The Connectivity of Blogs and Brands Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 16, 2010

social networking and emotionsUsing blogs to promote products and services is absolutely an amazing strategy to use. I really like the whole concept of building a blog around products and services. Although we shouldn’t really promote our products and services in a direct way (might kill our readership). For example, we shouldn’t directly promote a product or service everyday in a blog post. Instead we should try to connect with our consumers in a more emotional way.

I like the fact where we are able to communicate in such a way with our subscribers that is more personal. This makes our consumers feel more connected to us. We are able to develop a more effective relationship this way. The idea is to educate them, offer post they will enjoy reading and will relate to. Then we advertise our products and services through our signatures, banners, and etc.

The emotional factor is what influences consumers to buy from us. An influential brand can tap into the consumer’s mind. Haven’t you ever seen certain people throw a fit because they don’t have the money for something. Or yet there is some people that absolutely think they have to wear a certain brand of clothing. These brands have used certain strategies to make an impression in their consumer mind. […] Continue Reading…

Social Media Marketing & Consumers, The New Connection Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 14, 2010

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is a powerful tool to use. Building social trends requires a certain expertise and effort. If your brand is able to put forth the effort into creating a strong social trend, you’ll be set. Once you’ve established that social trend through the social world. You are able to leverage marketing messages a lot more effectively. You are able to influence consumers like no other marketing channel can provide.

How Do Consumers Think and Choose

Consumers think in unique ways, although we all have a similar mind. There is a lot of us that base our decisions on on what others are saying. We think and reason based on friends and family input. If our social groups talk positive about a certain brand or product. This will influence us in the direction of buying this product or service.

How to Create That Powerful Social Landscape

You can use blogs to build that strong social environment that will influence people. The idea is to build a large base of subscribers through your blog. All these subscribers subscribed to your blog for a reason. Chances are they feel connected to what you are writing about. You could be someone that they think highly of, they want to learn more about what your writing on. They could of also been influenced by an emotional factor. They might of subscribed because they find your blog post funny, it could be a mood lifter for them (your giving them a positive experience). […] Continue Reading…

Facebook Connectivity, Boost Sales through Facebook Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

facebook social networkingYou can use Facebook for marketing whether being a small business or large business. I still run across business that do not engage in Facebook marketing. In the Facebook world you are able to engage in a more personal way. This allows you to build a different type of relationship with your client or consumer. In addition to that, your able to understand your clients / consumers a bit more in depth. You are able to discover your clients / consumers in a whole new way.

Facebook Connectivity Features

1) Fan Pages

Fan pages allow you to market your services. Fan pages allow you to connect with your market in a unique way. You are able to share product updates, blog updates, twitter updates, and more. You can communicate with your consumers through your fan page. You can ask them questions pertaining to your product such as product recommendations.

Once you’ve built your fan page through the digital world. You are able to communicate with them. For example, say you made a posting on a new product your releasing. In return, you might get some interested consumers responding. Therefore you are able to answer their questions. Everyone else as well will be able to view the comments. […] Continue Reading…

My Thoughts on Link Buying… (Should You or Not?) Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 13, 2010

Link buying use to be a powerful tool to use for rankings. However, search engines are changing over time. They are creating certain regulations on how they rank the sites. In all honesty, I can’t really blame them because I’m sure they know what works best for their brands.

I use to be a huge advocate on link buying. I use recommend that everyone buy links for rankings. This was before Google starting smacking down on sites. I then come to realize link buying is not worth it. In addition to that, content driven websites hold more power over link buying any day. […] Continue Reading… and Grammar and Success? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 10, 2010

The way we write is essential in our careers, business reports, client reports, and etc. However, that does not mean you need to be a professional writer to manage a blog. Blogging is about sharing your thoughts, skills, success, and etc. You would be quite surprised of how many successful blogs are out there by writers that are not perfectionist in grammar. There are so many that I can’t even recall two percent of the ones I’ve came across.

Before I start talking about these bloggers writing skills. I just want to say, I could improve my writing as well. Actually, back when I was in school, writing was one of my biggest downfalls. However, I have improved my writing overtime through sending business e-mails, writing a book, writing on my blog, and reading lots of books. I am an avid reader, I read more books then I watch TV. […] Continue Reading…

25 Strategies to Take Your Blog from Ok to Great! Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 9, 2010

There is a different in a great blog and decent blog, great blogs are the ones that drive traffic. Blogs that connect with people and get linked to. There are so many blogs out there, but how can we make our blog unique. Then on top of that, blogs are becoming a dime and dozen, writers have to become more creative. Your desired market will probably choose from the blog they can connect with. That’s why us as marketers, we have to find a way to connect with a large audience. We don’t want our blog connecting with a few readers; the idea is to connect with as many readers as possible. […] Continue Reading…

Economical Strategy Tips, Avoid Entering the Danger Zone Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 8, 2010

Making a website profitable takes time and dedication. I have personally had many failures and have learned from them. You can’t always assume a website will be profitable from what you gather (from today). The problem is the market evolves so fast, especially on the internet. You have to think ahead of time, think what’s going to happen a year or years from now. You have to think in terms of, your strategies today; are these strategies going to work in the future.

Most generally you are working to build your brand. You have to really focus in on your market. Just because your aware of somebody using a certain strategy a year ago that worked. Now that strategy is paying off big for them today. Don’t automatically assume that strategy will be profitable for you a year down the road. Your market is changing so rapidly, that’s the problem. You have to think ahead of time. […] Continue Reading…

15 Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Followers Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Twitter FollowersTwitter followers can help you build your brand, maximize sales, and much more. There are several strategies that you can use to build your followers. However, you must have followers that actually pay attention to what you Tweet. If not you’ll just have a bunch of followers that could care less about what you have to offer or sale. Thus, your engagement and credibility is essential.

Strategies to Build Your Twitter Followers

Participate in Forums: Join forums and participate in them. Be sure to include your Twitter URL in the signature. I wouldn’t directly advertise your Twitter URL of course. You may be aware forums are very strict on direct promotion. Instead focus on contributing content to the forum. You can connect with other users and build a relationship with them. With you connecting with other users, your engaging with them; this will help your feed grow.

Build a Blog: I can’t put into words how effective a blog can be. Having a great blog with many subscribers can be very lucrative. With you having a decent subscriber base this in return can help build your Twitter followers. Several bloggers create signatures on their blog post. They will list their Twitter URL directly in their signature. This way, if people want to they able to follow them on Twitter or Subscribe to their feed. […] Continue Reading…

9 Strategies That Could Get You Penalized by Google Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 7, 2010

It’s very easy to get a site penalized today. Google is becoming a major ass (excuse my french) about how they rank sites. We have been fortunate enough to never have a client site penalized. There again, we only recommend white hat strategies. However, we do get clients that want to cross a few corners. When these conversations occur I have to tell them the importance of what their doing. Some clients completely understand then others are like totally in disagreement about social promotion. I try to insist that they should never risk cutting a few corners on their actual well branded site.

[…] Continue Reading…

Do you Think Google AdWords is a Waste of Money, Better Think Again. Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc December 6, 2010

Google Adwords TestingSome people are just scared of Google AdWords. I guess you can’t blame them to an extent. However, you have to realize Google AdWords is a profitable money making machine. I have created campaigns that have grossed millions. There have been many people out in the space that have created campaigns that resulted in major success. You never know, you could even be one of those advertisers that creates a campaign that results in millions (possibly even net income).

If you are not testing Google AdWords to it’s fullest. Chances are you could be missing out on a lot of opportunity. Do not be scared to test AdWords. Of course we are all scared of losing money. I really can’t blame them as I stated. It took me awhile to overcome my fears in reference to paying for certain ad networks. However, I overcame that which made me more intelligent on how I invest money today.

Even if Google AdWords doesn’t work out for you. Doesn’t mean you have to exclude all paid search advertising. Sometimes you could be failing because of lack of testing through AdWords. I still get advertising networks that are not economical for us or our clients. However, I still insist we need to test everything and anything. […] Continue Reading…

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