Should you use Organic Search or Pay Per Click? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc April 3, 2008

I get a lot of clients that ask me on what they should use PPC or SEO and I’m thinking to my self why not both? I mean it only makes sense you get a huge ROI from organic search and you can get a huge ROI from PPC which of course your going to have to put time into both of them speaking your wanting measurable results.

What Does SEO have over PPC?

The thing is with SEO is that once you get your rankings established there stuck there and you don’t have to keep investing money into links maybe a few links here and there to stabilize your position, but after time your current rankings will start to stick, speaking your building good links into your site.

Which granted SEO does take time it can take a good year before you start getting measurable results or I should say results that are very profitable sometimes longer, but keep in mind if you are a talented SEO you can produce measurable results very fast. When I refer to fast I’m referring to ranking very competitive keywords with then 3 months because it can be done we have done it many times with our client sites, but be careful try to take a more viral approach such as blogs when trying to get these results and of course use viral content.

Another factor about SEO is that when you get a broad term ranking you can easily build 1000’s of long tails around the competitive term.

For example say you got a keyword like Real Estate ranking number 1, but you want to rank Indiana Real Estate which granted it would probably only take a few keyword rich links to get it ranking speaking your already ranking number 1 for real estate, but say you didn’t have any links that contained that exact keyword just sprinkle the keywords through out your page and it might show up just depends on the trust and page rank of your website, but quite honestly my approach would be to acquire keyword rich links ;).

Generally the higher your page rank, the more your content is valued, but don’t get caught up on every single link coming from a higher page rank site just try to get a hand full of page rank 1+ links or a few good PR links, but other then that you can pratically rank for anything if you have enough links regardless of page rank (the idea is to get relevant links that will carry value for years).

Anyways SEO does have some advantages over Pay Per Click and one of the biggest advantages it has is the free traffic it can send you, but keep in mind you can’t depend on that traffic, not 200 percent anyways. If you build a good site and things to that nature the traffic will stick and your rankings will stay pretty steady.

What Does PPC have over SEO?

PPC can be a very powerful source of traffic speaking you know what your doing, but keep in mind you can lose a ton of money if your not experienced with Pay Per Click, but hey thats the learning process of it don’t except to throw a PPC campaign up and start profiting right off the bat unless you very famaliar with it already (or you get lucky), but either way it takes time to build new accounts up and of course new keywords.

PPC can be very powerful for many reasons one reason is that you can carefully select your keywords and manage them just like you want to, so therefore you can build traffic through them keywords, but at the same time a lot of PPC accounts offer tools such as keyword conversion tracking tools which will track what keywords are converting such as turning into sales and leads.

The traffic is instant from PPC, its not a waiting game like organic search, but then again keep in mind it is a learning experience or can take time to build a new account history up or a new keyword list, but after you get that rolling your on your way to making ROI (Return on Investment).

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