Socially Influenced – Should You Follow the Creative Channel? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc January 25, 2009

So many people get influenced by other peoples actions. It’s just part of human nature to follow through on what other people are doing. Well to a point – some of us get influenced much more easier in other areas then what some one else does in the same area there again this is just part of human nature. As we live, grow, and learn we develop better sense for certain areas in life the same goes for marketing.

A big majority of marketers will look into a marketing channel and automatically think it’s profitable becuase another company is promoting through that online channel. Which granted the channel might be profitable, but who’s to say your going to get your ROI through that channel. They could have their services tailored just right to connect with the consumer through that online medium/ channel.

As marketers we miss out on so many opportunities becuase we get so socially influenced by other peoples marketing channels. There is so many creatives to test on the web from social media, content network, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, pay per click, and etc. We need to test every single one of these channels for our products and services, but believe it or not a lot of marketers don’t. They become influenced by what other people are doing, so they automatically think that’s where it’s happening at which granted it might be, but we need to test new areas. We can build out in these new areas – creating capital that other marketers are missing out on.

A current company we are working with currently is using SEO and PPC to promote their brand online. Well we wanted to use some new mediums. We had one in mind which we didn’t think would convert very well because of the rumors and from what we have heard from other peoples past experiences. We decided to give it a try – about 2-3 months into using this new marketing channel we was getting killer returns at 3-5 times less investment then what we was putting into PPC ads (search).

I was quite astonished and to be quite honest with you I wasn’t too sure if this channel was going to convert or not. This was because I got socially influenced by what others had to say about this channel plus I didn’t see any one else really using this marketing channel. This marketing channel might not convert for some products / services, but for others it convets amazingly well.

What does this come to tell us? As marketers we need to constantly test new channels to capitalize on. If the channel breaks even ROI wise then you probably have a profitable medium to use. You just need to change some things around to get a higher return through that online medium.

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