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By Safiyyah Lanier February 15, 2010

What sets apart your website from the millions of others on the Internet is your content. When it comes to developing the content for your website and blogs, you’ll need to do a variety of things to make it standout from other sites within your niche. Whether, you created a website for business or personal reasons, you’ll need to market yourself to gain maximum visibility — and what better way to do this than with great content?

Organize Keyword Lists and Topics

One of the first things you need to do for your website’s content is figure out what keywords would best benefit it. Do as much research as you can using keyword suggestion tools like Google Adwords and Keyword Discovery. Or you can even hire a marketing agency or Internet advertiser that can assist you with developing a great list of keywords that will bring in more traffic. Keywords will make your site easier to find when people are looking up your search terms. Remember not to overuse keywords because that will have a reverse effect for your website when search engines send their spiders to index your site.

Know What Your Customers and Readers Want

The worst thing you can do is deliver content that isn’t touching base with the readers of your site. For example, if you have a website that sells environmental products, most likely your readers want to see more content about ways of living green, great products for great prices and do-it-yourself type topics. Every consumer is looking to be a savvy shopper, so help them out. It’s okay that you’re delivering content about environmental news, but your readers may want more than that. So research your target audience and see what your current readers want. You can even post a blog entry that specifically asks what your readers want — set up a voting poll or have them comment on what they’re looking for out of your site. Try not to over-advertise — show that you’re interested in the needs and desires of your visitors and they will soon become loyal to you.

Also, the needs of your customers are always changing. As time adjusts our lifestyles, the needs and priorities of consumers change. So if you can keep up with the trends and what your customers and potential customers hold important, you’ll always be on top.

Give Customer Testimonials

What better way to show your customers that you have had happy clients than to write about them? With the permission of past customers you’ve had, post up success stories about their experience with you. This will make potential customers trust you even more. But keep in mind while picking out customers and stories that you should choose those that are a bit unique or empowering. Discuss the needs and problems of the customer and how you or your company solved it. If you have to change the names of clients to keep their privacy, do so. Make sure that the stories you post are compelling as well.

Take a Look Sites Using Your Keywords

When you have chosen the keywords for your site, you should use them on search engines to see what types of websites pop up. Take a look at a few of them to see what they talk about and which of them appeal to you the most. Those that have been beautifully constructed content-wise should be studied and somehow implemented within your own site. Hey, if it appealed to you then most likely it will appeal to others.

Create a List of Top Customer Questions

By listing the top questions your visitors have for you and your company, you will be able to develop content that is solely written around them. So instead of creating an F.A.Q. section, you can create posts that answer the different questions you have listed. This will allow you to go into greater detail and it will also allow your customers to search specifically for answers to questions that are relevant to their needs.

Deliver Content Straight to Consumers’ Mailbox

If you want to stay in the minds of all your site’s visitors, consider developing a newsletter — this can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. However often you feel like sending them out. A newsletter is perfect for ensuring that current and potential customers are reading your content regularly. It’s true what they say — out of sight, of mind. If your customers haven’t got the time to visit your site, you can go straight to them. Also, in your newsletters, you can put promotions and discount coupons for products and services that you’re offering. Make sure to keep the newsletters juicy and interesting, so that more people will subscribe.

Create Debates

Getting your customers to react to your posts is the best way to know for sure that they’re there. When you create content that strikes up a good debate, and you do so regularly, it is more likely that they will come back for more. Try to do this on a weekly basis to ensure that your viewers will return on the days they know debates will be posted. So if every Friday you post up questions and debates, you’re sure to have a lot of visitors over the weekend. But don’t debate on things that aren’t worth disputing over. You have to create conversations that a lot of people are interested in — this will be easy once you know who your audience is.

Interview Experts in Your Industry

Viewers always like to read comments from experts in the industries they’re interested in buying from. There’s no one really more trustworthy than an individual or individuals who have been in their fields for years or even decades. Hearing what they have to say about certain products or services help them to decide on what to buy, so make sure you ask questions that will benefit your website and company.

Keep Content Short and Simple

The attention span of Internet browsers is quite short, so with that being said, you should ensure that your content isn’t too long. About 300 words should be enough to allow you to say what you have to say and get your points across. Unless you have a whole lot to say, it will be difficult to spread out a narrow topic over 500+ words. Since you should be updating your site daily, it will be easier for you to create 300 words of content, which takes many people 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the subject. Also, use bullet points and numbering whenever possible, to make it easier for Internet skim readers to take in.

Select Topics You’d Like to Discuss

To ensure that you have enough content to upload on a daily basis, you will need to have a variety of topics and sub-topics to discuss. Of course, the content you’ll be creating should be relevant to the site. Do some research to see what topic areas you would like to touch base on. For instance, if you have a website about travel, you can talk about great destinations, travel deals, travel safety, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and city data. Just about every niche has tons of things you can focus on, so do a search on other sites within your niche to see what categories they discuss. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas.

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