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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 14, 2010

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is a powerful tool to use. Building social trends requires a certain expertise and effort. If your brand is able to put forth the effort into creating a strong social trend, you’ll be set. Once you’ve established that social trend through the social world. You are able to leverage marketing messages a lot more effectively. You are able to influence consumers like no other marketing channel can provide.

How Do Consumers Think and Choose

Consumers think in unique ways, although we all have a similar mind. There is a lot of us that base our decisions based on what others are saying. We think and reason based on friends and family input. If our social groups talk positive about a certain brand or product.  This can have an influence on our decision making whether or not we buy the product or service.

How to Create That Powerful Social Influence

You can use blogs to build that strong social environment that will influence people. The idea is to build a large base of subscribers through your blog. All these subscribers subscribed to your blog for a reason. Chances are they feel connected to what you are writing about. You could be someone that they think highly of, they want to learn more about what your writing on. They could of also been influenced by an emotional factor. They might of subscribed because they find your blog post funny, it could be a mood lifter for them (your giving them a positive experience).

How to Use the Social World for Influence

One you have built that powerful subscriber base. You are able to utilize your marketing of products and services more effectively. In addition to that, you could improve your product credibility through showing testimonials. This in return can create a spark in your market; people will begin to talk about you or your brand. The spark will get social groups talking and communicating back and forth.

When people see this atmosphere being created. They get influenced by the positive trend of communications. Most of these subscribers you have built could be sharing your blog post anywhere. They could be sharing your content through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, and etc. In addition to that, a lot of these users might have close friends watching them. They might have a lot of followers as well.

How Powerful is Social Media Vs. Other Marketing

Social media marketing can be used for branding, link bait, product awareness, and etc. Social media marketing is a much more risk free investment compared to link buying. Link buying is dangerous now days, brands are getting penalized left and right. However, the power of social media marketing allows you to capture links that are Google compliant.

Social media marketing can out beat any paid advertising campaign any day. For example, with Google Adwords you will have to continuously spend money to drive traffic. Which I don’t see this being a problem what so ever, if your making money then continue advertising through Adwords. However there can be a few downfalls to this. One, Adwords is constantly changing their policies. Two, paid search is becoming more and more competitive. The click cost are increasing every year to a point where its no longer profitable as what it was.

With social media you are able to create that explosive market. The market where other bloggers will market your product and services for you. The idea is to build that user base up first. Then leverage this audience to talk about your brand and you. You have to remember, with blogs you have a different type of visitor vs. a paid search visitor. A paid search visitor is no where near as loyal as a blog subscriber.

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