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By Safiyyah Lanier February 22, 2010

Last Thursday, it was announced by Microsoft and Yahoo! that they have received the go-ahead to implement their new search alliance. This means that the two will be clear to continue their plans for their search agreement, without any restrictions from either the European Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, their full focus will be on launching this new deal.

It’s been said that within the next couple of days, they will begin the transition of Yahoo!’s algorithmic and paid search platforms to Microsoft. Yahoo! will exclusively be the sales force for the two companies’ premium search advertisers around the world. After the transition, the two unified entities will have a search marketplace that will deliver enhanced innovation for customers with better volume and proficiency, and opportunities that are monetized for Web publishers via a platform that has a larger selection of search queries.

“This breakthrough search alliance means Yahoo! can focus even more on our own innovative search experience,” said Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz. “Yahoo! gets to do what we do best: combine our science and technology with compelling content to build personally relevant online experiences for our users and customers.”

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, agreed with the statement Bartz made, saying that at the beginning of this process, they have reached an exciting milestone; and that he believes the union between Yahoo! and Microsoft will enable them to promote choice, better value and innovation to their customers, advertisers and publishers.

Bettering the Experiences of the Consumer

The terms and agreements between the two companies was announced in July of 2009, stating that Microsoft will offer Yahoo! with the same search results that are available on Bing. Around the search results, Yahoo! is going to integrate their rich content and enhance listings while offering conveniently organized info for tools and key topics that are tailored for the Yahoo! users’ experience.

Yahoo! will also have a focus on offering search experiences that are innovative and compelling, allowing individuals to explore and find people and websites that are important to them. Microsoft will be supplying the underlying platform, but both companies will be creating different experiences that are progressive and compelling; competing for clicks, engagement and audience.

Timeline for Transition

Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have plans to collaborate with advertisers, developers and publishers to draw up a customized plan that will be designed to make an efficient and smooth transition. They will both be working closely with many of their partners well before the execution of the transition to the Microsoft platform, and they will be communicating important info about the transition to the partners via phone, webinars, email and a new site called Search Alliance.

First, the two companies will begin the algorithmic search transition and setting goals to have it completed within the U.S. by the end of 2010. They have hopes of making the transition to U.S. publisher and advertisers before the holiday seasons begin this year, but it could take place in 2011 if they feel that it will be more effective after the holiday season. By early 2012, it is expected that global customers and partners will have received the full transition.

After the transition has been implemented, Microsoft and Yahoo! will provide support and representation for various advertiser segments. On Yahoo!’s end, they will be supporting and representing high volume advertisers, SEM and SEO agencies, along with resellers and their clients. On the other end, Microsoft will be supporting and representing self-service advertisers.

The Benefit in it for You

With the new search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo!, a better and more competitive search platform will be available. It will drive innovation in searches and search ads. It will also enhance user experiences that are personalized and appealing, and will create better value for Web publishers and advertisers.

Although it won’t take affect just yet, it will in the future offer advertisers the ability to do a variety of things, such as reach out to more customers. With the alliance, advertisers will be able to reach out to 150 million searchers, receiving search volumes that are 62% higher than using Yahoo! alone. It will also offer innovative features for the world’s popular online destinations, Web products and content, that are utilized by consumers by the millions (hundreds of millions to be more exact), that will be connecting with people and things that they care about most. Microsoft plans to continue developing technologies that deliver high paid search results and algorithmic, and offering resources that provide enhanced advertiser and consumer search experiences.

Advertisers will even be able to save time and effort with the alliance. After the transition, they will be able to blog using one platform and manage their campaigns with enhanced proficiency and higher return on investments. Marketing to Yahoo! and Microsoft website users and premium partner sites will be seamless.

It is expected that there will be benefits for all — consumers, publishers and advertisers — when it comes to the new alliance between Yahoo! and Microsoft. Publishers will also benefit from monetized and stronger innovations. The paid search marketplace will be a more competitive venue for advertisers and the end user will receive benefits from experiences that will be more appealing and personalized especially for them. The companies plan to do a high quality transition for all, so there will be no changes made to anyone’s accounts.

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