Never Quit Testing in the PPC World Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier March 3, 2010

The biggest mistakes PPC managers make is not successfully testing out their ads. This is an integral part of any ad campaign. Too many people think that just picking out the right keywords is all it takes to make a great ad campaign, but I beg to differ. The only way to improve your ads and ensure that you’re getting the best out of your campaigns is to test them out. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes you should avoid making for your PPC ads:

Not planning to test: As mentioned above, it is important to implement tests in your PPC ads to see how effective they are. There’s no point in keeping around ads that aren’t generating enough CTR. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Not using the right metrics for testing: Okay, so some have attempted to test out their PPC, but they measure it incorrectly. Some people measure their ads performance based on the ROI, using CTR. The proper metrics to use are CPL for leads and ROAS for sales. Some may want to judge their ads overall, but the best way is to judge each individually, based on their success or failure. […] Continue Reading…

Google Adwords Factors for Quality Scores Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier March 2, 2010

Wondering what Google Adwords look for when grading your ads and landing pages? Well, there are a couple of factors that play a part in the quality scores that are handed out. If you’re wondering how you can get a better score or how you can stay on top, you’ll need to get familiar with the factors that play a role in how you’ll be graded the next time around.

First off, you should understand why you should care so much about the quality scores given out by Google. When you place your ads on their search engine, they use the scoring system (and max bid) to rank your ad, which can decrease or increase your position on the search results page. This means that you need to get your ad together, so that you can get the best quality score possible to stay high on these lists. Also, don’t think for one second that your ad can’t beat competitors who bid higher than you — this isn’t true. Keywords are still king here, so if you can get the right keywords, this too could boost your quality score.

Google Click Through Rates

One of the top key factors in quality scores […] Continue Reading…

Is it a Good Idea to Use PPC Engines? Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 26, 2010

Many people have strayed away from the usage of Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns because they have gotten pretty expensive. A lot of the competitive keywords cost lots of money and unless you are a big brand, getting a return on what’s been paid for the high-priced keywords is less likely. If marketers were to create a more strategic and leveraged plan, they could actually get a good thing going with the use of PPC engines. So should we completely drop the idea of using PPC engines? I think not.

How PPC Ads Can Benefit Your Marketing Campaign

Pay-Per-Click ads first became popularized because it was a new avenue that allowed Internet marketers to pick and choose where they wanted their ads to be seen. Since a lot of people didn’t effectively leverage their campaigns, they didn’t bring enough revenue to make a sizable profit. Using PPC ads can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Choosing the right strategy and tools for your campaign is the only thing keeping you away from success. Here are some of the benefits of using Pay-Per-Click ads:
[…] Continue Reading…

Quality Links vs. Spam Links? Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier

quality-servicesOne of the greatest questions that Web site owners ask is what’s more important, quality of links or quantity of links? Back in the hay day, it was more about numbers — the more backlinks a Web site had, the better. This eventually sent everyone on a frenzy looking to purchase and beg for links from any and every where. A lot of people ended up purchasing backlink packages in large volumes, but even with all of the backlinks they had, their site wasn’t getting ranked any higher. Of course, this is because Google caught on and eventually decided that this wasn’t going to cut it. Today, it takes more strategy to build links and popularity on the Web, so marketers are going to have to work harder to get ranked higher.

The reality of backlinks today is, if it isn’t an authoritative site or highly ranked, it isn’t worth being linked to. A lot of folks are still thinking with the mindset that they should be the site owner with the most links. Truth be told, the Web sites that tend to be on top ten or twenty lists have much fewer links; and the reason they’ve made it to the top of these lists is because they used quality links.
[…] Continue Reading…

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 24, 2010

twitter-1The world seems to revolve around the Internet these days, making it vital for Web sites and businesses to get out there and make themselves known. It’s dog-eat-dog when it comes to Web marketing, so you’ll have to do whatever it takes to get to the top. One of the best ways of getting the word out about your business and/or Web site is to use social media networks like Twitter. Here are some reasons why you should use Twitter and how it can benefit you.

Creating a Brand: As a company, your top goal is to create a brand that will sell the products and services you offer. Making consumers loyal to you is what keeps a business thriving. On Twitter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a small business that’s been in operation for ten years — anyone can build a brand. Your best bet is to create a personal account if your company isn’t well-known yet — people don’t like to talk to LOGOs; plus, a personal account will make you friendlier to Tweeters. Humanizing your business is always an effective route. By having your business up on Twitter puts you in the position to show the world that you are a part of the online community. You will become a social personality that will slowly but surely bring in more followers, who can eventually become loyal customers. […] Continue Reading…

Google Increases Twitter Traffic by 9 Percent Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier

traffic-increaseBack in December, when Google launched its real-time search, it was predicted that Twitter was going to receive a big increase in traffic, which had previously declined after a peak in the summer of 2009. So far, it looks as though those predictions were true after all. According to comScore data, there has been a 9 percent increase of unique visitors to Twitter — between December of 2009 and January 2010. The all time high was reached in January, with 21.79 million unique Twitter visitors; this number is slightly above the 21.25 million that was recorded in July of 2009, by comScore. By the end of 2009 (December), the count for unique visitors was up by 3.1 percent, over November.

Twitter seems to have seen a great impact in the month of December, thanks to the December 7 launch of Google’s real time search. Then according to Experian Hitwise, the data suggests that it was Google that was the main source for the increase in traffic to Twitter. The amount of traffic that was coming from Google was increased by 9 percent, compared to the week ending December 5 and the week ending February 13; the count jumped from 12.8 percent to 14 percent in this time period. Hitwise too saw a 5 percent increase in market share of U.S. visitors within the same time period. […] Continue Reading…

Microsoft and Yahoo! Announce Search Alliance Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 22, 2010

Last Thursday, it was announced by Microsoft and Yahoo! that they have received the go-ahead to implement their new search alliance. This means that the two will be clear to continue their plans for their search agreement, without any restrictions from either the European Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, their full focus will be on launching this new deal.

It’s been said that within the next couple of days, they will begin the transition of Yahoo!’s algorithmic and paid search platforms to Microsoft. Yahoo! will exclusively be the sales force for the two companies’ premium search advertisers around the world. After the transition, the two unified entities will have a search marketplace that will deliver enhanced innovation for customers with better volume and proficiency, and opportunities that are monetized for Web publishers via a platform that has a larger selection of search queries.

“This breakthrough search alliance means Yahoo! can focus even more on our own innovative search experience,” said Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz. “Yahoo! gets to do what we do best: combine our science and technology with compelling content to build personally relevant online experiences for our users and customers.”

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, […] Continue Reading…

How Content Creation can Help Your Site Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 19, 2010

writingContent is king when it comes to the Internet. If you have a business website up and running, it won’t do you much justice unless it has great content (emphasis on great). A lot of businesses have websites created to enhance sales and traffic to their business, but this doesn’t always occur, and it’s because they don’t have the right content up. Their sites are filled with content that isn’t helping to advance the company. Simply having a website that is eye catching won’t be enough if it doesn’t have eye catching headlines. Creating quality content is the only way to boost the productivity of your site.

Bringing in More Traffic

Bringing in traffic to your website is the first step to enhancing your website’s presence — and the best way to do that is with content creation. You will need to do research to find keyword search terms that are relevant to your site. This is a form of search engine optimization that will help to bring in traffic. Putting keywords within your heading and within subheadings will also increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo!. So with the use of SEO techniques, your content will be able to increase the amount of visitors to your site, but if you don’t have quality content, your visitors will quickly leave your site. Your goal is to get them to come, stay and possibly come back. Then if things go really well, they could turn into buyers of your products and services. […] Continue Reading…

Interacting with Your Users Through Content Creation on Blogs Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 18, 2010

Everyone knows the benefits of having a blog on their website — it can help to increase traffic, sales and even loyalty. There are a few ways you can go about making the visitors of your site become readers and from there, you need to interact with them to keep them engaged and coming back for more. A lot of people build blogs on their site and don’t nurture it. It takes more than just posting up blogs every now and then. Readers on the Web are always browsing for something, whether it’s products/services to buy or information and news. If you can offer any of these on a regular basis, you are more likely to have more visitors — even if they aren’t repeat visitors. But the goal here today is to become more engaged with the readers of your site. Doing so can lead to loyal visitors who will continuously come back to your site. Here are some ideas you can use to interact with your users via blog content.

Keep Your Blog Updated

If you can continuously update your blog with new and relevant content that is informational or entertaining, this is a form of interaction. Keeping your […] Continue Reading…

How to Influence Your Readers for Links Read On »
By Safiyyah Lanier February 17, 2010

It’s true that it takes great link building and linkbait to increase website traffic and rankings from search engines, but how you go about doing it will determine how successful you will be. A lot of folks aren’t sure if they should reciprocate links, buy links or simply earn them. Then there are some who use software to do all of the management for the link building process instead of doing it manually. What everyone should be doing is figuring out a way to win readers over and influence them in a way that will make them want to link back to your content.

Get People Interested

People aren’t just going to link to your website because you want them to — you’re going to have offer them something in return…valuable content. When creating your content, you will need to focus on writing about something that is interesting and/or of great use to your readers. Your readers must gain something from linking back to your site — this could be that you bought or traded something in exchange for a link. Or it could be that you offered content that was valuable enough for them to want to share it with […] Continue Reading…

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