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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 4, 2008

Ignoring certain things in PPC can take a total haul on your account and believe me there is certain things I have ignored at times well I wouldn’t considering it as I was “ignoring” them, but more then anything I wasn’t focused in completely as much as I should of been into that specific area.

What are important things you should really zoom in on?

  1. Keyword Matching Type: Pay attention to your keyword matching options and if you find any negative keywords  make sure you add them to your negative side and try to use exact match when you first launch your campaign then you can possibly (slowly) start going down to broad or phrase match, but make sure you pay attention to what your negative keywords are because if not your account balance could sky rocket over night with no conversions.
  2. Ad Groups: Try to split your keywords up into more relevant Ad Groups even if you have to create 1 keyword per adgroup. I mean it only makes sense if you have a keyword performing at a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) then why not. Also make sure your descriptions and titles are relevant as can be because this will improve your CTR big time I had one campaign go from 2-3 percent CTR to ~10 percent ctr by just creating around ~100 well defined ad groups with only 2-3 keywords per ad group.
  3. A / B Testing: Always perform A / B testing and never quite. You need to squeeze as much out of your campaign as possible, so always make sure your testing at all times (Note: Be sure to test your landing pages to with website optimizer).
  4. Keyword Conversion Tracking: Make sure you install the keyword conversion tracking tool this will dramatically help you. It will give tell you exactly what keywords are converting and what keywords are not converting, so therefore if you have any keywords that are not converting you can eliminate them.
  5. Decreasing Bids to Soon: If you ask me this is the biggest problem in Pay Per Click is that people decrease there bids too soon, you always want to bid super high in the beginning stages of your campaign to collect data.
  6. Landing Page Quality: Building the best landing page as possible and alway try to make improvements to it. I know some people say that having more content increases your ability to have a better QS (quality score), but I don’t really believe that which granted it might help, but honestly we have had affiliate sites and I know of affiliate sites that are performing very good such as having a QS of pratically great across the board.
  7. Ad Words Tools: Use the tools provided by AdWords to your advantage such as the Keyword Tools and etc they can be helpful when I firs started using AdWords out of all honesty I didn’t see much use in them, but then as I started to play around with them I come to find out they were very effective and can be used for numerous things specially if your wanting to build your keyword list up.

There are many factors in the Pay Per Click game, but the idea behind it is to test, test, and test then see what results you get if it works then keep pushing that direction and testing more. Just make sure you use the tools provided by pay per click programs and use everything to your advantage, but like I said the idea is to test, test, and test that right there is the magic recipe to being successful with PPC.

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