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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 13, 2010

thinkingLink buying use to be a powerful tool to use for rankings. However, search engines are changing over time. They are creating certain regulations on how they rank the sites. In all honesty, I can’t really blame them because I’m sure they know what works best for their brand.

I use to be a huge advocate for link buying. I use to recommend that everyone buy links for rankings. This was before Google started smacking sites left and right. I then come to realize link buying is not worth it. In addition to that, content driven websites hold more power over link buying any day.

Why do I Pick Content Over Link Buying?

1) Content is Powerful

When you build out content you do not have to worry about penalties. Content will increase in value for years to come. In addition to that, the more content you build out, your link bait chances increase. If your really skilled, you could capture valuable links for years from several content pages.

2) You Will Get More Traffic

Content will drive more traffic from a long term perspective. For example, I personally buy traffic through Google Content Network. I buy traffic from old content driven websites. These websites have done no link buying what so ever. However, they drive enormous amounts of traffic. The only strategy the owners have used on these sites is content. Some of these sites are 10+ years old.

3) Content is Like Real Estate

I look at content and websites just like I do real estate properties. When you factor in all the variables, you’ll see that content appreciates just like real estate does. Each year it becomes more powerful in the engines. The trust rank of your pages increase. I consider your property to be a safe investment if your using content, you’ll make income for years to come.

4) Social Connections are Created

Using blogs creates social connections. When you create high quality content, your site starts appearing in social networks. People will recommend your content to others. Your site could get mentioned on popular news sites that drive enormous amounts of traffic. Your brand will become stronger in the consumers’ mind due to the news effect.

5) Social Media Creates Trust

Utilizing blogs gives you a major advantage compared to link buying. Your able to actually communicate with your readership a lot more effectively. They get to know you or your team on a more personal level. You’re able to do this by communicating through comments on blogs.

6) Instant Brand Awareness

By having a large subscriber base, you’re able to monetize your traffic more effectively. For example, say you have 50,000 subscribers through your RSS or e-mail. You can review new products and / or services you have; therefore it will get exposed to 1,000’s of readers. These subscribers could be people that are bloggers or news editors. In return, they might write about your product and link to it (generally they do).

Why I Do Not Recommend Link Buying?

1) It’s Too Dangerous, You are Setting Yourself up For Failure

This might sound crazy to you, but link buying is like playing with fire. I ask all of our clients, “do you really want to buy links, are you aware of the risk?” Sometimes they just don’t understand, they think it’s the only way. However, that is far from the truth. Link buying now days is the worst way to rank a site. If your going to buy links, at least do it on a site your not concerned about.

2) Your Competitors Will Report You

I’ve seen this on forums, people will ask if they have ever reported their competitors. Awhile back, there was this one guy that created a post on how he was reporting his competitors. However, he was buying links as well from what he stated. He was wanting feedback on how long it takes for them to drop out of the search engine results. I was quite amazed.

3) Gone For Years, Possibly a Lifetime

I have seen sites penalized for years, I mean literally years. Most of them were affiliate sites. However, I have seen well branded companies get penalized. Companies that engaged in what we use to call white hat link buying. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose your actual brand. I mean that would be a tough one to swallow.

4) Paid Links Are No Where Near As Valuable

Paid links are no where near as valuable as what content can attract. There is paid links you can buy that are extremely high in quality. However, half the time you are not sure what you are buying. Google goes around and penalizes sites without the owner even knowing it. They might devalue the link selling sites, but their page rank will still be there. They will make it where this site cannot pass any link juice. Therefore the advertisers could be paying as high or around $100 to $500 per month for nothing.

Final Thoughts…

These are my thoughts on content vs link buying. Yea I will admit as I stated in the beginning of this post. I use to be a huge advocate on link buying. That was back when search engines were no where near as stiff as what they are today. Content has so many more advantages over link buying. Your able to leverage content in ways link buying can never be done in. Content will make you income for years to come without the risk.

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