Is 1,000 Unique visitors better then 150? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 18, 2008

Some people get confused about traffic from search engines, forums, blogs, and traffic from other sources and a *lot* of people have the tendency to think 1,000’s of visitors are better then 500 visitors which I’m just using that as an example, but the facts are thats not always the case (true) which don’t take me wrong they both can be beneficial for different things.

Most generally websites that carry more traffic are sites such as blogs, forums, and things to that nature which there again traffic from blogs and forums can be great traffic if you leverage it right, but at the same time you need to keep in mind traffic from these sources do not convert as well as what search engines will.

The reason behind this is because search engines send targeted traffic speaking you have the right keywords optimized. Some people think they need 1000’s of visitors to get good leads which yea if you want a website thats rolling in with cash most certainly, but at the same time its going to take time to optimize for that traffic rather your using adwords or organic search which granted don’t take me the wrong way if your a good SEO / SEM you can drive convertible traffic very fast just depends on your experience.

Most generally when your optimizing for organic search you only need a well set defined keyword list of maybe ~200+ keywords that are actually getting traffic and you should do very good with that, but then again that depends on how much traffic the keywords are carry and how there converting.

The idea is to keep your conversion level high as possible with the traffic that you actually want and don’t get confused when you see a site getting 10,000 plus uniques a day for example like a blog because if your driving adwords traffic or organic traffic with a well defined keyword list you won’t even need anything close to that, but at the same time you will probably be making 3 times as much sales as that site, but there again keep in mind it all depends on how you leverage things for example you could leverage your current traffic through a blog to get links to a sales page with keyword rich links and then carry high conversions from there on out.

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