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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 23, 2010

Being Active in The SpaceBeing active in business by communicating with people is essential. You have to be active as possible in your market and expose yourself. I know so many people that are like scared to be in the spot light. You can’t become a hero unless you’re active in the space.

By being active and showing true leadership. You are able to establish an impression with people. You can then leverage this into your blog. Probably one of the most effective strategies I will be listing is speaking engagements. Be impressive and people will come to you, they will subscribe to your blog.

Strategies for Being Active

1) Speaking Engagements

There are two strategies you can use for speaking engagements and possibly more. One, that is, you can share your previous experiences to the attendees. In some form educating them on what you have learned through experience that will be beneficial to them. Or Two, you could research topics to speak on. Educate yourself as much as possible on these topics then provide it to the attendees.

You don’t always have to be someone extremely successful to speak. I know of many people that speak on what they believe or what they have researched. You could be the most successful person in the world, people might like seeing you. However, at the same time, you could be boring as hell. Focus on speaking about what people will find interesting, be a true motivator.

2) Consistent Blogging

Blogging is like a goldmine if you can stay at it for long enough time. By being active in blogging, you are liable to attract links and subscribers (through persistent and time). Blogging is something that takes time and dedication. In the long run, you are for sure to get something out of it. That is, if you can stay persistent for months at a time.

3) Social Networking

Using social networking site such as Facebook can help your subscriber base as well. Be someone that people want to add. Therefore as your list continues to grow, you can leverage this towards your fan page or blog.

I just started using Facebook actively about three months ago. I wish I had started using Facebook way before that.  By me now using Facebook it’s opened a whole new market for me. I’ve already developed a few new relationships (business wise).

4) Business Conventions

Business conventions are definitely events you should be attending. When you attend these events, you’re able to network with people. If there is certain people you are aware of that is going. Shoot them e-mail before hand; offer to buy them a drink for their time.

A business convention is an excellent place to develop relationships. In addition to that, most of these people that are attending paid money to go. It’s not like it was totally free. I mean if you see people that are attending the sessions. Chances are they are serious about learning whatever they came for (your market).

5) Social Clubs

Social clubs can help your blog as well. Just be sure you are social as all get out. Social clubs are a great way to meet new people and develop business contacts. In return, I’m sure you will be able to leverage your blog in this space as well.

6) E-Mail Signatures

If your persistently responding and sending e-mails. I would suggest adding your subscription page into your signature. I am active in e-mailing all day long at times. I have acquired a quite of few subscribers this way.

7)  Twitter

Twitter can help build your subscription base as well. Make sure your posting your blog post to your Twitter account. If you are an extremely active blogger, I would suggest only tweeting your best post or creating a separate twitter account for your blog. You wouldn’t want to annoy your followers.


With a combination of all these put together, you can build your feed. The idea is to keep promoting your subscription page everywhere. Your feed will eventually grow. Then before you know it, your feed will start to grow on its own. You’ll reach a point where everyone else starts marketing your blog for you.

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