search engines are getting smarter and more advanced all the time and are now even able to sort out good content from the bad. If it sees that different websites are linking back to you, then it shows search engines that others think your content is King.

Content that helps to increase linkbait isn’t only good for getting high rankings, but it can also help for the marketing of your site. As you’re bringing in more traffic, you’re increasing the chances of someone buying from you. Bringing back the idea of the landing page, you can start off with a piece of content that goes over the facts of your company and the benefits and features that are offered to customers. After buying them with that, you can have a link that leads them to the landing page, which will lead to the call of action.

While you’re explaining the benefits and features of your website/company, it is important that you get your facts straight. First off, features shouldn’t get confused with benefits. For example, the features of a locksmith company could be that they offer 20 years of experience, high quality products and 24-hour services. Then for benefits the locksmith company could post that they have lifetime warranties on locks and keys, low prices and 30-minute maximum wait times. Once you have shown the benefits and features of your company, you will easily sell them with a landing page.

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