Write Meta Descriptions for Users not For Search Engines Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 5, 2008

One thing I notice when I consult with clients is that they always play around with there titles and description tags they think just because they have a keyword rich description there going to rank better well the answer to that is no I mean it really won’t help that much out of all honesty it might have a 1 percent effect on a non competitive keyword ranking, but for more competitive keyword ranking it won’t make a difference.

The idea is to write your description for users not for search engines. When you write your description for users this will improve your overall CTR (Click Through Rate) thereofre resulting in more sales. If your wanting to rank build links or create viral content that will attract links don’t just go out spamming your description tags out because if your doing this chances of you getting very good profitable traffic will be never.

Branding is the Key To Success for Your Online Business Model Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 2, 2008

Branding an online business is something that takes time I would say that is the biggest strategy out of everything when starting a company and its a constant strategy if you want the company to continue to grow or I should say look good.

Currently we are working on a new site thats going to have more of a brand approach which I can’t discuss full details, but were going to start investing into pay per click each month and not get so caught up on organic search (along with many other things, a complete site remodel), but back to what I was saying the whole reason I decided to write this post up for was because some of the sites we work on lack in brand awareness and these sites probably would have a hell of a lot higher conversion ratios.

When someone visits your site and its well geared towards your targeted consumers the chances of them converting will be a lot higher thats just how it works. For example would you go get your car fixed by someone that is working out of there garage that you didn’t know or go to a real shop thats more reputable […] Continue Reading…

Community Building and Branding Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 28, 2008

Community building is something that takes skill and patience, but the out come is remarkable nothing can out beat it you don’t have to depend on search engines well not to the full extent such as putting all your eggs in one basket. The thing is with community building is that you can literally have full control over your traffic if that makes any sense.

Building communities can be done in many ways rather its done through PPC, Blogs, Online Banner Ads, and etc. The idea behind building communities is to create constant momentum and start sucking in your visitors most generally blogs are a lot easier to build then forums, but then again if you have the money you can easily build forums and thats by creating momentum like I was saying earlier.

I mean think of it you drive in 5000 uniques a day for 3 months straight your bound to get sign ups every day speaking your leverage your traffic right. Some of the biggest online communities out there were built using these techniques for example v7n.com was built using PPC and many other successful forums were built the same exact way or some type of advertising.

Not only […] Continue Reading…

Learn how you can use Tv Ads, Books, and Commercials for your Viral Marketing Strategies Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 27, 2008

Last night I was reading The Fall of Advertising by Al Ries and Laura Ries and it created some ideas for me about marketing in general and then I got to thinking of it today it even gave me more ideas about link baiting by the way if you don’t know who Al Ries and Laura Ries are they are very well known marketing consultants they consult with INC 500 companies, and many other very well known companies.

When I was reading The Fall of Advertising it mentioned on how you can use Movies, Tv Ads, and Magazines to create ideas for your advertising campaign, for example why not create ideas from somewhere else and use them for your online marketing purposes which don’t take me wrong I’m not saying copying off any ones ideas at all, but you can learn from sources like this can you can study and see how the consumer reacts to certain things.

Link Baiting is about being creative which granted not every single piece you write up will be link bait or set a viral market off, but if you put effort into everything you do on your website or your content on your website […] Continue Reading…

The Content Creation Tip that Will Sale your Product Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc

Sometimes you might have a product thats hard to promote or better yet it is more famaliar with some people then other people or say for example you have a product or service your wanting to offer that helps with something else, but not every one is famaliar with that particular service or product, so what should you do?

Well lets say its link building, not every one is famaliar with link building. I mean honestly most generally when people want higher rankings there going to search for something like internet marketing, search marketing, pay per click marketing, and similar terms to that.

I have talked with numerous prospects that have no idea what link building is by any means. I will bring the term link building up and there like what is that, I’ve never heard of that, and then I explain to them what link building does and how it increases your search engine rankings and then there like ok I see.

Now in this case what would you exactly do if you wanted to get people more famaliar with this service?

Simple you create content on your site I would prefer hefty articles and similar things to that and then […] Continue Reading…

Brand Reputation (Online – Offline) Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 26, 2008

Brand reputation is by far the most important thing in marketing, I mean honestly no one can out beat a strong brand. When a consumer sees a brand that there famaliar with and they’ve heard nothing, but good words about that particular brand it builds there confidence and thats what you want.

The facts are if your good at what you do and people like you there going to refer you, come to your site, use your services, and etc.

Whats builds your brand?

The People, one thing I’ve always learned in business is that the people build your brand and no one else which don’t take me wrong there is numerous things that come into effect when building brands rather it being online or offline, but the main idea about building a strong brand with then the people is to offer quality service and to actually give results in other words keep your people happy.
The Image, Building an image into the consumer mind is very vital. You will need colors, logos, so in other words you need to give your brand a character, give it a look and feel that people will remember.

If you can manage and build your brand […] Continue Reading…

Use PPC To Build E-mail List, Sales, and Etc Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 23, 2008

I will have discussions with many of my clients from time to time about PPC (Pay Per Click) Vs Organic Search and some of them think that PPC is a waste of money until I explain to them the power of PPC and how it can be such as fabulous marketing model to use.

PPC is a very powerful marketing tool, so is organic search, but with contextual advertising services such as Adwords, Yahoo Publisher, and MSN Ad Network you can create very fast sales over night and when I mean over night I mean literally over night if you are a PPC guru then you know exactly what I’m talking about the thing is with PPC is that it takes skill and patience to get it going its not something thats going to happen over night.

Another big factor about pay per click is spending most generally the more you spend in the beginning the better off you will be for the future the reason being for is because you need to build your CTR (Click Through Rate) rate up then you can slowly start to decrease your bids also keep in mind they’re many other factors in the pay […] Continue Reading…

Do new free directories pass value or do directories even pass value at all? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 14, 2008

I was just reading a post over @ v7n.com and it had a link to an article over at Search Engine Guide called Do Directory Submissions Still Hold Any Value and I think over all the write was an excellent write up and I would have to say Mr Wallace does has some valid points.

The thing is with directories is that a lot of them that charge any more are getting penalized for selling links, so therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if they pass any value or not, but then again I think to my self does that page rank bar even mean anything I mean it does, but I don’t think it means as much as what Google is making it out to be.

For example I was talking with CEO of Environment Web Directory a very good directory that is dated back to 1996 it ranked for the keyword web directory still even after its page rank got devalued, so does the page rank mean anything?

No I don’t think it does I mean maybe to a degree, but the thing is I think once your page rank hits a certain point it goes no higher of course […] Continue Reading…

How to become an Effective PPC Marketer Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc February 8, 2008

Becoming an effecitve PPC marketer is something that takes time and dedication, but the thing is if you are really wanting to improve your skills in the PPC game start promoting affiliates programs.

The reason I say start promoting affiliate programs through PPC is because this will by far increase your skill set the reason being is because your limited to what you work with such as commissions and plus when your promoting affiliates generally your promoting several niches at one time through a particular vertical market.

When your promoting multiple niche products from numerous companies rather it being cellulite lotions, ringtones, online dating, or computer products. What this does is it increases your skill set your probably asking how could this increase my skill set?

Limited Profit: See with affiliate your limited to your profit margin you only have so much profit to work with, but at the same time your paying out on PPC. Now if your promoting your own products generally you’ll have a lot more margin to work with.
Numerous Verticals: Your promoting numerous products for numerous verticals or just for the individual person. What this does is increase your lateral thinking skills for numerous markets and lateral […] Continue Reading…

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