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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 10, 2010

Shoe Money and John Chow Money OnlineThe way we write is essential in our careers, business reports, client reports, and etc. However, that does not mean you need to be a professional writer to manage a blog. Blogging is about sharing your thoughts, skills, success, and etc. You would be quite surprised of how many successful blogs are out there by writers that are not perfectionist in grammar. There are so many that I can’t even recall two percent of the ones I’ve came across.

Before I start mentioning these bloggers writing skills. I just want to say, I could improve my writing as well. Actually, back when I was in school, writing was one of my biggest downfalls. However, I have improved my writing overtime through sending business e-mails, writing a book, writing on my blog, and reading lots of books. I am an avid reader, I read more books then I watch TV.

Let’s Talk about Two Well Known Bloggers:

What About

For example, no disrespect to Shoemoney, but you should of seen his writing when he first launched his blog. His grammar skills were far from being perfect. He has even admitted this himself, however, look how successful his blog is. People like to read his blog because of his success and what he blogs about. He has built a strong connection with all of his readers. Building a connection with your readers is essential.

His Google Adsense check has also helped his blog a lot. People have went crazy over his check in the past. There is still people going crazy about it today. I did a post about that check almost a year ago. I ended up getting link from the Wikipedia. It is now a no follow link, but at the time it was a follow link.

I think Shoe has done a fantastic job in building his brand and blog. I’ve known of Shoe’s blog way before he had any subscribers. I remember thinking he sold shoes or something. I found out about him because he was big into ring tones. I will have to admit, as I can tell, his writing skills have improved dramatically. I remember when he first started blogging, he had grammatical errors everywhere.

What About

John has even admitted as well, that his English is far from perfect. The same scenario with John, people read his blog because of what he blogs about. I remember when John first started blogging. He use to blog about food, Google, and he would share his revenues online.

Back in 2007, John started a reciprocal linking campaign. He published a post called Review my Blog Rule Change. He was going to link out to who ever linked into him using certain keyword phrases. They had to link to his website using a “make money online”  related keywords. If you ask me, I think this was a brilliant idea. However, Google did not find his idea brilliant at all. The result of his idea got him penalized by Google.

John then later published another post called It’s all About Pushing the Limits. John made some interesting points in his post. He couldn’t be far from correct, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. John got major publicity, links, reviews, and etc from all this. This even made his blog more popular. I remember people across the web using the term “live by Google, die by Google.”


You don’t always have to be a fantastic writer to be a successful blogger. The reason these bloggers I just mentioned are successful due to the publicity and interest they have created. In addition to that, they have put major effort into their marketing strategies. They know how to leverage their audience. You could be the best writer in the world. However, if you don’t know how to generate publicity and have fun with your readers.  Your blog wouldn’t have as much impact on the market.

Now don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not advocating that bad grammar is okay. Personally I feel that having excellent grammar is the way to go. I feel that you should always proofread and become the best writer at all cost. However, this post is just to remind you that there is other variables that come into play. When you can learn to excite your audience, you have it made.

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