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By DeWitt's Media Inc February 8, 2008

Becoming an effecitve PPC marketer is something that takes time and dedication, but the thing is if you are really wanting to improve your skills in the PPC game start promoting affiliates programs.

The reason I say start promoting affiliate programs through PPC is because this will by far increase your skill set the reason being is because your limited to what you work with such as commissions and plus when your promoting affiliates generally your promoting several niches at one time through a particular vertical market.

When your promoting multiple niche products from numerous companies rather it being cellulite lotions, ringtones, online dating, or computer products. What this does is it increases your skill set your probably asking how could this increase my skill set?

  1. Limited Profit: See with affiliate your limited to your profit margin you only have so much profit to work with, but at the same time your paying out on PPC. Now if your promoting your own products generally you’ll have a lot more margin to work with.
  2. Numerous Verticals: Your promoting numerous products for numerous verticals or just for the individual person. What this does is increase your lateral thinking skills for numerous markets and lateral thinking is highly important when it comes to promoting affiliates.

The thing is with PPC is that it can be a challenge, but if you set there for long enough and test you’ll eventually figure it out, but to be quite honest spending is the biggest factor in the PPC game the more you spend the better you will be and the more CTR ration you gain the better quality score you have.

If you want to get into the PPC game I would suggest you to start off by promoting affiliates first which you don’t have to, but it sure wouldn’t hurt thats for sure.

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